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Iza Donahue
Name Iza Donahue
Kanji ダナヒュー 愛無
Romaji Danahyu Aiza
Race Human
Birthday January 10
Age 18
Gender Male
Height 5'9
Weight 125lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Blond
Blood Type AB-
Professional Status
Affiliation Hama Town

Satonaka Clan (Unknown to himself)

Previous Affiliation None
Occupation High School Student
Previous Occupation None
Team None
Previous Team None
Partner Ino Aoihime

Izaya Mua

Van Satonaka

Anna Satonaka

Previous Partner None
Base of Operations Hama Town

Ryusei High School

Personal Status
Marital Status Engaged
Relatives Shirosuke Satonaka (Father)

Van Satonaka (Secretly)

Anna Satonaka (Secretly)

Education Ryusei High School
Status Alive
Signature Skill Unknown

Iza Donahue, (ダナヒュー 愛無, Danahyu Aiza) is an Irish transfer student to Ryusei High School, located in Hama Town. He is the secret child of Shirosuke Satonaka , and related to town leaders Van and Anna Satonaka .


Iza is an averaged height 18 year old young man, who is very thin, but muscle toned. He has dark blond hair, and ice blue eyes. He is often seen wearing either the Ryusei High uniform, or his street clothes. These consist of a white button up shirt, kept open near the top, black pants, and charcoal colored shoes. He often is seen with a rose in his hand, though whether it is always the same rose has never been stated by him or anyone else..


Iza has a very playful and teasing attitude, combined with a dark sense of humor, and witty sarcasm, which tend to make his intentions unclear. However, this does not make him unkind, or evil. Throughout all his antics, Iza has shown that he can be pensieve, and calm (though this is usually around Ino ). Iza has been known cause mischief, and play pranks of varying degrees on either his friends, or some poor victim. His pranks towards his own friends tend to be in good nature, whilst those who get on his bad side have the worst of it. Iza has been known to periodically people-watch, a way of passing the time. It is a combination born from his pensieve self, and his playful self. When people-watching, he sometimes tries to figure them by simply observing, or is looking for a next victim for jokes. Often, it is both.

Iza's absolute favorite food are persimmons picked fresh, but detests dried ones. He also like anything sweet, or spicy. Bitter foods or drinks generally annoy him.


Early Life

Iza Donahue was born in Ireland on January 10th. While his mother was pregnant, she and her husband moved to Hama Town, where herself and he were attacked by an unnamed Hollow, with his mother being the only survivor. After giving birth to him, she raised him alone until he was twelve years of age, in which she disappeared mysteriously. From then, Iza lived by himself, went to school by himself, and took care of himself.

Discovering Origins

Iza in his last year of High School, discovers who he really is, and that he harbors incredible power. Not only does he have the ability to protect his home, but also carries roots with the foundations of the towns leaders.


Powers and Abilities

Vast Spiritual Energy: Being, (albeit secretly) a member of the Satonaka Clan, Iza boasts a great deal of spiritual power. Using his Reiatsu alone, he is able to force the plant-life around him to grow rapidly, and bring life back to dead vegetation.

Spiritual Sense: Iza has the ability to discertain spiritual beings, as well as what specis they happen to be. This power is a direct coalation of his massive spiritual power, and his own intellect.

Genius Intellect: Iza has an unbelievabley high IQ, and has the capability to skip an entire grade level of school should he choose to. His mind works things like puzzles or riddles, and while he has the ability to perform intense calculations, he prefers to simply...remain average.

Master Strategist & Tactician: Iza, by extension of his IQ, has unimaginable skill at creating strategy, and performing tactful moves in most of what he does.

Hakuda Expert: Iza is also quite skilled in the use of unarmed combat, able to proficiently fight his way out of brawls, or defend himself one-on-one.

Advanced Growth Rate: Iza has an incredible growth rate, able to learn and utilize properly what he learns, but is selective about his learning.


Offense Defense Speed Kido/Reiatsu Intelligence Stamina Total
50 50 40 20 90 45 295

Signiture Skill [Not Yet Applicable]


  • Iza Donahue is Hanataro-class, (subject to change)
  • Iza Donahue is largely based off of myself.
  • His plotline has foundations with Ichigo's in the main series.
  • He bears surprising resemblence to Ryotenbin Shiki, despite the fact neither of them are stated to be related.

Behind the Scenes

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