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"I am all the dark and twisted manifestations of your soul and the very desires you lock behind your meaningless virtues. Darkness is as much a part of someone's soul as the light that brings one hope, and yet you try so futilely to expel me? A foolish thought... Kurosaki Shinrei. You may as well try and draw blood from a stone or teach mules to speak. "
— Hollow Shinrei to Shinrei Kurosaki.

Hollow Shinrei
Shinrei's Inner Hollow
Race Inner Hollow
Gender Male
Height 4ft 6in
Weight 50kg
Professional Status
Partner Shinrei Kurosaki
Aoi Inazuma
Previous Partner None
Base of Operations Shinrei's Inner World
Shikai Aoi Inazuma
Bankai Aoi Inazuma Kasou

Hollow Shinrei (ホロー心霊, Horō Shinrei, Japanese for Hollow Shinrei) more properly called The Hollow within Shinrei's consciousness is an entity that came into existence when Shinrei was afflicted with Hollowfication when Averian and his army invaded the 75th District of the Rukongai in Soul Society.

Born from a Hollowfication process, Hollow Shinrei represents all the dark manifestations of Shinrei's soul. He has stated himself to present Shinrei's purest instincts. As he resides within Shinrei's soul, he has become a manifestation of Shinrei's very spiritual power, meaning Shinrei's Shinigami powers also draw strength from him.

Character Outline Edit

Shinrei and his Inner Hollow

Hollow Shinrei standing alongside his host.

Hollow Shinrei's appearance is almost identical to Shinrei's own, though his skin is noticeably white. He has the appearance of a short young boy with piercing yellow eyes that Shinrei has described as nothing short of demonic. He has short cut, snow white hair that is combed to the right with a thick spiked strand hanging between his eyes and two large bangs on either side of his head. His hair covers his ears completely, though he has shown them to be pierced at both the lobe and upper ear. Despite his young age, he has quite a lean-built physique and is more powerful than his small frame would otherwise suggest, easily allowing him to take his foes by surprise. Whenever he makes an appearance, he is known for his psychotic grins and bloodthirsty behavior. Hollow Shinrei wears the average Shinigami Shihakushō (死覇装, Garment of Dead Souls), though his is white as opposed to the usual black - which is the exact same as Shinrei's. His kosode has several thick blue-colored lines running down the arms vertically with the same lines running horizontally across his chest. His hakama and hakama-himo are also white with the same blue stripes running down their front with a pair of average white shoes with black socks underneath. He also tends to wear a standard sleeveless captain's haori, with a green sash around his shoulders, held together by a round clip. The sash holds his Zanpakutō's sheath in place on his back and is tied to it at either end, that part of his attire resembling Tōshirō Hitsugaya.

Hollow Shinrei's personality is very ruthless and daring, shown through his disrespectful attitude towards others and from how he treats his foes during battle. He cares little for the value of the lives of those around him, seemingly having little care for even his own existence as he attacks without regard for his own safety and that of others. He once destroyed a house full of innocence children within Horiwari Village for the sole reason that he deemed them weak and worthless and because they "were in his way." He openly remarks that Shinrei is a weakling and that Aoi Inazuma is useful only when utilized by him; mocking even Kenji's previous mastery of the zanpakutō in question. However, despite his hatred of Shinrei, he has shown a level of respect for him as revealed when the Hollow forcefully took control of their body in order to keep Shinrei alive. During this event he belittled his foe for attempting to destroy his host and reprimanded him when he began regarding Shinrei as a "weakling child", showing that Hollow Shinrei does in fact have positive feelings for his host; even if they short and far between and rarely shown.

Synopsis Edit

Main Article - Bleach (Kenji Hiroshi).

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Powers & Abilities Edit

Overwhelming Spiritual Energy: Hollow Shinrei has an overwhelming amount of spiritual energy, though it is not as large as that of Shinrei's. What set the two apart is that Hollow Shinrei commands a much greater level of control over his spiritual energy than his counterpart does, allowing him to easily outmaneuver and ultimately over power Shinrei. Hollow Shinrei is more than capable of expressing his spiritual energy as a numbing current of electricity, manifested as an intense aura.

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Capitalizing on Shinrei's knowledge of swordsmanship, Hollow Shinrei is a powerful and dangerous opponent as he does not suffer from the same stamina issues that plague Shinrei's battlefield performance. He attacks with little regard to his own safety and uses a powerful and destructive style that utilizes his hosts large levels of spiritual energy.

Possession: Hollow Shinrei is capable of taking over Shinrei's body and powers when his host falls unconscious in a fight, or when his resolve wavers. In this occurrence, Shinrei's scelera blacken and his irises glow golden-yellow in combination with a Hollow mask forming on the left side of his face. Hollow Shinrei has also been shown forcibly exerting his control over Shinrei in times when either of their existences might be threatened.

Amazing Speed: In all his appearances and when he takes over Shinrei's body, Hollow Shinrei has shown himself to be incredibly fast. He doesn't use any form of high-speed movement, but has enough leg strength to keep up with his opponents regardless.

Zanpakutō Edit

Aoi Inazuma redirects here. For the manifested version that appears alongside Hollow Shinrei, see Aoi Inazuma.

Aoi Inazuma (青い稲妻, Japanese for Blue Lightning) is the name of Hollow Shinrei's zanpakutō, which is the very same zanpakutō that Kenji himself once wielded. Its sealed state takes the form of an average nodachi with gray-colored hilt with a square guard missing its corners. He carries Aoi Inazuma on his back, held in place by a green sash tied over his right shoulder because the blade is actually longer than he is tall.

  • Shikai: Aoi Inazuma is released with the command Strike. While Kenji's had split into a daishō pair upon release, Shinrei's remains identical to that of his sealed state in terms of appearance; with a continuous wave of electricity flowing around the blade.
Shikai Special Abilities: Aoi Inazuma's power lies in the manipulation of lightning and electricity for various forms of attack, defense and physical enhancement. In Shikai, Hollow Shinrei can either bend and manipulate real lightning to his will, or that made by Aoi Inazuma herself. Regardless of method, both require Hollow Shinrei to expend spiritual energy as a means of either creating the lightning, or manipulating that which pre-exists. Despite its name, Aoi Inazuma's lightning is mostly colored violet.
  • Bankai: Aoi Inazuma Kasou (青い稲妻火葬, Blue Lightning Cremation) is the name of Hollow Shinrei's Bankai. To activate it, Hollow Shinrei first holds his sword above his head in order to draw lightning to the blade. Once the lightning strikes, Aoi Inazuma transfers that energy into Hollow Shinrei himself, enveloping him in a blast of violet lightning energy that's quite capable of laying waste to the area it is activated in. When the energy finally dissipates, Hollow Shinrei is revealed in a completely new state, finally whispering the words Bankai, followed by the name of his zanpakutō. His hair lengthens considerably, spilling down his back and changes in color to sport a black coloration throughout, with the fringe spiked and styled to cover more of the left side of his face. His Shihakushō lengthens and flares out in ragged, red-colored edges and his ears become somewhat pointed. A thin belt colored in extravagant yellow-golden colors forms around his waist which is tied in the shape of a bow over the his normal white ōbi sash. A cloak colored a bright, light yellow also appears, mostly hung over his right shoulder where it is tied in a tight not. A necklace of pure gold, dangling from a chain of the same material also forms around his neck in a pyramid-like shape, the point pointing downwards. His Shikai blades changes in appearance, instead becoming more akin to a Daitō that bears a light-blue-coloration with the same gray-colored hilt wrapping seen in both his sealed state and Shikai release. The guard also changes in shape, sporting a complete square shape with lightning motifs inscribed in each corner and the first few inches of the Daitō's flat sides. Appearance-wise, Hollow Shinrei bears a striking resemblance to Shinrei's own Bankai only with a noticeably different color scheme.
Bankai Special Abilities: Instead of most Bankai, which offer some kind of giant effect or incredible power to aid the user in battle, Aoi Inazuma Kasou instead condenses the very lightning energy Hollow Shinrei uses in his attacks into his own body, resulting in amazing physical enhancements to aid him in combat. This goes beyond the lightning-enhanced speed seen in his Shikai, as Shinrei essentially becomes lightning in a human body. However, unlike Shinrei who has yet to fully master his Bankai, only being fit to make use of the various supplementary enhancements his Bankai offers at present; Hollow Shinrei commands full control and can utilize Aoi Inazuma fully without drawback.

Hollow Powers Edit

Shinrei's full hollow form

Shinrei's full hollow form.

Hollow Form: In this form, Hollow Shinrei expresses almost complete control over Shinrei Kurosaki's body, to such a level that it appears akin to that of an Arrancar's Resurrección release. Hollow Shinrei retains his snow-white hair, though it is now lengthened substantially, with the strands ending at the base of his back. He also grows taller, having the appearance of a fully-matured young man with the common yellow eyes of a hollow, though his are often described as deep and penetrating; though Alma Shizuka has also noted them to be lonesome also. A black crescent moon forms on his forehead, with two red stripes running along his cheeks, just beneath his eyes. His uniform remains the same white coloration, though his Shihakushō is more form fitting with looser sleeves and a cuirass worn to protect his stomach and chest that bears a floral design inlaid with red. The cuirass ends in a protective tasset that protects his groin area and outer leg. While in this state, Shinrei is merely an observer until he manages to regain control of his body.

  • High-Speed Regeneration: Like some Hollows, this form shows the ability to instantly regenerate any wound and even a missing limb.
  • Telekinesis: This form has shown himself capable of recalling his zanpakutō to his hand.
  • Immense Strength: The strength exhibited in this form is nothing short of immense. Even Kenji expressed surprise at how powerful Shinrei's hollow form was, noting mentally that it exceeded his own previously held hollow powers by a fair margin.
  • Cero: While capable of performing the technique, the destructive power is currently unknown.
  • Enhanced Zanpakutō Abilities: The abilities of Aoi Inazuma are augmented to such frightening degrees that a simple Inazuma Enko was capable of causing large scale damage to the environment.

Behind the Scenes Edit

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