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Jinta Kanō
Jinta Kano
Name Jinta Kanō
Kanji ジンタ狩野
Romanji Kanō Jinta
Race Modified Shinigami
Birthday 22nd December
Age Not Stated
Gender Male
Height 5ft 4in
Weight 58kg
Eyes Brown
Hair Rosy
Blood Type AB
Unusual Features Rosy Hair
Professional Status
Affiliation Six Directions, Ryū Order
Previous Affiliation Soul Society
Occupation Member of the Ryū Order
Previous Occupation Academy Student
Team Six Directions
Previous Team 7th Division
Partner Ashido Kanō
Riki Nagakura
Kentaro Hiroshi
Harumi Kazuki
Naibu Shizuka
Kujina Satonaka
Previous Partner Shin Nagakura
Yukimura Kori
Base of Operations Varies
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Ashido Kanō
Education Naibu Shizuka & Ashido Kanō
Yuengiri Academy
Shinō Academy
Status Active
Shikai Samazamahi & Nijigasumi
Bankai Not yet Achieved
Tsuinkai Amaterasu

Jinta Kanō (ジンタ狩野, Kanō Jinta), otherwise known as Blaze (炎, Honō), is a Modified Shinigami of Project Nijū aligned with the Six Directions of the Ryū Order, where he holds the rank of Dedicated. He is the brother of Ashido Kanō and the recognized guardian of Iris.

Appearance Edit

Jinta's full appearance

Jinta's full appearance.

Jinta's most prominent features are his spiky rosy-colored hair and his signature scaly white scarf. Jinta has a scar on the right side of his neck which may be the reason he wears his scarf almost all the time. How he got the scar is yet to be revealed. He has no separate eye color, his eyes instead being solely the color of his black pupils. Jinta is of regular height, and his body is toned and noticeably muscular from the extreme physical training received from Naibu Shizuka. He also carries his zanpakuto within a sheath on the outside of his right leg, due to its small size, with Nijigasumi worn in the traditional manner, threaded through his leather belt on the left-hand side. He also sports a tattoo on the top of his right arm, just below his shoulder which is there solely to pay homage to Yoshiro Kazuki, who has the same tattoo as well.

Jinta generally wears clothing very different from the usually seen Shihakushō (死覇装, Garment of Dead Souls) favored by most Shinigami. Instead, he wears an open-chested black waistcoat with golden-colored trimmings that doesn't actually close around him, often leading Riki to make jibes at Jinta's expense. He also wears a pair of short-length white trousers which end roughly below his knee, which appear somewhat baggy on him. In addition, he also dons two thick black wristbands on both his arms for added comfort, though these are usually burned beyond repair whenever he activates his Shikai or employs the Ikkotsu in battle, much to Jinta's own annoyance.

Personality Edit

Jinta refuses to be beaten

Jinta refuses to be beaten.

Jinta has shown himself to be a very deceptive young man, acting like a coward when he needs to, while actually being very brave, standing up to fight against the likes of Averian and Saburo Ryuu, even though both are far stronger than he is. He is a shrewd, calculating strategist, proven when he held out for a long time against a superior opponent while drawing his attention away from those weaker than himself. He also tends to argue, mostly violently, with his previous mentor Yoshiro Kazuki and his present mentor, Naibu Shizuka. This argumentative nature also belies an incredible will, which easily surpasses that of Kentaro himself, as Jinta has repeatedly shown himself to move his body through sheer stubbornness if the situation arose.

Jinta is generally a likable young man, evident from the amount of Instructors in the Shinō Academy and Yuengiri Academy who speak highly of him; as they all ask after his progress. However, he is modest about his popularity and abilities, treating everyone around him as though they are a friend and will ultimately become the friend of all he meets. He is also seen with a smile upon his face more times than not, especially when causing chaos around the Seireitei or Horiwari with his best friend, Riki Nagakura. Although modest, Jinta is proud of his power, and tries his hardest to become as strong as his master, Naibu, who he holds unshakable levels of loyalty and respect for. He also shows his respect for his other mentor, Yoshiro Kazuki, through the tattoo which mirrors Yoshiro's own. Jinta also views Meian Shiba as a form of role model, and in recognition, Meian has even taken time out of his own busy schedule to converse with the youngster; also being the one who taught him the majority of his advanced flame manipulation skills.


Jinta being casual.

As Kentaro's mood has grown sourer since Akiye's abduction by members of the Imawashī, Jinta himself has undergone some changes also. He has begun to become more like his brother with every passing day, as his seriousness in certain situations has only grown; as he has had to carry the burden of constantly watching his closest friends bicker and fight, often in earnest and with every intention of causing harm to one another, in recent weeks. This seriousness, though, is often highlighted in battle situations more predominately. Since Jinta is slightly older than his friends, he feels a degree of responsibility over their wellbeing, which is usually shown in his willpower and impressive stubbornness. Many of the changes his personality has underwent have also been reflected in Harumi's own personality, which is understandable considering the amount of time the two spend together and the way they view one another as rivals and good friends.

One more aspect of his persona which he revealed during his first meeting with Kyodaina Uzumaki, and serves to highlight the boyhood persona he has attempted to bury under his newfound serious persona, is his awkwardness around girls he considers to be beautiful; causing him to blush and stutter in these situations, usually to the pleasure and joy of said girl, and much to Jinta's own annoyance. These feelings of awkwardness lessen the more time he spends with someone, which was again highlighted during his meeting with Kyodaina. Harumi Kazuki often pokes fun at his about this, even though she harbors some feelings of anger that Jinta has never actually had this problem with her, even though he has admitted that Harumi is "stunning". He explains that he feels comfortable around her, hence no feelings of awkwardness, though he maintains that she simply likes annoying him.

Despite his newfound seriousness, Jinta is in possession of a comical side that is shown clearly whenever something happens the two wristbands he is commonly seen wearing, which, to say the least, is quite often. When he either utilizes the Ikkotsu or activates his Shikai, the bands are often burned or shredded beyond repair, which usually leads to comical and often extremely exaggerated outbursts regarding their usefulness and how much Jinta himself likes them; though it should be noted that Jinta's luck, at least in regards to his wristbands, is nothing short of terrible. If something could happen, it probably would, no matter how unlikely the event. Kentaro speculates that Jinta must spend a fortune keeping himself stocked with new wristbands to replace the old damaged ones, which Jinta himself usually agrees to by showing the frog-shaped wallet he carries with him being mostly empty; usually wearing an exaggerated expression of sadness.

History Edit

Kentaro fought against Haruki Satonaka sometime before the Collapse as part of their ongoing rivalry, with the result unknown, the conflict being witnessed by Harumi Kazuki and Jinta. Unknown to all involved however was the fact Kenji and Van observed the match from afar as well, whilst comparing the rivalry to their own.

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Equipment Edit

Jinta's claws

Jinta's clawed weapon.

Claws: To make up for his zanpakutō's short length and to make his Hakuda skills all the more deadly, Shin Nagakura, as a gift for Jinta, had crafted a pair of gauntlets with claws for added damage made from steel enhanced with spiritual energy to give it the same level of durability as a zanpakutō, which also serves to cleanse hollow killed by this weapon so as not to disrupt the balance of the spiritual realms. They afford good protection for the hands and greatly enhance Jinta's lethality in the field of Hakuda, allowing him to wound his foes with a simple punch, making motions like rapid punches more than capable of ending a fight. The armor of the gauntlet extends to cover his forearm, with three sharp blades giving the claws there lethality. In situations where his zanpakutō is needed, Shin also crafted into the gauntlets a spring-loaded mechanism that retracts the blades so as not to encumber Jinta should he need to wield his sealed zanpakutō. Although retractable, Shin crafted the mechanism to be hid, so he could eliminate any chance of the blades being weakened as a result. When retracted, the blades rest on the armored section of the gauntlet that extends up Jinta's forearm so he doesn't get cut when they aren't in use.

Spiritual Pills: These pills, designed especially for Jinta and Riki by Harumi, serve to forcefully bring forth their dormant spiritual energy in situations where it may be required. Usually, Jinta can only access his dormant powers during extreme emotional outbursts, but when he uses these pills, he can access his full spiritual energy for a total of three minutes; which is a massive leap on his usual limitation of seconds at best. However, this is not without its downsides. As Jinta's body is not accustomed to holding his vast reserves of energy for that length of time at present, he damages his body horribly with every use - both inside and out; which ultimately leads to his hospitalization for extended periods of time after use. The damage inflicted is usually caused by the excess energy slicing deep cuts into his body, including his insides, which can lead to death due to internal bleeding or excess blood loss without the assistance of a skilled healer like Harumi herself. It is no surprise that Jinta only ever utilizes these pills in situations where his own life, or that of his friends, are in grave danger - and even then he does so hesitantly.

Reverse Spirit Pill: A cylindrical pill, again created by Harumi, which Jinta takes to immediately offset the effects of his spiritual pill, which restores his natural barriers and prevents his spiritual energy bursting to the surface when the first pill is taken. Jinta's first usage of this pill was against Yoichi Yamashin when he and his brother, Ashido, fled.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Jinta's spiritual energy

Jinta releasing the full force of his spiritual energy.

Dormant Spiritual Power: Jinta has shown to have high levels of spiritual power, but it fluctuates wildly because he can't fully control it. In fact, he has been noted on several occasions to have a tremendous amount of power which only makes itself known when Jinta is under extreme levels of anger, stress or other emotional turmoil. When the aforementioned emotional reaction is at its strongest, Jinta's body looses a vast level of spiritual energy that has been noted to rival even Captain-level foes for the briefest of seconds; though this small interval ultimately allows him to surprise almost anyone. This was shown most strongly when Jinta surprised Marshal-General Yoichi Yamashin of the Shuuten, reputed as the strongest within all Heisekai. With the use of his special pills, Jinta can sustain this level of spiritual energy for a time span of three minutes. Kentaro Hiroshi has stated that when Jinta's rage hit its peak, his power becomes even larger than his own. Following his battles with the Imawashī during his travels around the Human World, Jinta was subjugated to one life-threatening event after another, usually barely surviving. This harsh climate helped bring forth more of his spiritual energy, as he was fit to utilize the principles of Inner Pulse to bring forth more of his dormant spiritual energy for brief moments, which has served to increase the level of control he has over his vast reserves of power. The control he has demonstrated over the flow of his own spiritual energy in recent weeks, and indeed his own vast reserves, have begun to increase as a consequence of his growing friendship with Harumi Kazuki and the spiritual guidance and control she has begun helping him with, which only serves to further his capacity in normal battle situations. At a resting level, Jinta is now considered to equal an average seated officer.

Enhanced Strength: Due to training from Naibu Shizuka which focuses a great deal on the physical aspects of ones power and ability, Jinta has a surprising level of physical strength that is at odds with his young age, though his muscular physique does tend to highlight his impressive levels of strength. Out of his group of friends, only Naibu and Riki currently beat Jinta out in raw strength as he if fit to subsequently overpower the combined efforts of both Kentaro and Harumi easily using only his strength alone. Due to this, Jinta is more than capable of utilizing the Ikkotsu and other Hakuda techniques with enough strength to make the hit fatal, showing himself fit to shatter bones and pulverize powerful defenses, including Kidō.

Durability: Jinta has a rather high threshold for pain, though not to the same degrees as Riki or Kentaro. He fought on even after losing the use of his left arm against Yoichi and managed to set up a joint attack with Ashido that nearly succeeded in bisecting the Marshal-General, despite his injury. He was also fit to remain conscious even after the downside of using his spiritual pills resulted in excessive internal and external injuries.

Jinta using Hakuda

Jinta using the Ikkotsu.

Hakuda Master: Jinta's most advanced skill is his knowledge regarding Hakuda, being able to rely on it and forgo the use of a zanpakutō entirely should he wish. Having been trained by Shin Nagakura and Naibu Shizuka, Jinta's methods mirror his teachers, as he has a great deal of knowledge in various martial arts, though he prefers throws and take-downs the most. Despite this, he has also shown a liking towards rapid punches that make full use of his clawed gauntlets to defeat his foes and leg sweeps to throw his opponents off. His skills are such that he can momentarily hold his own against a master of Kyodaina Uzumaki's skill in battle. Following his meeting with Kyodaina, Jinta and Riki have been trained extensively by Naibu Shizuka in preparation for their raid into Kōhai Tochi so they can rescue Akiye. As a result, he can now be considered a master Hakuda specialist, focusing primarily on Hakuda over Zanjutsu; either teaching himself or learning unique Hakuda techniques to help him in combat situations, a style he has dubbed Itten (一天, Japanese for Empryean), which he flows together into his average style masterfully, striking with individual Hakuda techniques to throw off or maim his targets.

Physical Hakuda Techniques: Jinta has demonstrated various physical Hakuda techniques that use nothing but his physical strength to deal damage. These are:
  • Ikkotsu: (一骨, Single Bone) Although an advanced Hakuda technique, Shin saw it prudent that Jinta be prepared with skills that could potentially help him in battle when he finally left the Soul Society. The blow is so powerful that it allows Jinta to send even the members of the Imawashī through several buildings with a single punch, with the attack made even deadlier because of his gauntlets. Previously, he left his arm numb after use, but after physical endurance training from Naibu, Jinta can use the attack freely with little to no repercussions on his part.
  • Koutetsuhira: (鋼鉄平, Steel Palm) An open palm strike to the solar plexus meant to cause massive trauma to a person's insides, immobilizing the target. Taught to Jinta by Rosuto Shiba, its strength is below that of the Ikkotsu but much more easily performed. Jinta can demolish sections of wall with the impact.
Itten: (一天, Japanese for Empryean) A style Jinta has developed through training, which he utilizes alongside his basic high-paced Hakuda style. It involves the utilization of several Hakuda techniques that Jinta uses for various different uses, such as dealing with opposing Kidō, feint attacks or powerful grapples - making it his primary offensive form. Use of this style is usually highlighted in the change of stance Jinta favors. The stance involves his right arm raised towards the heavens while positioned away from his body at an angle, with his left hand almost brushing the floor. His left foot almost touches his left hand, while the right is planted firmly behind to allow him to propel himself forward easily and without trouble.
  • Itten: Haja Kensē: (一天顕正一天, Empryean: Crushing Evil and Spreading the Truth) A technique Jinta utilizes almost exclusively as a Kidō breaker, utilizing the basic function of Hanki (反鬼, Reverse Demon), only striking the incoming Kidō attack or Kidō barrier with perfectly opposite physical strength, disrupting its flow around the point of impact and causing it to split apart. With a thrust of his hand, Jinta can break his opponents' Kidō, before blowing his opponent into the sky with a powerful uppercut charged with reishi.
  • Itten: Batan o Kaiten: (一天バタンを回転, Empryean: Spinning Slam): In the air, Jinta restrains his opponent with his bare hands before pile-driving them into the ground head-first with devastating speed, while rotating extremely fast, similar to a drill. Even before the target hits the floor, Jinta usually extends his claws to cause lacerations to the inside and outside of a foes arm, usually injuring them beyond use should they still maintain consciousness after the drop.
  • Itten: Rasenshō: (一天螺旋掌, Empryean: Spiral Palm): Jinta charges reishi in a spiral-like motion into his fist and releases it with a forward punching motion, firing off a highly powerful and destructive blast that holds quite a degree of piercing power. As its a spiritual attack, Jinta can make it stronger depending on the level of reishi he decided to put forth. Due to its long-range abilities and piercing power, Jinta uses it as one of his most recognizable and most used skills.
  • Itten: Shisseki: (一天叱責, Empryean: Rebuke) An attack Jinta uses predominately as a feint attack. By feigning weakness or lack of awareness, Jinta draws his opponent in where he proceeds to deliver a sharp backwards somersault, often connecting his opponent beneath the chin with his feet.
Jinta flame 3

Jinta sheathing his fists in flame.

Flame-based Hakuda Techniques: By joining his physical power with his spiritual power when he consumes his pills or when he utilizes the Shikai state of Samazamahi, Jinta gains access to various Hakuda techniques he employs regularly in battle. Harumi Kazuki helped him develop these techniques and specifically use the spiritual guidance and control techniques she helped him develop based on her own Kidō training, making these techniques quite similar to actual fire-based Hadō. Jinta's most used method of flame-based Hakuda is to simply sheath his feet and hands in flames to burn his foes on contact.
Jinta flame 2

Jinta using Tenka Shōseki.

  • Tenka Shōseki: (点火証跡, Ignition Trail) By manipulating the red flames of his Shikai around his body, Jinta then moves at high-speeds, eventually crashing into his foe with a high-powered kick. The flames become solid seconds after the initial contact which also smash into the target, causing quite considerable damage either to the foe or the surroundings. It was powerful enough to completely demolish spiritually-enhanced steel.
Jinta flame 1

Jinta using Kaen Shingō Kūshū.

  • Kaen Shingō Kūshū: (火炎信号空襲, Flare Blitz) An Ikkotsu punch imbued with flame and additional speed to increase the strength. At present Jinta can only use this technique twice before succumbing to exhaustion as it requires his Samazamahi Jizoku technique to be active, which is in itself quite draining. In his run-up, a massive stream of flame forms behind him which propels him forward at excessive speeds, affording an already powerful punch even greater strength. Easily Jinta's strongest flame-enhanced Hakuda technique, its power is enough to cause grave injuries to even captain-level opposition.

Swordsmanship Specialist: Because of the small size of his zanpakuto, Jinta rarely comes in close enough for swordsmanship, but he is still skilled enough to fight effectively, drawing his opponent into confined spaces where his zanpakuto is more effective. Jinta is incredibly skilled wielding his zanpakuto in a reverse grip style, and prefers it over the traditional form, having skill in this aspect to match Kentaro Hiroshi. Recently, Jinta has also begun to show some skill in the usage of a Daishō pair, using quick and flowing motions that use both Samazamahi and Nijigasumi to full and devastating effect. When pressured or incredibly angry, Jinta's sword strikes are noted to be incredibly powerful, easily allowing him to momentarily halt strikes from even Captain-level foes; though his levels of skill are generally much lower. However, since he and Riki have begun focusing more on Hakuda, Jinta's training in swordsmanship has been noted to be slower, so he can focus more predominately on Hakuda, Hakuda techniques and Kidō usage.

Yuengiri Specialist: Having learned some of the forms from Kentaro and adapting them to his own style shows that Jinta has an above-average knowledge regarding the Yuengiri's secrets and how to apply them in combat. His most profound use of the styles are his ability to sever emotions in order to increase his perceptual skills, including eyesight and hearing which only serve to give him a greater edge in battle situations. When utilizing the Wan'nesu, Jinta commonly uses both his sealed zanpakutō - and due to the spiritual focus of the Yuengiri styles, both zanpakutō are strengthened by the aura they commonly demonstrate in their respective Shikai states; though this application itself is quite taxing on both the body and mind. Recently, whenever Jinta utilizes the common goal of harmony between mind, body and soul the Yuengiri styles attempts to create, Jinta gives off a heat aura around his person; though it isn't developed enough yet to give him any unique advantage beyond making the heat uncomfortable for his opponent.

Kidō Expertise: Jinta's skill in Kidō is noted to be at an expert level thanks to Harumi's guidance when she was helping him gain better control of his spiritual energy and the training the two carried out in preparation for the mission to Soul Society and their planned invasion of Kōhai Tochi. Jinta showed himself fit to teleport himself and Kujina Satonaka using Sentan Hakuja and then disguising his and her reiatsu with an as-of-yet-unnamed spell to escape Akarui Shin during their encounter. He is also quite skilled at noticing Kidō spells which are otherwise disguised to prevent notice, as he noticed that a ring he he saw in the Merchant Quarter of Kōhai Tochi was, in fact, a Kidō amplifier simply by touching the inscriptions. This skill also carries over to larger barriers.

Shunpo Specialist: Jinta is proficient enough in Shunpo to be able to keep up with Kentaro's Sonído when they train. His small build and lithe movements easily allows him to maneuver around larger foes rather easily, as he repeatedly showed when fighting the superior physical force of Iba Ikari. In recent weeks he has focused more on stamina, meaning he can utilize Shunpo for longer periods without tiring or becoming winded. Also, because of his physical training in terms of Hakuda style over Zanjutsu, Jinta has increased his leg strength, allowing him to leap great distances in order to accelerate his Shunpo ability. After intense training with Ashido following the invasion of Soul Society and before the invasion of Kōhai Tochi, Jinta progressed his skills in Shunpo as shown during his brief battle with Yoichi Yamashin, even though he was completely overwhelmed. When Jinta focused himself sufficiently however he was fit to surprise even Yoichi and keep pace with Ashido, almost bisecting the Marshal-General.

Zanpakutō Edit

As a Modified Soul of Project Nijū, Jinta wields two zanpakutō with equal skill, and is capable of releasing both singularly or simultaneously depending on his needs. As a result his combat ability is especially high, especially since the entire point behind Project Nijū was to create the "ultimate Shinigami". The two zanpakutō Jinta uses are Samazamahi (変火災, Varying Fire) and Nijigasumi (虹霞, lit. Rainbow Mist).

Samazamahi has a dark red blade, bright orange hilt wrapping and a cross guard that is a mixture of both colors sealed in the form of a wakizashi. All-in-all, the sword is reminiscent of flames, and these colors dance when Jinta swings the blade. However, before the colors recede, they fade into a white colored flame, the reason Jinta is called The White Fang, also referencing the short size of his zanpakutō.

Jinta's release

Jinta releasing Samazamahi into Shikai.

  • Shikai: Samazamahi is released with the command Spark. When the command is uttered, Samazamahi and Jinta glow with a fantastic fiery aura, before Samazamahi's blade, hilt and all, vanish, becoming a stream of flame that Jinta controls telepathically with his mind. This flame can take on various forms – swords, spears, axes, shields, ropes – and anything that could possibly be considered a weapon or defensive tool to aid him in battle. When fighting in Shikai, Jinta has no sword, using only his Hakuda skills and clawed gauntlets in conjunction with the flames to crush his enemies.
Shikai Special Abilities: Samazamahi's true power lies in the manipulation of flames for various forms of attack and defense, and is considered by Jinta to be his “trump card”. The flames also come in three different colors, the offensive black flames, the defensive red flames and the white healing flames.
Jinta's red and black flame

The red and black flames of Samazamahi.

  • Black Flames: The main offense possessed by Samazamahi is the black flames Jinta can generate after the release. These flames act completely separately to the normal red flame, and pursue an enemy relentlessly with great speed, accuracy and strength. These are the flames born when Samazamahi’s blade dissolves upon release, thus representing their attacking nature. These particular flames are also hard to douse, as they continue burning even when struck with a large amount of water.
  • Red Flames: The red flames, which could be considered Jinta's defense, react to any and all attacks directed toward Jinta by forming shields, barriers and obstacles to impede attackers and stop threats. These barriers are controlled telepathically by Jinta, and if he can physically see the attack, then his barriers will spring up. These flames are incredibly durable, taking the full brunt of Cero, sword swings and abilities of zanpakutō without being broken. However, as shown during battles with the Imawashī, the flames can only hack so much before the barriers are broken. These flames are born when Samazamahi’s hilt and cross-guard dissolves.
  • White Flames: The white flames of Samazamahi are completely separate from the other flames that Jinta control. These flames, like the red variety, are controlled by Jinta telepathically and work to heal wounds inflicted upon Jinta during a battle. They can also heal allies, making it an effective ability during team battles. However, to heal larger wounds, a larger amount of spiritual energy is required, and coupled with the black flames acting completely separately and requiring spiritual energy, it could easily come down to attacking, or healing.
  • Samazamahi Jizoku (変火災持続, Varying Fire Sustainment) An extension of Jinta's flames, which Naibu compares to be a second Shikai state, even though it is not in truth and simply an additional technique. Instead of operating the three flames independently, Samazamahi Jizoku bunches them into a singular destructive force that sacrifices Jinta's defensive and healing powers in lieu of pure offensive power. This act allows him to make use of his Shikai's strongest ability, that of the Hageshii Kaen. When not used for this attack the flames attack in the same manner as the black flames seen previously, only with slightly augmented parameters in regards to strength and speed and a color more associated with average flames. Jinta's physical strength is also augmented. Jizoku. His arm and leg strength improve, allowing him to move and strike with greater ease and power. The weakness of Samazamahi Jizoku is the forms complete lack of defensive or healing additions. Jinta's wounds will not heal when in this form and the spiritons in his body are focused more towards strength augmentation, making them much easier to part with a slash. This makes the form a double-edged sword as Jinta gains increased strength but doesn't gain the ability to utilize it for long because of his now frail defensive state.
Jinta's Torrential Flame

Torrential Flame.

  • Hageshii Kaen: (激しい火炎, Japanese for Torrential Flame) Jinta condenses all the flames at his disposal and releases a torrent of blazing fire towards his opponents in a form similar to a Cero blast, with a wide and destructive scope. Jinta only has the spiritual energy required to fire off three of these attacks safely, but they are incredibly powerful and cause great damage to the surrounding's when used. When used a fourth time, Jinta becomes so fatigued it bothers him to even move more than a few steps.
Jinta activating Nijigasumi

Jinta releasing Nijigasumi into Shikai.

Nijigasumi (虹霞, lit. Rainbow Mist) is the zanpakutō once wielded by the now presumed dead Maki Ichinose, now wielded by Jinta, which is now suffused to his being as intricately as Samazamahi. Nijigasumi is an average katana with a simple rectangular handguard with a circle around the blade and two inward curved lines stretching to each corner the long way and a grayish-blue hilt.

  • Shikai: Nijigasumi is activated by the command Shine Brightly (光華閃け, kōka hirameke). In terms of appearance, Nijigasumi remains exactly the same; only Jinta's body gives off a multicolored hue of spiritual energy.
Shikai Special Ability: When Nijigasumi is drenched with his spiritual energy, it is able to create limitless amounts of light. When Nijigasumi shines, it melds with all other light. When he releases it, he can use that light to take control of shadows and attack his opponent with them. Nijigasumi's ability also allows it to manipulate light for other various effects, such as:
  • Invisibility: An ability that makes Jinta invisible to the naked eye, by bending light around his limbs in such a manner to make him completely invisible to the naked eye, resisting even Kentaro's enhanced vision. Jinta predominately uses this ability to launch ambushes, or for espionage alongside Kentaro's Kage abilities.
  • Blinding Light: An ability that create a large area of light around opponents, disrupting their visual perceptions, causing confusion, and decreasing their chance to fight back against attack. At its most extreme utilization it can even cause blindness, should Jinta expel enough spiritual energy. Jinta uses this as one of his most preferred abilities alongside his ability to become invisible to all but annihilate a foe.
  • Illusions: The light released from Nijigasumi reigns over the dimensions that surround the opponent and alters them, thus creating this alternate dimension of light that Jinta can control freely. He can easily disrupt a foes visual perception, making him see what he wants them to see, making for potent and hard to break illusions. Jinta developed this skill alongside Kentaro's ability to make illusions through his telepathic abilities, and thus uses it in a similar manner. By effecting how an enemy views the directions around them, Jinta can easily make things seem inverted - up being down, left being right and vice versa. This makes it much easier for him to defeat stronger enemies who rely on instinct more out of habit.
  • Blade of Light: This ability dissolves his actual blade and replaces it with a blade made of pure light. If the blade is broken, it can completely cover it to allow the battle to continue. He can also create blades of light seperate from his Zanpakuto, using them as projectiles to fire at his enemies. This also allows him to reforge his Zanpakutō with light particles if it is broken, piercing through objects in its path.
  • Saigyoku Nijigasumi (彩玉虹霞, Swallowing Orb of Rainbow Mist): Causes a multitude of twinkling lights to appear, which then form together around an opponent, creating a huge sphere which engulfs everything within a significant radius. Anyone within that radius will potentially get caught in it. Immediately following that, the sphere collapses in on itself, using the compressed light to crush everything within it. Only a strong enough spiritual pressure can push back and destroy this power, as once demonstrated during a previous confrontation between Zaraki Kenpachi and Maki himself.
Jinta Amaterasu 2

Amaterasu revealed.

Tsuinkai: Formerly when Jinta performed the Tsuinkai, the powers of both Samazamahi and Nijigasumi where halved outright. The downsides of this are obvious, but the sheer flexibility he obtained as a direct result of using both zanpakutō powers at once more than made up for the inherent weakness. Now he can use the release as it was originally intended, which seamlessly fuses both his Shikai states into one, transformed state, which also alters Jinta's outward appearance. Jinta releases Tsuinkai by uttering "Light the Way" (道を照らす, Michi o Terasu), followed by Amaterasu (天照, Illuminating Heaven). The release of Amaterasu enshrouds Jinta in the vibrant orange flames of Samazamahi, which are then illuminated by the light of Nijigasumi. His physical appearance alters slightly, with the addition of various scales upon his face, not unlike a dragon. He also appears more muscular overall.

Tsuinkai Special Powers: Amaterasu is the perfect combination of Samazamahi and Nijigasumi; hence fire and light. Jinta can create towering infernos of fire or powerful arrays of light, in addition to his former Shikai abilities saw in each respective zanpakutō. The sheer flexibility of the release, coupled with the powers employed, allow Jinta to contend with some Bankai releases.
  • Enhanced Spiritual Power: An ability originally belonging to Nijigasumi when Saigyoku Nijigasumi was used. Amaterasu grants Jinta this influx of additional power constantly, which is again bolstered the more spiritual energy Jinta himself looses through anger, or by taking one of his pills.
  • Enhanced Strength: Jinta's strength is increased in proportion to his spiritual energy, giving his Hakuda strikes, physical or fire-related, much more potency.
  • Enhanced Speed: Jinta's leg strength is increased in proportion to his spiritual energy, which allows him to move at greater speeds when using Shunpo.
  • Diminished Durability: Jinta's defenses are decreased because of the effect of Samazamahi Jizoku, ensuring he remains a glass-cannon.
  • Amaterasu (天照, Illuminating Heaven): the name given to the light-imbued-flames of Jinta's Tsuinkai release. At times, the light energy has been mistook for lightning. Amaterasu hosts an impressive number of abilities and effects.
Amaterasu Lightning Blade

Amaterasu Raiha.

  • Amaterasu Raiha (天照雷刃, Illuminating Heaven Lightning Blade): a devastating close-range technique which has Jinta loose massive amounts of fire and light to completely annihilate his opposition. Amaterasu Raiha engulfs Jinta's hands in fire and light, which is then released all at once, creating what Jinta refers to as a baptism by fire and light. The resulting vortex of elemental energy was enough to reduce much of the forest it was released in to ash.
Amaterasu Storm

Amaterasu no Arashi.

  • Amaterasu no Arashi (天照の嵐, Illuminating Heaven Storm): an energy-wave attack expelled from the mouth, incorporating both light and fire to greatly increase the waves destructive potential, while inflicting horrendous injuries and burns upon the target(s). Amaterasu no Arashi is much stronger than Hageshii Kaen (a technique usable by Samazamahi), and can potentially travel many miles before dissipating. It is thus capable of much more destruction.
Enhanced Amaterasu punch

Amaterasu: Kaen Shingō Kūshū.

  • Amaterasu: Kaen Shingō Kūshū (天照:火炎信号空襲, Illuminating Heaven: Flare Blitz): an enhanced Hakuda technique and arguably Jinta's strongest close-range attack. In his run-up, a massive stream of flame and light forms behind him which propels him forward at excessive speeds, affording an already powerful punch even greater strength; allowing that one hit to be fatal.

Quotes Edit

  • “It is because we are living in the shinigami world, where death is always following us, that I... want to put my life on the line to subdue this war-ridden world. I dearly love both the Order and my comrades... That is why I want to protect them."
  • "Do you... honestly think I'll stay down!? No chance! Who'll protect my friends if I can't do that much? No one, that's who! Even if I do die because of my actions, as long as my friends are saved, I'll die happy."
  • "Its because your my friend that I'm doing what I'm doing. Someone has to save you from yourself, and since you don't seem willing to do it yourself, I guess my hands are tied."

Behind the Scenes Edit

His spiritual energy awakening through emotional reaction is heavily based on Son Gohan from Dragon Ball Z and how his power did the same under the same conditions.

Jinta originally used a very different zanpakuto with two shuriken blades, one chained and one unchained, but I did a bit of looking and found one that belonged to another character on this very wiki that was too similar for my liking, so I changed it before I wrote anything about him. The zanpakuto he now utilizes was the second zanpakuto that belonged to Kenji before I had to change his character. I spent a lot of time on that zanpakuto, so I'm happy I got a chance to use it.

I gave him the zanpakutō Nijigasumi for plot reasons and because the weapon - considering how it was left behind when Maki Ichinose died and in light of the Tōju and how the spirit remains, at least for a time - could be easily incorporated into fanon works.

Jinta's appearance and abilities are based off of Natsu Dragneel from the manga/anime series Fairy Tail, but his Shikai is slightly different because Jinta doesn't literally breath fire or eat it to augment his skills. The black flames Jinta uses as part of his Shikai are influenced by the Amaterasu from the manga/anime series Naruto.

The mention of the wristbands is, in fact, an allude to my own crappy luck with the wristbands I wear myself. I've bought more pairs than sense, and yet something always happens to wreck them.

Trivia Edit

  • A running gag in the series so far is that Jinta's wristbands are either burned or otherwise damaged beyond repair whenever he makes even a slight appearance.
  • The frog-shaped wallet is an allude to Naruto's own frog-shaped wallet.
  • The Haja Hakuda techniques were designed by Deus. I only expanded on them to suit Jinta's style, so all credit should go to him, 'cause he rightly deserves it.

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