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"Work with you? Haha! Why the fuck would I want to do that!? I don't know what you've been smokin' partner, but I have no intention of helping anyone whose weaker than me. It's that simple. You wanna use my power, like those other poor saps? Try it. I'll break your resolve and take your power for myself!"
—Hollow Kenji to Kenji.
Inner Hollow
Hollow Kenji profile
Name Hollow Kenji
Kanji けんじ博
Race Hollow
Gender Male
Height 6ft
Weight 61kg
Eyes Yellow
Hair Black
Professional Status
Affiliation Himself
Partner Kenji Hiroshi (Host)
Base of Operations Kenji's Inner World
Personal Status
Family Kenji Hiroshi (Host)
Status Active
Shikai Aoi Inazuma
Bankai Not yet Achieved
Resurrección Shōkyaku: Aoi Inazuma
The shadow that never retreats... Even now, sixteen years after his supposed death, his cold fingers keep on reaching towards the goal. - Kenji-Taichō.

Hollow Kenji (けんじ博) is a Hollow created within Kenji's consciousness by Bansui Amatsuki, a commonality amongst the Visored. Like Aoi Inazuma and later Sanmiittai he is one part of Kenji's overall power.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

History Edit

Synopsis Edit

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Part I Edit

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Part II & III Edit

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Part IV & V Edit

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Powers and Abilities Edit

Zanpakutō Edit

Hollow Form Edit

Kenji AU Hollow

Hollow Form.

When Hollow Kenji seizes control of the physical body he begins forcing a transformation upon Kenji, turning him into a bestial Hollow-like humanoid with fearsome power, which acted on instinct alone, treating everyone as an enemy and attacking with incredible force. Kenji's eyes turned yellow and enlarged, with black rings around them. His teeth sharpened and his nails extended, forming makeshift claws. A long thin black tail also formed which enabled Hollow Kenji to strangle his foes or ensnare their weaponry. Emblazoned on his back in place of the usual Yin and Yang symbol was a cross wreathed in red flames.

Power Augmentation: Kenji's spiritual power and combat abilities where barely recognizable when measured against his standard, as Kenji was capable of wholly dominating the combined strength of Kusaka and Ino. The original Visored opted to fight him in groups instead of singularly whilst Hachigen Ushōda maintained the barriers, indicating just how much of a threat the Visored deemed Hollow Kenji to be.
Hollow Kenji's Cero


  • Cero: Whilst in this form Kenji could fire an expansive red-colored Cero that was even stronger than his Mask-enhanced Jitsugen attack. During the battle with the Visored, Kensei was forced to respond with his Bakudantsuki just to nullify it and even then he only accomplished the feat indirectly, as he was still struck by the backlash. The wave is fired from the palm and possesses potent destructive potential, as Hachigen showed concern over how his barriers would fair against it.
  • High-Speed Regeneration: Whilst in this form Kenji could heal his wounds at an enhanced rate. Even missing limbs where regenerated, demonstrated when Kenji restored his right arm after having it relieved by Shinji.
  • Protective Carapace: Rose noted this form to have an incredibly dense layer of spiritual power laid over the skin, enough so that the armor enabled him to resist being eviscerated by the crushing force of Arpeggio.

Behind the Scenes Edit

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