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"The prodigy, the yearner, the wound which time could never heal "
Hiroya Ginkarei
Serene Hiroya
Name Hiroya Ginkarei
Kanji 尋矢銀華麗
Romanji Hiroya Ginkarei
General Information
Race Shinigami
Age 723
Gender Male
Height 185cm (6'2")
Weight 83kg
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Professional Information
Affiliation Himself
Previous Affiliation Soul Society
Occupation Guardian of Balance, Archmage
Previous Occupation Captain of the Kidō Corps, Pre-School Teacher
Team None
Previous Team The Kidō Corps
Partner None
Previous Partner Fūma Kotarō (Former Lieutenant)
Base of Operations The Human World; Horiwari
Personal Information
Marital Status Single
Alignment True Neutral
Education Shinō Academy
Status Active

Hiroya Ginkarei (尋矢銀華麗, "lit" Fathom Arrow, Silvery Splendour) Is an incredibly powerful Wizard; whose prodigeous talents and vast interest for the magical arts has molded him into one of the most powerful masters of the art of Kidō that Soul Society has ever produced, and is generally considered a living legend; and at the current point in time, he's considered nothing less than the most powerful spellcaster in existence. With the number of people rivalling his magical prowess being capable of being counted on but a single hand.

Fashioning himself as a proponent of justice and a guardian of balance: Hiroya travels the planes with the intent of observing important events, only ever interfering with those that puts the very equilibrium of the world at risk; finding little interest in the affairs of mortals. He's also been known to hunt down dangerous mages, believing that their lack of purpose and their surrender to their own pleasures on its very own, puts the rest of the world at risk.

While he's always been successful in his endeavours to remedy attacks on the worlds state of order; his immense powers making most threats seem almost trivial. He's thus far failed to recognize how he himself is a growing threat; as for every achievement he so masterfully accomplishes his views on the world decrease accordingly and his interactions with his self-invoked duty becomes more and more professional. Henceforth - Hiroya has gradually grown colder and more disillusioned with the world over the centuries; and its only a matter of time before the Archmage discovers an issue with it that he deems to be too flawed to warrant its continued existence.


Despite his advanced age Hiroya retains the youthful appearance of a man in his mid twenties. He's got ear-length blonde hair and intense blue eyes - he's also well-built, with broad shoulders and a well-muscled body (no doubt due to his extensive training as a Shinigami) these traits lead him to become somewhat broad in appearance, granting him an overall masculine appearance.

When in his Gigai; Hiroya wears a pair of grey pants and a white or magenta colored shirt that sits just right, accentuating his athletic build greatly; and with the two uppermost buttons being left open in a V shape, the final detail is the Ankh that is worn around his neck, bumping against his throat as he walks. In his Shinigami form he wears an elaborate grey haori with silver lining over gray pants; he also wears the Ankh from earlier in this form as well. He does however wear the traditional Japanese footwear, much to the surprise of others.

Hiroya's hair is roughly ear-length. And he prefers to keep it that way. The fact that he takes care of it daily leads many to assume that he is at least a bit concerned with his looks. His eyes seem always to beam friendly at people he meets, and while he's normally silent, he never seems to give anyone the impression of not being welcome. Additionally, his eyes always seem have a certain melancholy to them, they speak of a certain insecurity, self-doubt and yes, deep down perhaps even a slight hint of fear; but for what is unknown.

While preparing to fight seriously Hiroya will most commonly withdraw his left hand from the sleeve of his grey robe, leaving only the right side covered; until he attacks however the left arm firmly rest in the front of his haori, making it look like his arm is in a sling: This aspect is known a tradition of sorts among rōnin, befitting his status as a Rogue Shinigami.

Bounty Hunters, and pursuing Shinigami have also commented that despite his status as an infamous Rogue Shinigami of grand power, his appearance would never pass as threatening, or even remotely intimidating; this causes many of his opponents to drastically understimate him.


Hiroya realized much sooner than any child ought to the value of life, having passed away at the age of 15 - these facts seem to have put a permanent stain on Hiroya's very soul and along with the things that happened in his childhood is the likely causes for his pacifism.

He's also noted as being quite naive and especially good-hearted which leads him to become an easy target for manipulation, he's gullible to the extreme and can quite easily be lead astray by empty promises and hidden agendas; ironically though ---It appears that Hiroya himself is comically unaware of this fact and is convinced that he's hard to manipulate and usually reacts with shock or bursts of anger when he feels that someone has managed to do so anyhow.

Despite his masterful skills in battle, Hiroya has no desire to neither, fight, kill or harm any other being. In battle he stands still and watches the enemies enclose upon him, and when he does fight back it is only as a means of simple self-defense.

He is known to love kids with all his heart, something that led to him becoming a pre-school teacher in Karakura Town. His tireless attempts of getting out of a battle trough Diplomacy, talking or outright bribery has led many to believe that he is weak, though this is a very serious misconception; as one who've lost his childhood It is safe to assume that Hiroya's work in the Kindergarten serves to reflect his desire for his own childhood. This is approximately confirmed by the fact that Hiroya is commonly seen to take actively part in the games the children play. The latter part has earned him a rather tender spot in the hearts of the young women he works together with, much to his male colleagues and his own, dismay - these traits have made Hiroya well-liked by the students although they think him to be awfully strict at times.

Hiroya possess a love for anything with speed, which is evidenced by the fact that he is known to drive like a complete Yakuza if ever given the chance - he also has a habit of wearing a black leather-jacket and sunglasses while driving, to remain "incognito" incase anyone wondered why an insane traffic-devil looked an awful lots like the respectable and kind-hearted Hiroya-sensei.

Also, in shocking resemblance to Retsu Unohana, Hiroya is known to get particularly intense when he is mad or irritated, while still retaining his cool composure; this is practically as scary as the original Unohana and it has lead some of his bosses instantly to give him a raise out of sheer fright. Hiroya has also demonstrated to be quite sarcastic and loatheful towards people he dislikes, contrasting his usually gentle nature.

Despite his Pacifism, Hiroya's been able to bypass this weakness at times, most note worthily in his battle against Dorothy Furlan da Liberi. Albeit she had to put his students in the warzone first: During these times he tends to become a tad more aggressive, and he is fully capable of killing; though he still cannot help but subconsciously pull his blows against weaker opponents no matter how destestably they may act.


Original Life, and DeathEdit

Alain Laroche was born in France in year 1289 AC - to a wealthy merchant, Alain was born a week earlier than expected but managed to surrive if only by a miracle, the incident however left him physically frail and sickly - and the medics informed his mother and father that he likely wouldn't live to see his sixteenth birthday, the merchant tried everything to better the situation for his son but nothing seemed to work. Alain Laroche was Spiritually Aware, but due to his sickly state, no one ever took him seriously.

Alain had a passion though, reading, he informed his father about the wish to read and he was soon taught by the best teachers France had to offer. For every page he turned, his body would waste away slowly, and once he reached the age of twelve he was incapable of most physical tasks and had to spend the majority of his time in bed, and looking out of the window at the children whom played outside, wishing that he could be among them.

Alain eventually passed away at the second of september, 1304 AC when his body finally gave in to the terminal illness that had plagued him for many years, for this reason, his date of death became his date of birth as a Plus, and later a Shinigami.


Hiroya's Childhood is shrouded in mystery as he himself remembers only vague moments and those he does remember are blurry and ghastly to him. It has been speculated that his memories have been forcibly repressed by his sub-concious, as what happened in his Childhood is likely the cause to his pacifism, It is implied though that he came from one of the Noble Houses of that time, though this solution is as likely as if he came from the Rukongai. The fact that there seems to be almost no record of his life at all before he entered Shinò academy seems to leave this part of his life void.

Considering this, and the fact that he's ever unable to remember anything of some importance. It stands as highly unlikely that one'll ever find out about the childhood of Hiroya Ginkarei.

Young LifeEdit

Hiroya was able to enter the Shinò Academy rather easily concidering his allready at that time exceptionally high spiritual power. Hiroya quickly proved to be one of the best students of his class, and he showed remarkable skill in most fields though nothing quite matched his skill in Kidò which was truly incredible. He found interest in the field almost immedeatly, and would often be found in the Academy's library reading books about Kidò History, Hypothesises, and advanced usage. He practised his Kidò skills in secret as he gradually moved towards graduation. Though Hiroya could likely have finished the Academy much sooner than he did, he chose to wait til he had accumulated enough knowledge of his favorite subject.

The result of this was that, to everyone's astonisment. Hiroya was able to use Kidò spells of up to level 68 just after he had graduated. though he still required an incantation in order to perform them. It was still an impressive feat. This quickly earned him a seated position in the Kidò Corps. Wherein he quickly advanced to Lieutenant and later Captain.

Commander of the Kidō CorpsEdit

Kido-Commander Hiroya

Hiroya's Appearance as the Corps Commander

In his time as the Captain of the Kidō Corps Hiroya and his then Lieutenant Fūma Kotarō the Kidō Corps flourished like they've rarely done before, or since. This was due to his own passion, his desire to liberate the world, an

Hiroya's attire as the Kido Corps Commander

d the drive for knowledge which hid deep within. Under their guidance the Kidō Corps managed to perfect certain Kidō Spells and even managed to create new ones. His efforts were hailed by the other squads though few hardly ever came to know whom the Captain was. Somewhere during this time he became privy to the Forbidden Spells.

Hiroya was well-respected during his commandership - much due to the fact that he was one of the greatest Kidō Masters in the corps history even then, but also due to his warm and loving personality; which made the other members feel well at ease, this lead them to trust him and thus heightened the overall morale and work done; Hiroya's Lieutenant at the time was also quite popular, something which further served as a benefit the corps.

While greatly respected, and noted as being a good leader, Hiroya himself often found himself unhappy with the circumstances as his peers and his subordinates looked at him as the Kidō Commander and also partially due to his prodigy status, great intelligence and power, very few took the trouble of actually seeing him as the young Shinigami he still was, and distanced from those of equal age by his rank, Hiroya became somewhat lonely, despite the fact that he would like to develop a more personal relationship with his peers and subordinates.

Hiroya seemed to develop affectionate feelings for his Lieutenant during this time, albeit he never told the other man in order to not intrude upon the latters love-life and having noticed how he only really held interests for one woman.

Research & ExileEdit

Hiroya began to research the Forbidden Spells with great interest, he sought to find the means to create a spell that would end all strife on a permanent basis. True to his pacifism his studies eventually got more and more dangerous. Experimenting with forbidden magic served to put the very balance of time, essence and space at risk. And at the invention of one in particular namely Tokijò (時錠, Time Lock) resulted with him being exiled from Soul Society and later hunted down by the Omnitsukido. Though he was never found, and it was later revealed that he fled to The Human World trough the use of another of his original spells; Shirubamon (しるばもん, Silver-Grey Gate).

Life in the Human WorldEdit

There is hardly any information on this subject though it is believed that he entered somewhere into Feudal Japan. His first course of action was to head straight to a lonely mountain where he settled down in order to avoid harming the balance of the worlds with his spiritual power.

He mannaged to devise some sort of spell to hide his spiritual pressure. Named Tamashii Fuku (魂覆, Ghost Veil) When Urahara invented the Gigai, Hiroya was one of the first people to seek him out as he relished in the chance to be able to come out of hiding without endangering anyone, right afterwards Hiroya took on a long and extensive course in Pedagogy which is the study of teaching, when he had accomplished this course he began teaching at Pre-Schools, which was surprising given his skill in this field, as he could in truth choose to work at any school he'd ever wish to..


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Birth of a SwanEdit

Preclusion ArcEdit

Dorothy ArcEdit

The Valhalla Tournament ArcEdit

Horiwari ResidentEdit

Aftermath ArcEdit


  • Ishōsessei (衣装節制, Lit. Garment of Self-Restraint) is the Kinagashi that Hiroya always wears, it is designed trough a serie of intricate spells and enchantments and serve to focus Hiroya's use of Spiritual Energy, re-claiming a small portion of it and re-applying it directly onto Hiroya's pool of energy whenever he casts a spell, and by extension it allows him to cast more spells with less energy than what would normally be required. The following text is inscribed into the robes lining with black letters: さいぶんそしてがんゆうピント, which literally means something along the lines of "Divide into four, and then include a point of focus": According to Hiroya, the robe was originally created for the purpose of allowing himself to regulate his own power so as to not cause too much damage to his opponent, and the garment also allows for easier control over his own flow of Spiritual Energy.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

The adversary carefully removes his left arm from the sleeve of his elaborate grey robe; revealing him to wear a green shirt that sits just right, an Ankh dangling from his throat; brilliantly blue eyes watching your movements slowly, as with a look of great displeasure; he grips around the handle of his Zanpakutō with his right hand, as his opposite arm rests firmly by the elbow in the sleeve of his robe.

Avian Transformation: An ability that Hiroya's known to possess but rarely seen using; this allows Hiroya to shapeshift into the form of a white
Hiroya Stats

Hiroya's Battle Data, clockwise. Top: Offense (95), Top Right: Defense (100), Bottom Right: Mobility (90), Bottom: Kidō/Reiatsu (100), Bottom Left: Intelligence (100), Top Left: Stamina (60). Total: 545/600

Dove, or that of a Swan (hence his Nickname) - it is unknown how exactly Hiroya came to possess this ability though it is rumored to have something to do with his Zanpakutō; and his knowledge of Kidō - this has been commented upon as being quite similiar to the ability of a certain woman. The only differences being the animal shapeshifted into in question, and similarily to her - he's capable of exerting his Spiritual Power in this form, yes, even speak (Though ironically enough, he sounds like a female due to the high-pitched, almost singing voice he attains in this form).

Immense Spiritual Power: Hiroya possesses an incredibly high level of Spiritual Energy which is so tremendous and extensive that most opponents give up trying to gauge his exact power as it seems that no matter how much they dig into it they're unable to reach the bottom; despite its tremendous power and quantity Hiroya's energy is neither thick nor heavy and it has no negative effects on other beings or even the environment itself and it pulses harmlessly trough the battlefield and brushing against those in its vicinity which leaves a refreshing sensation; during his time during as the Commander of the Kidō Corps; Hiroya's Reiatsu alone served to inspire morale and soothe his subordinates - when released in the presence of someone Hiroya cares deeply about the energy is known to intermingle with their own Reiatsu which results in an unique sensation that gives impressions and summons emotions which can when properly read by a skilled person can give a clear indication about Hiroya's opinion of that person: Hiroya's Spiritual Energy is pure white in color but is occassionaly tinted with specks of dark-blue. His energy has proved itself to be deep enough for Hiroya to cast spells in the nineties with little effort and still have it drain little to nothing out of his Spiritual Energy.

Energy Dominance: Having dedicated his entire life to study the various disciplines of spellcraft and Kidō, Hiroya's spiritual control has become so refined and astute so as to allow him to dominate energy in his vicinity through force of will alone. So prodigeous and honed are his capabilities that in battle, he's known to make copious use of this ability, employing it together with his immense mastery of the magical arts in order to utterly dominate his opponents; frequently turning their own techniques and especially other magical spells and effects against them. So immense is his control over energy that he can dominate hostile Zanpakutō to do this bidding. This was employed primarily in his battle against Raian Getsueikirite, where he easily capitalized on the immature bond between the Shinigami and his Zanpakutō, Kōsaken Jakka. To not only render almost all of the Zanpakutō's attacks ineffective and wasteful, but even dominating its very flow and energy to turn it against its owner. With his immense knowledge of the flow of energy and their different formulas, Hiroya's capable of converting even the pure, untamed energy naturally present in the sorrounding environment into powerful attacks and defenses in their own right, being capable of emitting powerful forcefields of raw energy to deflect or block all manners of offensive manuevers and techniques, as all forms of spiritual techniques draw upon an underyling truth of control that Hiroya's willed himself to master. However, his abilities to convert energy into abilities is by no means restricted solely to the practise of erecting forcefields or to provide constant nutrition for himself and his medley of magical wards: for he's indeed capable of employing them as a mighty offense, whose raw power and destructive force is second only to that of his magic; and which can, in some distinct situations be even more potent than some of his similiar spells. Among his offensive uses of his energy dominance includes his ability to project concussive blasts of vast potency, fit to blast a hole through some of the most reinforced of defenses, whether they be spiritual or physical in nature. He's also at times been known to quickly collect great amounts of energy from the sorrounding atmosphere and expel them in the form of continous streams of concussive force; with raw power ranging from knocking his enemies out cold and dealing serious blunt trauma to even flat out obliderating dozens of adversaries with a single well-calculated surge of energy. But by far one of the most useful applications of his dominance over energy is the ability to force a change in their spiritual construction so as to effectively change the qualities of the energy manipulated - allowing him to change ambient energy into fire, lightning, wind and water energy; a skill which is believed to form much of the basis for Hiroya's unrivalled control over the commonly employed elements of Kidō.

High Spiritual Awareness: As a Shinigami, Hiroya's naturally Spiritually Aware, however, due to his great skill and knowledge about the flow and signs of Spiritual Energy he's fully capable of going beyond what is naturally expected in this field, as he was able to keep track of Michael's and Ryuichi's battle with the Diabolus from a good distance. Even while he was still in the Academy Hiroya was praised for being very skilled in this field, and his natural awareness easily surpasses that of most other Shinigami. During his battle with Kenji Hiroya was capable of instantly deducing the mans locations before the latter could fine-tune his attack which allowed Hiroya to easily block it before countering - henceforth it would seem that it is nessecary to hide ones Spiritual Energy before attacking Hiroya.

Shukuchi (縮地, lit. "Reduced Earth"): An ancient form of teleportation said to have been used by kami and other powerful spirits. In truth, shukuchi is a form of relational movement between concepts, places or beings. Thus its usage is puncuated by movement from one or more transitory realms, to reach a specific destination. Having a clear understanding, and image of the location is the key in regards to speed, or a powerful or strong emotional tie. Due to Hiroya's mastery over the various primordial elements, exceptional spiritual control and vast repertoire of magical knowlege, Hiroya is capable of employing this technique to nigh-perfection, using it to move through the very foundation of the elements that permeates the world around him; travelling from wind through fire, from earth through water, all while moving along the very fabric of reality. During his movement there is no transition from one location to the next, to any observer it appears as though he discorporates and phases out of existing, only to rematerialize solidly in the next location as though displacing himself. There is no trace of his movement, nothing to indicate he wasnt already existing in the next location, and no matter how keen the eye or one's senses are, his movements simply cannot be tracked, unless said abilities operate across all spiritual realms. Hiroya's immense mastery over the mystic arts allows him to maintain a solid enough connection to his own spells as to use them as mediums to travel through; and whenever he employs Shukuchi in this particular manner, he brings an echo of the spell with him upon materialization; which often manifests as powerful explosions of fire, energy or air - depending upon the spiritual construction of the original spell itself. Interestingly, these magical echoes are known to sport similiar potency comparable to that of the original spell, just over a smaller scale - this enables Hiroya to chain together multiple spells to be released upon arriving at his intended location. Whenever Hiroya employs Shukuchi; he brings with him all protective enchantments and wards he had employed before initiating the movement. Its also possible that he might be capable of bringing others along with him when using Shukuchi, provided they were of similiar height and stature to himself.

Keen Intellect: While by no means a genius, Hiroya is a man of few words and rare actions; this is not due to some timidness or insecurities on his part however, but rather due how cautious he's become, primarily following certain events in his past. While he can initially seem unassuming and simple, few are those whom believe that the wizard's demeanour is based upon a lack of intelligence and cleverness, for he possesses both traits in abundance – Hiroya is simply a man of great faith in what he does, a scion of the arcane arts that works tirelessly to forward the craft, his craft. Having lived for seven centuries, most of which have been spent reading rather than socializing, Hiroya's managed to hoard a large library of knowledge during his lifetime: knowledge which he uses to actively ensure the continued existence of the sacred art. However, one of his most distinquishing features is that he considers himself wise enough to know when to hold his tongue, and for the most part, this is a state he's often seen in – appearing as little but an unmoving statue in the heat of combat; the very elements bending to his will, almost as if by their own accord. He never gloats about his capabilities and never exudes arrogance; having been made aware of just how few in number beings whom can successfuly challenge him is, much less defeat him; and this knowledge has led to him believe that the things he knows is greater than the world around them. While Hiroya might come off as pretentious and ostentatious, he claims that he knows the exact limits of his own capabilities and in every battle, he carefully analyzes the situation and manually selects the best course of action in dealing with a perceived threat. However, Hiroya's favored employment of his intellectual faculties is to gauge the strength, potential and vessel of any given opponent, he does this not merely for the purposes of combat however. But largely as a preemptive measure, by knowing how a possible opponent might grow in the future, he can come with small hypotheses and theories as to their maximum potential – once fully realized. It is for this reason that Hiroya's considered to be a good mentor, whenever a prospective youth might garner his professional attention – although this is a vanishingly rare occurence indeed.

Highly Perceptive Combatant: Hiroya's level of perception and skills in analysis is quite high, evident by how he can deduce most situations and patterns quite easily without having to see the technique or a movement executed many times in succession. He's also known to correctly guess the nature of many abilities depending solely on their energy signature, though this can to a large degree be connected to his expertise in Kido.

Master Strategist & Tactician;

Kidō Abilities & Associated FactsEdit

"Though he's rivaled by many. Hiroya Ginkarei still stands as one of the most advanced Kidō Masters in the history of Soul Society"
—- Unknown Kidō Master to his students

As one of the greatest Kidō Masters in the history of Soul Society. Hiroya's abilities within this field are simply too extensive to be generalized and thus deserve a separate notice from his other abilites. Given the fact that Shirohane is a blunt-edged weapon, Hiroya has adapted Kidō as his primary form of combat, making him an extremely versatile combatant.

Kidō Prodigy: Hiroya's greatest claim to fame is his to date more or less unrivalled affinity for Kidō, this is so great that despite it only applies to a single type of skill, has earned him a place among the most gifted Shinigami in the history of Soul Society. And he's presumably been refered to as a child genius solely because of this. Even though his other abilities are also above average; appearantly, this is largely the reason that his growth in the arts of Kidō is as great as it is - and how he's managed to achieve Grandmastery in it. This also allows Hiroya to easily grasp the spellwork of his opponent and counter it or even learn from it.

Kidō Grandmaster: Known as one of the most powerful users of Kidō in the history of Soul Society; and quite probably as the greatest Kidō Master currently in existence, Hiroya's skill with the art is legendary. Like how a painter composes his work on blank canvas, and as the sculptur revels in his ability to give form, shape and life to dull stone, Hiroya manipulates the currents of magic that he calls upon - they're not spells to him, they've become an integral part of who and what he is - a being devoted entirely to the art of magic, a scion of the arcane arts and a fragment of its entire will. For Hiroya has grasped the underlying reality of magic, and understood that while others might exploit its awesome power; none of them would ever understand it like he does. Hiroya redefines the rules of magic as he fights, breaks down its own foundation and rearranges it according to his will, making use of its most primordial and raw materials and eternallly recreates, ignores or exceeds the boundaries of magical principles and artforms.

Hiroya's magic is noted to be one bereft of either form or coherrent shape, so ambigeous and true as to render formal spells meaningless, reasoning that they exist merely as focus for the casters mind. That all the trappings of a ritual were merely mnemonic devices, meant to allow the practitioner to recall in rich detail the specific mental formulae that unlocked a spell's power. For a master of Hiroya's caliber, these are unnessecary trivialities and even in his youth he understood the folly of contemporary Shinigami Kidō, it might suffice for ordinary Shinigami, but it never did so for Hiroya - he wanted to grasp at what lied underneath, he wanted to discover the underlying truth of magic; to comprehend its very source. Although Hiroya would still practise spells, he found most of them utterly displeasing and would commonly only use them once or twice and then banish them from his memory; for they did little else than retard his progress. However, due to his prodigeous abilities, and intelligence he always sought to understand every single piece; and, due to the simple nature of most Kidō spells, he always discovered the underlying aspect of each single spell, and would later turn all these pieces together to rebuild the foundation he needed to advance.

Being a scion of all forms of magic, and having developed a much closer bond to it than most, Hiroya's attunement to the art has manifested in an ability to forcibly seize and dominate the currents of magic and energy; a task he accomplishes with the strictest amount of ease and hostile magi quickly find their own spells to be rendered useless by his superiour control. Kidō is a neutral art; and Hiroya's known to capitalize on that, no spell eludes his grasp; even if the spell itself is unique to the caster, as all magical spells follow a simple underying theme and are defined by a common foundation. This degree of vast magical knowledge and insight makes it so that Hiroya's typically capable of looking to the core of most spells in the matter of moments, and can similarily deduce the effects of most spiritual techniques, his knowledge on magical spells and effects making most ordinary techniques seem simplistic by comparison.

Having devoted the entirety of his life to studying the various artforms and categories of Kidō, Hiroya knowledge of magic is so encompassing that he, with just the slightest bit of effort is capable of making even the weakest and most inconsequential of magical spells into lethal threats in their own right, empowering them to incredible degrees through copious employment of his near unparalelled skills at energy manipulation and magical knowledge; he's known to frequently employ low-level binding and destructive spells for this reason, with Shō especially being a long time favorite for him to use, due to its incredible piercing properties and immense speed.

During his time among the Kidō Corps, Hiroya would often be called upon and assigned a team of fellow mages in order to hunt down rogue shinigami. Especially those whom possessed a great amount of knowledge in regards to the mystic arts - as Soul Society saw them as being especially dangerous if allowed to remain unchecked, as the ability to use magic is one that can cause untold havoc and chaos in the human world. For this reason, Hiroya's become highly skilled at controling all manner of spiritual energy with exact precision, a feat which even extends to hostile attacks - which he's capable of freely breaking down and remolding in his personal image; turning some of an opponents greatestest and most lethal techniques back upon them through guile and magical cunning. The greatest boon he's received from this time however, is the ability to use his extremely refined control of spiritual energy in tandem with his exceptional magical prowess to forcibly strip away all boons, whether magical or spiritual in nature whom have been artifically bestowed upon a target by the effect of a technique, spell or certain Zanpakutō effects: the wizard is even capable of instantly converting this energy to a readily available resource for his powerful spells.

By redefining the foundation of his own sorcery, while breaking down the foundation of the energy around him within a certain radius; Hiroya has been theorized as being capable of controling his own and even others state of existence by the method of invoking his own subjective reality while employing his enormous abilities in regards to Kidō and spiritual control in tandem with his unrelenting will - forcing his sorroundings to change. Hiroya's enormous powers allowing him to practically redefine and alter reality itself to fit within his own designs, however - while these almost divine powers would help him solve many an issue, its believed that Hiroya would never willingly employ this power, because he claims that its existence spoils the essence of magic by changing the world itself to accomodate something else. This appearantly breaking some self-imposed laws of his, as while such feats are impressive they're ultimately an expression of forced control and selfish use of the seemingly unlimited magical powers at his command - for if you can change something so easily, it soon becomes a point to turn back to the same dastardly methods to correct whatever twisted desires the wizard claims he's entitled to. However, with the knowledge to warp reality itself, comes the knowledge on how to undo its effects and this is a feat which Hiroya is much more inclined to use - as he knows better than anyone just how dangerous such powers can be over a long-time period. The way Hiroya employs to negate the effects of such immensely powerful effects is to use his ability to visualize a subjective reality of how things used to be before it was forcibly altered and then invoke his own powers to undo its effects. Depending on the intensity of the changes wrought, this restoration effect can take place in the span of mere moments or in severe cases must be focused for hours on end in order to completely restore all to its proper place. However, its known that Hiroya, being a known reality warper is put under constant surveilance of the Shinsengumi; as his magic can cause irreversible damage if they're misused.

  • Master of Binding: Hiroya's skill in this category of magic is truly incredible; and according to Hiroya himself, far too incredible - this is due to that each of the spells are amplified to incredible heights by Hiroya's immense knowledge of Kido in general and his vast Spiritual Power: The result is that the spells inflict great agony to the opponent, slowly torturing them and spells such as Sajo Sabaku in particular are so incredibly potent that an opponent whom it is cast upon feels like they're literally being ripped off by the midsection; and its not uncommon for them to break bones and ribs due to the crushing pressure.
  • Master of Destruction: Despite his pacifism, Hiroya's skill with destructive spells rivals his skills with Binding Spells, and he can easily make even the weakest spells lethal, evidenced by the fact that Hiroya very commonly makes use of low-ranked spells to kill off opponents as opposed to high-level ones due to the fact that the if he uses a spell of too high a rank, he'd risk inflicting irreparable damage to his sorroundings, Hiroya shakingly claims that he could with frightening ease level a large town; Hiroya is noted to be especially proficient with air and fire spells.
  • Motionless Spellcasting: Hiroya possesses a skill unheard of anywhere else in Soul Societies history, namely the ability to cast spells entirely without hand gestures or any poses of any kind (In the case of Binding spells he doesn't even need to see the opponent, as he's capable of casting spells by reading the foes Spiritual Signature) this was also demonstrated in his battle against Haru Nakamaru when he surprised the latter by casting Rikujōkōrō and Hainawa almost simultaneously, without reciting eithers name nor incantation and from a moving position, with his back turned towards the latter; this seemingly weakens the spell quite alot though, as Haru was capable of breaking out of both spells rather easily.
  • Shape Manipulation: Hiroya has the ability to manipulate the shapes of his spells to great extends, this can range from anything as simple as compressing a spell such as Sōkatsui to the point that it becomes a piercing spell, and much more lethal; to even change the shapes of his spells to match his personal motif of doves and swans, which in addition to greatly enhancing its destructive potential also makes the spells move much faster.

Hanki (反鬼, Reverse Demon) Though by no means an original skill or a spell for that matter. Hiroya has shown himself to be able to use this ability to masterful effect, it revolves around neutralizing Kidō by hitting it with another spell of equal spell and power, Hiroya's developed another way to use it that actually sends the accumulated force trough the opponents "Saketsu" and "Hakusui", which can actually impair their ability to make use of their spiritual energy and possibly end their career as a Shinigami. This particular ability is named Sanshi (さんし Deep Reflection), illustrated further below. During his battle against Haru Nakamaru, Hiroya used Hanki to albeit not wholly successful: Severely weaken a level 96 Itto Kaso spell.

  • Sanshi (さんし Deep Reflection): A technique that Hiroya discovered by accident, it is initiated by Hiroya, using his masterful manipulation of Reiryoku, seizing control of the acculumated leftover Reishi that is formed when Haki is employed. While it originally took Hiroya some seconds to shape, solidify and shoot this, it now only takes him but a few moments: When successfully executed, it takes the appearance of several near-invisible blades of air which move at astounding speeds - they're configured to always aim for an opponents "Saketsu" and "Haketsui" in order to quickly finish a battle.

Perfect Kidō Spells: Hiroya has found the means to protect his Kidō spells with a second spell layer of sorts; this layer is another Kidō spell with a very distinct purpose, namely the protection of those spells in question: This prevents most of his spells from being dispelled or negated as the opposing technique has to make count for two spells, and not simply a single one. Master Incanter: While Hiroya never actually needs to use an Incantation, he's managed to perfect its usage in such a way as to mold his Reiryoku in the most conservative way upon usage - such as using the Incantation for the well known Sōkatsui spell in tandem with Sōkatsui Hato to tremendously empower it - in the form of transforming the "Doves" into "Eagles" and summoning forth a vast amount of them, equaling roughly 100 in number. While this feat would normally expend tremendous amounts of Reiryoku, its incantation served to limit that to a great degree. He can use it in several other ways as well, though they're largely unknown at this point, by muttering the incantation for a spell, Hiroya has recently discovered that he can cut its energy drain by up to seventy percent.

Kidō Combinations; Like any true Kidō Master Hiroya is able to easily combine both Bakudō and Hadō together to create tremendously powerful spells and effects, and due to his keen intellect and almost unrivaled knowledge of Kidō he's able to quickly devise new spells to handle more or less any situation in battle this makes him especially powerful against other Kidō users. Though, like everything else Hiroya doesn't use his advanced knowledge of Kidō unless explicatively forced to do so, and never on anyone whom he deems unable to cope with it. Once again attributing to his more or less crippling Pacifism.

Personal Kidō; Like many other masters of the art, Hiroya's able to make any Kidō spell his own trough sheer knowledge and experience, he's been known to have at least five different "Types" of each spell in his arsenal, all of which commonly takes completely different shapes than the original and their effects needn't even be remotely similiar.

Vast Kidō Knowledge; Hiroya's specialized in Kidō to such a degree that he's able to instantly analyze any known Kidō spell without hearing its incantation nor its name thus being able to counter it almost instantly. In the regard of other Kidō masters, Hiroya's able to analyze any personal spell of theirs after having seen it at least once - though it varies depending on the complexity of the spell in question. If he's fully analyzed a spell he adds it to his own arsenal: Hiroya has stated that much of his mastery of Kidō is derived from other masters and as such, the better his opponent the more Hiroya improves. Consequentially, it is not uncommon for Hiroya to willfully seek out other Kidō masters whom he deems to possess knowledge that he does not himself.

Forbidden Kidō Knowledge: Hiroya is known to possess advanced knowledge of the vast majority of Forbidden Spells - And he's even able to cast most of them himself. However, Hiroya's spells of this type are primarily limited to a choosen few. Whom he deems not to cause too much damage; and even those are never employed foolishly.

  • Silent Forbidden Spells: Hiroya has the ability to cast Forbidden spells completely without a hint of an incantation or even the name of the spell in question - a feat which is completely unheard of anywhere else. This allows him to cast spells such as Jikanteishi instantly without the opponent being aware of what has just transpired until it is too late.

Spell Mastery: A rarely seen aspect of Hiroya's abilities within Kidō is the incredibly extensive knowledge he has about the art itself, as he is fit to combat two incredibly powerful opponents at once using nothing but Kidō and still retaining the advantage for most of the battle without suffering any extensive injuries; Hiroya's skills in Kidō is perhaps most noticeable when he combats other Kidō Masters and in his fight against Kenji, who happens to be a master as well his skills completely outclassed the other mans in every possible way. Hiroya has demonstrated the ability to silently seize control of anothers spell and transmute it into another spell entirely before releasing it back onto the opponent with great force. When fighting someone whose skill-level is close to his own Hiroya's spellwork becomes the epitome as he begins casting up to several spells at once with utmost efficiency and precision; and soon stand-alone spells are woven into impossibly complicated spells and combinations and if the opposing master reacts too slowly he or she will be consumed in tempest of pure magical energies, made even worse by the fact that Hiroya can place protective enchantments on himself and attack with very powerful spells simultaneously.

  • Spell-Chain: Hiroya can chain up to a maximum of nine spells together trough great concentration; chained spells take effect immediately after or even simultaneously to one another - this allows Hiroya to cast spells in almost instantenous succession and easily overwhelm even the most dedicated of Kidō Masters in mere moments. Hiroya can use this to cast both Bakudo and Hado simultaneously as well as instantly combine spells for added power. Hiroya most commonly does this in conjunction with Shō to bombard a single opponent with a swarm of lethal bullets of air, a feat which costs him hardly no energy at all.
  • Remote Control: Hiroya can cast and control his spelsl remotely and he's demonstrated the ability to decide the point of orgin of his spells - during his battle against Kenshin Yagami he demonstrated the ability to remotely control a pair of magical mirrors to tremendous effect even while he himself were escaping from the latter and had his back turned.

Hiroya's Copied SpellsEdit

Hiroya most commonly tries to copy any spell that he sees in battle. This is a lenghty process though and he usually has to see the spell more than once in order to get it right. If he's gotten halfway in the progress he can improvise from there. But in that case, the spell becomes somewhat different from the original.

Spell Name Description Progress Original User
Go Kagami

(五鏡, Japanese for Five Mirrors)

A spell that Hiroya commonly uses both for defense and for support. When uttered, it summons forth five round screens of Spiritual Power with appearances roughly similiar to that of a Danku the screens appear in a perfect formation infront of the caster. Its powers lie in its strengthened defense, which due to the amount of shields is roughly five times that of Danku and in the fact that any Kidò spell cast from the original caster trough these mirrors is strengthened in proposition to each of them. Which means that if one spell passes trough all the mirrors at once. The power is effectively multiplied by five. 100% Unknown Kidò Master
Amor Labyrinthos (愛路(アモルラブリントス), Amoru Raburintos; Latin and Japanese for "Love Maze") This spell generates hundreds of highly explosive balls of spiritual energy infused with Ignis Orbis Terrarum. Hiroya was able to analyze this spell to a certain degree during his fight with Dorothy, but its alien influence makes it hard. 77% Dorothy Furlan da Liberi
Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant
Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant

Original Kidō SpellsEdit

Hiroya's very talented in making Kidò Spells. And as such, he's made a good deal of them, these described below are perhaps his most note worthy ones.

Name Spell Description
Tamashii Fuku (魂覆, Ghost Veil) The spell that Hiroya used prior to getting a Gigai. It masks the subjects Spiritual Power, which makes him or her untraceable by the means of Reiryoku tracking
Tokijō (時錠, Time Lock) One of Hiroya's most famed original spells, and it is indeed the reason that he was exiled from Soul Society. Tokijò is a Forbidden Spell that halts the passage of time in a single person or object. Making them immune to the effects of time. And thus, granting them in theory. Immortality; Secondary effects is that the subject never age anymore after the point where the spell was cast (This explains Hiroya's youthful appearance, despite being well over 700 years old.) Its regarded as even more complex than its base spell. Jikanteishi (時間停止, Temporal Stasis). In addtion. It provides immunity against effects or spells that deal with time in any sense. But only for the person whom this spell was cast upon.
Shirubamon (しるばもん, Silver-Grey Gate) Is an original spell of Hiroya's. It works in much the same manner as a Senkaimon or a Garganta but unlike the Senkaimon. Shirubamon requires no guide, and there is no risk of the caster ending up in the Dangai (断界, Parsing World). The spell has one major drawback though, once its used, it stays open for the span of one day. And any living creature with spiritual awareness can easily pass trough it and into Soul Society or Hueco Mundo, depending on the destination it was set for in the first place.
Seitō - (いきとう, Spirit Steal ) Is another of Hiroya's original spells. The spell quickly drains the Reishi of the subject not so unlike the abilities of the Bounts. This is Hiroya's preferred way of dealing with threats, With this spell he quickly drains the assailants energy down to almost nothing. Which disables them from fighting and thus; saves Hiroya from having to cut them down.
Eishiro Fujo (永白赴徐, Everlasting White, Proceed Slowly) This is Hiroya's favorite spell. It is an empowered version of Hakufuku (白伏, White Crawl) which work on all enemies whom look directly at him when he casts the spell. In addition to Hakufukus normal effects it also wipes the memory of ever meeting the caster from the subjects minds. Hiroya once used this to single handedly defeat a whole platoon of Shinigami pursuers.
Saikōsei (さいこうせい, Reconstruction) Is an original Kidō spell developed by Hiroya as a means of healing; It seems to differ from normal healing Kidò in that it ( Like Orihime Inoue) is a “Rejection of Events” - Due to this, Hiroya rarely uses it, as he is one to respect the laws of nature. Note worthily, Hiroya cannot use this ability to heal himself.
Seihon - (セイ本, Japanese for Voice Script) Hiroya expands upon his Spiritual Power in order to create an invisible net of intervened energy, which serves to catch words and phrases of those inside its borders; twisting them into other words and phrases entirely, depending on the situation: For example, once could make a "Love" discussion seem like they simply talk about the weather; those within its borders does however hear the words normally.
Jiryoku - (磁力, Magnetic Force)

A spell that can serve a wide variety of purposes, despite its alarmingly high energy cost; but channeling his Reiryoku trough the earth - Hiroya's capable of manipulating the magnetic fields in such a manner as to give him limited amounts of control over earth, stone, rock and metal. He's also able to manipulate the natural Magnetic fields in the air for great results; as this coincides with his own mastery of barriers - being capable of deflecting powerful attacks quite efficiently.

However, the restrictions of its use has made this particular spell more of a desperate move than anything else - though he hopes to increase it to greater lengths.

Jubakusurujō (呪縛するジョウ, Spellbound Conditions) An incredibly advanced spell that Hiroya has indeed yet to truly finish, it allows him to set conditions for all Kidō spells he casts - he can make the conditions out to be whatever he'd want them to be, giving his spells enormous tactical advantage, this also allows him to store incredibly powerful spell-variations to be seemingly cast instantly at a later moment: This spell has several weaknesses though; most noteable is that Hiroya has to be stationary for several minutes while initially casting this spell, leaving him vulnerable to most attakcs, as even Shirohane's defense is greatly reduced. Once the initial casting is over though, he can activate the stored spells whenever he pleases, and even set them to activate only when certain conditions are met.

The Sacred SpellsEdit

The Three Sacred Spells are four spells that Hiroya's managed to acclaim trough unknown means. All four of them are spells virtually unheard of anywhere and it is known that the vast Majority of Soul Society doesn't know they even exists, possible exceptions are the Captains of the Kidō Corps, whom might be aware of their existance but not nessecarily how to use them.

They are known to be very tiring upon the caster and as such, Hiroya only uses them when he has no other choice and then usually only twice per battle. Though he's yet to actually use them in any battle whatsoever. Despite their name it is actually four spells, though the fourth spell can only be cast if the Caster has mastered the other spells.

Yasushi Hi (平和な否定, Japanese for Peaceful Negation)

By chanting the Incantation this spell cancels the effects of anything supernatural that is in the area. And cures the caster of all negative ailments that might've befallen him or her, as well as preventing them of being affected by such abilities over the span of one hour. The mechanics for how the spell operates is however unknown.

Though very powerful, this spell drains alot of Reiryoku from Hiroya which is proportional to the effects dispelled. The stronger the effect, the more Reiryoku consumed - if the effect is particularily huge this might actually exhaust him to the brink of death.

Another weakness of this spell, is its absolute power, as it even dispels all protective spells and Zanpakuto effects in use, even if those effects belong to Hiroya himself: These effects are then supressed for a whole hour, though any effects not in use at that time can still be used normally.

Hiroya can also choose to, rather than casting the full spell at once only use up a portion of it. Enabling him to distribute one single spell on selective targets, rather than to use all of it at many targets and without fine control.

Using it this way is still heavily taxing on Hiroya, and the single shots variety also seriously deter the spells power, and it only negates effects, but doesn't disable them from being used again. It can also not prevent nor negate Zanpakuto abilities, unlike the original which makes it vastly inferior.

Incantation: "Tears of a lone maiden.. Hand of pity; lend thyself to this soul. Blooming orchid, a withering rose: Wipe the sorrow away with thy light caress!"

Yōjū, Tomoshibi (妖十灯, Japanese for Captivated, Ten Lights) By chanting the incantation Hiroya summons forth a spinning white wheel that serve to act like an impenetrable barrier between Hiroya and his enemies. The defense is noted to be absolute. And it even blocks attacks which may be unaffected by most oher Kidò spells.

Hiroya cannot move while he's using this though, or the spell fails - also, it has a single 60'degrees blind spot; which is directly behind him. Due to the fact that Hiroya requires nothing but a thought to call upon Kido spells, he's fully capable of casting spells while like this, though the spells have to be conjured outside of the barrier. This also effectively robs him of most of his sight.

Incantation: "A shaft of the light, a golden bell. Coalesce nine times, Catch fire and unite for the one, as ye separate the realm of men from gods!"

Shiroihoshi Katachi Gokakurei (白い星形五角形, Japanese for White Pentagram)

When Hiroya finishes the incantation of this particular spell. Five shafts of silvery light appear in a perfect pentagram around the designated opponent - this version is capable of resisting all physical and spiritual attacks once its set, however, it can be stopped with protective Binding Spells and similiar abilities and effects before its fully colaeced.

A spell or effect of substantial power can also break the shafts of light before they unite, in which case the spells power is cut dramatically.

Incantation: "O starless sky, release from ye but a single ray of light; Divided five, virtue, virginity, truth, compassion and hope. Gather together as one and smite this zealot with the weight of his past sins!"

Kamisaifūtsuidan (神最封対断, Japanese for Heavenly Final-Seal, Absolute Judgement)

A spell which is known to be able to seal away an item or if the caster recieves backup. A person, this is different from any other known sealing spell in that it can seal away -ANY- aspect of a person or object.

As an example, it can be used to seal away an opponents Spiritual Power completely. Though, doing this easily strips the subject of their life, as when they lose something which is such a large part of them like their Spiritual Power, they go into an intense depression which can ultimately lead to suicide.

Hiroya himself doesn't even know where the sealed items or forces are brought, but he's stated that its beyond his power to get them back once they're gone.

For this reason, Hiroya would only ever use it on objects: He's stated that he wishes to seal away all items of immense power whom in the future could be used to wreak great havoc. Items of this magnitude are objects similiar to the Hōgyoku and the Zanpakuto Zettaiteki that is currently in the possession of the Supreme King.

Incantation: "Splendidly, wounded black wings soar high, A pale moon quietly spills over and falls. Under the silent sky, the melody of a shiver fades, I pray to thee: Our brilliant world makes no sound, as it slowly slips away from our reach. Thoust shall keep walking forever, looking for it. Pale moonlight shines on thee. Guide us forth, give us strength. And restore order at my words!"

Spell MasteryEdit

Hiroya's mastery of Kidō is not only general. Hiroya's been able to master five spells completel, and as such he's been able to device powerful variations to them - in addition to their power being increased immensly respectively. The spells are listed in perfect order.


Hiroya's mastery of Shō is so tremendous, so refined as to classify it as one of his most dangerous spells to date; for with it, he's capable of felling even the most powerful of Shinigami with but a simple twitch of a finger. Hiroya's Shō, likely owing to its immense power is noted to appear very differently from the standard variant. Its appearance being that of moving vacuums of air of various sizes, all of whom are accompanied by sonic booms of high intensity. Hiroya's control over Shō allows him to easily adjust its size and scope at a whim; and on average, it appears much like a thin surge of immense air-pressure that moves at speeds far beyond that of most ordinary Shinigami. The amount of concussive forced produced even by these small Shō blasts are known to be comparable to that of the infamous Ikkotsu punch, performed by a master of Hakuda. The full force of Hiroya's Shō is not known; but even employed at its minimum power it is more than sufficient to instantly incapacitate the vast majority of adversaries; furthermore, being a piercing spell - Hiroya's Shō is considered largely unblockable by anything less than the most solidly constructed of magical barriers; with anything less serving to only grant the opponent but a mere moments respite from its relentless pursuit.

Hiroya's mastery of Shō makes itself known in his masterful capabilities with it, and like all of his other mastered spells he's capable of changing and reinventing its use on but a moments notice; changing it from being a single surge of incredible power to converting it into a continous barrage of powerful energy bolts, all of whom seem to home in on his opponents - the exact numbers of these blasts are not known; although its theorized that he can conjure hundreds of similiar spheres of raw force with ease; and continue firing them in continous storms of arcane bullets, each fit to inflict grevious wounds upon their hapless adversary and battles mostly end after the victim has suffered about ten continous hits from these blasts of raw force. Hiroya's also capable of creating a myriad of larger, far empowered versions of these normal spheres of force - taking the form of large orbs of compressed force; which, upon contact with an adversary explodes with vast concussive force, shattering bones and hurtling enemies kilometers away from the point of impact, even as the residual energies produced by the orbs are collected and simultaneously projected into a continous swarm of smaller bolts of energy, whom batter and burst at the suspended body of their target.

As the spell of Shō is one of pure undiluted spiritual force; Hiroya's capable of using that very same spell for seemingly endless purposes - including erecting nigh-impenetrable fields of energy fit to oppose even the mighiest of techniques, to imprison enemies away within those very same force fields. Removing them from battle entirely while simultaneously protecting them from outside harm. Although Hiroya much prefers to use its effects for his own continued protection as opposed to use it to remove opponents from the fight, because of the fact that most opponents he faces aren't easily caught within these bubbles of force; and he's got easier and more certain ways to incapacitate someone whom don't commonly require the use of Shō, primary examples include Hakufuku and his vast repertoire of powerful binding spells. Hiroya's also capable of releasing non-damaging bursts of air, whose force are only meant to make distance between him and his assailants; pushing him and them away from one another.

The extent of Hiroya's mastery over the powers of Shō is such that he's capable of erecting large forcefields of volatile pressure and construction over large areas; allowing him to create massive explosions of unleashed force, to unravel the bindings of his own spell to create an immediate collapse in matter and force; causing a massive implosion of energy whose sheer magnitude can be felt from kilometers away; and whose tremendous power reduces all creation around it into ruin, annihilating vast expanses of land.


Hiroya's mastery of Sōkatsui is by many noted to be amazing enough to warrant admiration and fear all on its own, for its uses are practically unlimited and to date its been widely considered to be his mark of trade; his extraordinary talents and capabilities within its useage bordering on perfection; and with merely a thought he can weave its azure flames into a myriad of different shapes and increase its force tremendously. Hiroya's mastery of the spell is such that its actual elemental resonace matters not to him; as he's been known to change its very nature on a whim, making the azure flames behave like a coursing river; or even shaping them into chaotic maelstroms of arcane flames with sufficient power to threaten the very boundaries of reality where its summoned.

Sōkatsui is widely considered to be Hiroya's primary weapon in combat; and such an assumption would indeed have solid grounding in reality - for it is indeed highly unusual for him to make use of something to the same degree that he makes use of Sōkatsui. By far Hiroya's prefered way of employing Sōkatsui in battle is to change their form and shape so as to mimic the dexterous and flexible bodies of avians. Thus allowing the wizard to fight with the help of arcanely conjured minions, making excellent use of the naturally agile and dynamic bodies of birds to grant himself a massive edge in direct combat. These birds of arcane fire are noted to be among his many personal trademarks and are controled merely by Hiroya's force of will. While using these fantastic applications of Sōkatsui in combat, the archmage frequently arranges them in strategically superiour positions and patterns to drastically increase the likelihood of incapacitating or defeating his opponent outright. Being a remarkably cautious man, Hiroya always employs them in tactically defendable ways, always making sure that he doesn't waste his efforts with these magical constructs; the most common way to achieve them is to dispose the conjured avians into several separate 'waves', with each wave consisting of a predetermined number of these magical constructs. Hiroya's infamous for supplementing these magical spells with additional wings, as well as increasing or decreasing their size for various uses, he's also known to change the general shape of the avians to adjust to the talents of his opposition.

However, while Hiroya most commonly employs Sōkatsui for concentrated offense, he's indeed capable of changing its essence so as to afford him utility and protection; and opponents often find themselves besieged by massive walls of these arcane fires: blocking their exit and quickly cradling them away in the comfort of a merciful death. In battle, he often enshrouds himself within these flames, procuring a large globe of arcane power whose mere presence increases the temperature of his immediate vicinity significantly; and whose heat is sufficient to rebuke any would-be attackers whom engage him in direct melee combat; at which point he can release the fiery barrier to unleash a massive blast of white-hot fire and smoke, radiating outwards from his person with Hiroya as the epicenter: forcibly repulsing any nearby enemies and singing their flesh with the mysterious flames of Sōkatsui. But perhaps most peculiar of all is that over the centuries he's spent researching Sōkatsui - the Archmage has come to discover that due to his great skills with the spell and how he's grown so attuned to its powers, that he's capable of enshrouding himself with it and use it to teleport quickly from place to place, using the arcane flames of Sōkatsui as his medium and arcane focus; while moving like this, Hiroya unleashes powerful goats of blue flames from his person every time he teleports and successfully arrives at his point of destination.

Despite all of his finesse, Hiroya's more than capable of employing Sōkatsui with merely the most minor of adjustments: allowing him to trade between the many utility and defense-oriented applications and tremendously powerful spells to procure comparatively normal spells without the need to further adjust them; these spells demand very little in the way of energy but their powers are nonetheless immense and raw; a development which is visible in how the normally azure flames of Sōkatsui change into radiant silvery coloration, erasing its resemblance to flames entirely, with the vastly empowered blasts he projects in this manner most resembling coruscating blasts of radiant silvery light. These undiluted and unchanged spells, despite their technical inferiority to the far more useful alternate variants he normally uses, sport among the highest amounts of raw power among all the spells of his enormous arsenal: with these baleful blasts of silvery radiance having power so raw, so tremendous as to temporarily scorch away the sorrounding fabric of reality - leaving empty white blobs of emptiness in the air sorrounding itself which gradually regain their connection with the world over the span of several moments -- it would be no stretch to say that these applications are among the far best suited to dealing with lone enemies of exceptional power. So far, these immense beams of baleful flames have not once been blocked or countered successfuly; with the hapless victim being incinerated whole seconds before the flames actually do make contact.


Hiroya's mastery over the elemental force of air is immense; being capable of using it to nigh-incomprehensible degrees, manipulating his sorroundings so as to make it seem as though the very heavens themselves are urged into fierce opposition of his enemies, with massive cyclones and tornadoes being materialized seeminfly out of thin air and sent to ravage the sorroundings, tearing entire battalions to shreds with their raw undiluted might. On a whim, Hiroya can summon these devastating forces to reduce entire battlefields to barren wasteland, the incredible gale of the magical winds laying all in their path unto waste, it was because of this reason that Hiroya, once upon a time disliked using Tenran, for its incredible power is little suited for the prospect of mere self-defense, being a weapon of war oftentimes used to annihilate small armies of adversaries.

In actual combat, Hiroya wields the immense powers of the elemental power of wind with flawless skill and efficiency; and it is indeed an incredibly simple task for him to divert blows away from his body with merely the simplest gales of conjured air; preventing himself from suffering injuries. To complement its defensive use however, Hiroya oftentimes uses Tenran to syphon the force of an enemies attack away from them, only to moments later unleash that very same force back onto them in a manner which reminds much of a magical application of the chinese art known as T'ai chi ch'uan; a form of martial arts which Hiroya's known to have mastered. At-will, Hiroya's capable of increasing the vacuum generated by the winds produced by Tenran to suck spiritual energy from the very environment; and as witnessed in a certain scuffle, even the spiritual energy of his enemies.

So great is Hiroya's mastery of the art of wind that he can freely manipulate air itself into quasi-solid constructs of force; allowing the archmage to manipulate and interact with his enemies and objects from a distance with the same grace and ease as if he himself had been working with his actual hands. These invisible 'hands' are reffered to by Hiroya as his thousand arms - and he's capable of changing freeflowing air into these at but a moments notice, turning the very environment around him into yet another tool at his full disposal. Hiroya's prime useage of these hands is to either restrain or brush aside enemy attacks, but also to interact with nature from afar; such as ripping loose massive chunks of bedrock and huge slabs of stone to throw at his opposition; the exact workings of which often confuse others as to falsely believe he possesses an extremely powerful form of psychoklnesis.

Due to his peerless mastery over the spell Tenran, it is but a simple task for him to dominate its form and shape, simply by virtue of his own willpower. Turning the tremendous gales into a sphere-like shield of impenetrable currents, serving primarily as a means to defend against most attacks, while simultaneously serving to provide a strong incentive to not engage him in close combat; lest the currents of wind inflict dire harm on the would-be assailants. He's also capable of conjuring an alternate version of this, by curving the wind produced by Tenran forcibly around his frame. Sorrounding Hiroya's with a force-field of hurricane-speed like gales and churning currents - which orbit around him continously at great speeds; any opponent whom attempt to hit him in close-combat will have to force themselves trough the mighty air currents before they'd be capable of harming him. And attacks, depending on their element or type may have no effect on him at all as the shield of wind is known to repel and deflect projectiles, along with water-based and fire-based attacks, due to the fact that the wind blows against the opponent, as opposed to with.

While he mostly makes use of the more utility-oriented ways of Tenran, he's indeed capable of using it offensively, for the currents provided by a simple spell have often been demonstrated as having such raw power as to shred the very flesh and muscles off of his enemies bones, leaving their skeletons licked clean of all, as not even a drop of blood or a single band of tissue remains in their wake. Hiroya capable of even further empowering the standard Tenran spell by moving high-velocity air around his being at tremendous speeds. And by releasing the accumulated air and unleashing it in full force, Hiroya's capable of annihilating entire cities in a few moments, the immense air pressure and the speed the wind moves on makes victims oscilitate from being crushed by the vast pressure and being ripped to shreds by the wind-blades, structures are swept away and it reduces the entire battlefield to a barren wasteland. Such is the extent of Hiroya's mastery over the element of air.


Known to be one of the most powerful defensive spells in a Shinigami's entire arsenal, Dankū generally causes the very fabric of space to compress into the form of a vertical wall of completely inaccessible space. This makes Dankū an extremely useful defensive spell, as it, despite a common misconception towards the contrary can defend against any influence and power between itself and the opponent, this also including physical attacks - only extremely powerful Kidō spells and similar affects can undo and overwhelm the power of Dankū, to anything else, it remains virtually indestructible. Especially proficient casters of Dankū, such as Hiroya are known to conjure the spell with enough raw potency so as to forcibly separate entire regions of space by its influence, allowing them to summon immense barriers over large areas to flawlessly block large-scale attacks. The spell is notoriously difficult to cast, and among Shinigami it is often the mark of great skill and prowess to be capable of casting a successful Dankū spell, especially without incantation. Dankū differs from most contemporary barriers in that it can be cast instantenously and thus its much more practical than a standard barrier who typically requires much more preparation to perform.

However, even among other masters, Hiroya's Dankū remains especially fearsome, for it allows the Wizard to construct massive barriers in the matter of moment, entrapping enemies within impenetrable coffins of locked space, forcing them to lament their misdeeds in eternal imprisonment. With just the slightest hint of effort, Hiroya is known to freely rearrange and fold the space split by Dankū into other forms, allowing him to construct massive structures composed entirely of this spell and even make them permanent. Its believed that his mastery with Dankū is what has allowed Hiroya to seemingly vanish from existence at will, as he after his defection from Soul Society was known to only briefly appear between the centuries, only appearing in the human world when he needed to.

Among the rarest and most valued talents among practioners of the noble art of Kidō are those whom have the ability to erecting Kekkai (結界, lit. "Bounded Field"). These bounded fields are extremely sophisticated magical fields created through a bounded network of spiritual energy spread across an environment to create a mystical boundary line that seperates the space within from the outside world. This essentially creates a small localized pocket dimension, or in extreme cases an alternate reality. Hiroya's mastery of Dankū is so great, that he's capable of erecting bounded fields instantly, with these fields being deceptively complex in spite of the ease of which they were conjured, being capable of overlaying into elaborate effects and separating everything within their confines from reality.

  • Danku, Tsuin no Kagami (斷空ツインの鏡, Japanese for Splitting Void, Twin Mirrors) When he casts this Hiroya materializes two rectangular walls at either side of him. Once summoned he's able to control them mentally, this is a specialized spell and instead of blocking attacks it deflects them. Hiroya most commonly casts this before casting a powerful spell: By directing it at the mirrors he's able to effectively "Juggle" the spell back and forth while he moves the "Mirrors" with his mind. Allowing for devasating surprise attacks: Moreover they can also be used on a Kidò-like ability for the same effect, most known example is a Hollows Cero.
  • Dankukai ten Deisuku (斷空回転ディスク, Japanese for Spliting Void Rotating Disks) Hiroya summons the Danku in a very normal manner except for the fact that it is horizontal, he then uses his own Spiritual Energy to spin the barrier around at highly accelerated speeds before directing it at an opponent as a spinning razor, capable of cutting trough almost anything its also able to instantly straighten up in order to function as an ordinary Danku spell, or if there are two Spinning Disks; Danku, Tsuin no Kagami. The disks are controled mentally. And Hiroya's able to control up to three at once.
  • Danku, Kakuchu (斷空角柱, Japanese for Splitting Void, Prism) Hiroya instantly summons forth seven round Danku shields which he quickly arranges in a perfect Diamond-like shape around either himself, an ally, or even an opponent. Once in place its almost impossible to break down from the outside, or with a slight rearrangement, the inside. This is due to the fact that once connected the Danku's work as a single spell with roughly ten times the power of an ordinary Danku cast by Hiroya. Meaning that its able to block spells, effects and attacks up to a total of power, which is equal to the total "Levels" the spell has. Which is roughly 910, meaning that ten level 91 spells would cancel the effect evenly. Or well, anything of that power or above, be it spells, attacks or Zanpakutò abilities.

Sorrow, restraint and an unspeakable sadness - those are the things which Haien embodies to Hiroya. Originally a man who never once desired violence, bloodshed and whom was driven to acts of mercy, Hiroya turned to the one spell which he knew would never cause any pain to its subject. Haien's flames are widely thought of to be the most intense fires ever produced by magic, and its reputation in the Soul Society is overwhelmingly negative, for the spell represents the casters intention to kill and it was always meant to kill, nothing else. Those whom are struck by Haien never have the time to scream even once and there is no pain, for there can be reaction during that single iota of a moment it takes before they're incinerated by its immense heat.

It is odd that Hiroya, with his comparatively gentle if haughty disposition would have mastered such a lethal spell to the degree he has, but the answer is quite simple. Hiroya wishes to turn the spell against its macabre function, find a use for it which would not include killing. So far however, this has proven to be a hopeless endeavour for even with his mastery, and even once he dilutes his Haien hundreds of thousands of times until it is but an iota of its full potential, its power is still too great and even the slightest touch will result in death. Only the most powerful of magical wards and arcane defenses are known to be capable of withstanding the enormous potency of even the slightest little ember of Haien. Despite being the most powerful fire spell in existence, Haien rarely appears in the form of flames when used by Hiroya, instead appearing as lavender-colored liquid with pink or purple tongues of fire dancing across their smooth surface. Hiroya typically only employs Haien sparingly in the form of individual droplets, when these are dropped from his hands it almost appears as though they're tears falling to the ground. During one of his battles, even such a tiny little ember emanated an unbearable amount of heat, described as setting the very air itself around it ablaze, causing it to burn those who would dare to even breathe in its presence. When Hiroya let it fall from his hand, the tremendous heat it produced was so immense so as to instantly fuse a large part of the deserts of Hueco Mundo into flawless glass. Whose qualities were so perfect that it provided clear view below to the forest of Menos.

Furthermore, when it was employed in this manner, the flames released were so ravenous so as to devour the flames produced by his opponent's Zanpakutō, itself a powerful Fire-Type, proving that it couldn't truly contend with the overwhelming intensity of Haien. However, perhaps the greatest testamony to its immense powers, is how its said that Hiroya himself is wary of his own spell, treating it with a mixture of begrudging respect and a twinge of fear, fear and uncertainty at what would happen were he ever to lose control over fires of such unholy intensity. All of this was achieved by merely a single drop of the spell, diluted innumerable times for the express purpose of the task. Its believed that Hiroya has placed magical limiters upon himself in order to conciously restrain its fearsome power, and even with these limiters he's known to produce enormous firestorms and thunderstorms spanning miles upon miles with just the aftereffects of the spell itself. When wielding Haien, Hiroya never uses it directly against his opposition, he never launches it at them to end the battle instantly, instead, he summons a single purple sphere of average size which is left to float above his outstretched palm. This single sphere, despite being no larger than the standard Shakkahō burns so brightly that those whom even glance directly at it find that recent thoughts and memories are being incinerated within their very mind, proving that nothing is sacred to Haien. The earth is rent asunder as it tears itself apart of its own accord, as enormous fissures rend the earth around him and invite his enemies to throw themselves to an immediate death - all life within a certain radius of Hiroya is instantly incinerated and upon summoning the sphere, there is nothing left but a barren, cracked and volcanic wasteland. Approaching him his folly while in this state for even the mightiest of defenses cannot stand long against the flames of Haien, even if they do so only indirectly. However, Hiroya almost never makes use of the spell to even this degree, as the irrevocable destruction it brings to bear upon the sorroundings are simply too vast for his conscience.

However, this is but a tenth of Haien's power when wielded by someone like Hiroya, as while the heat it exudes is indeed enough to incinerate both mind and body of anyone who would foolishly seek to challenge it, its also likewise incomparable to the true power of Haien. The spells overwhelming destructive potential is often answer with rumours, stories and myths. The most common myth is that upon the formation of Soul Society, Suzaku, the Vermillion Bird bestowed upon the Shinigami several spells, each of whom were designed to tap into its godly powers. These were Shakkahō, Sōkatsui and Haien - it gave them this gift because it allegedly hoped to compete for their affection and trust with the other sacred beasts, whom also made similar contributions to the Shinigami in the form of their own spells. Another myth is that Izanami, wrought with hatred for humanity an those who would protect it taught the Shinigami many extremely destructive spells in the hope that they would someday doom their world to destruction due to their growing hunger for power and increasingly advanced spellcraft, Haien was among these and it was allegedly bestowed upon them by one of her minions. These are but tales, and most Kidō Masters dispel them as wild tales and exagerrations made by those who lacked understanding, Hiroya himself is uncertain.

The truth of Haien is that it, should it ever be employed by a caster powerful and stupid enough to invoke its true power, it will no longer be content with merely incinerating anything within its influence, no longer burn them so thoroughly that it doesn't even leave ash to the targets name. No, for Hiroya states that its so much more, for rather than merely incinerating things that are, it also incinerates many things that have already been, things that have yet to be and the ultimate fate of its victim. All of these things are burned beyond recognition, for when struck by Haien the victim doesn't die in that moment, rather they perish sometime in the past, with their death being sent further away in correspondance to the strength of the blast. Once a target is incinerated in the past, the memories of all around them won't change in the least and they'll be aware of the true cause of death all the same, however - reality itself will rush to erase the events in the targets life which could never have occured, as they happened "post-humously" to the victims death. In explanation of its effects, Hiroya states that should a man commit a massacre and then sire a child within the span of two years, and then later be struck by a fully powered Haien whose strength was sufficient to cause him to "perish" three years ago, reality would immediately correct itself, returning everyone who died in the massacre that could no longer have taken place to life with immediate effect. The child, would unfortunately be erased from existence altogether as well, as within that very moment their existence would become impossible, as the subject couldn't have sired the child post-humously. Hiroya claims that should Haien be overused in this manner, enormous catastrophes would be sure to follow. Which is why Hiroya has made valiant attempts to dilute its power to a point where Haien, the most destructive spell in existence, would be unable to threaten the very balance of the worlds at all.

Hakuda TechniquesEdit

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant; Hiroya prefers to make use of Hakuda when confronted in close-combat. He's able use Hakuda to impressive effects - commonly blending Kidò in with advanced Hakuda techniques to create a long stream of deadly surprises. Hiroya favors palm-strikes over more or less any other form of physical attack, simply becouse they are commonly not dangerous for an opponent. He also commonly makes use of grapples and holds; Hiroya's mastery in this field is concidered exquisite, and his attacks have been described as elegant and precise. In his battle with Kenji, Hiroya was capable of deflecting and quickly retaliating against a powerful kick, and even succeded in surprising the seasoned combatant with his skills.

  • Hakuchōtaira (白鳥平, Japanese for Swan Palm) is an original Hakuda technique that imbues each of his strikes with the power of a Shò spell, and given that spells immense power. It makes him a deadly Hand-To-Hand combatant - the technique is configured in such a way as to deal internal damage upon an attack along with exteral, it also works as some sort of protection to Hiroya's hands as while its in effect he's capable of blocking sword-attacks and other effects with his hands alone.
  • Kishiwa (気皺, Japanese for Spirit Ripple) This is another original Hakuda technique which incorporates Kidō with martial combat; and when Hiroya uses this ability he releases a 360' degrees blast of pure force, with enough might to send an opponent scuttling trough the air. It can double as a form of sheld as it can easily deflect powerful Spiritual Attacks and projectiles; along with negate most other forms of attack simply due to the force of the wave.
  • Majinya (魔ジン, Japanese for Devil-Silver Palm) Is a very powerful techinque that works by Hiroya releasing a heavy stream of energy to his hand before then thrusting it at the intended target; the surge of energy is then released trough the body of the opponent in a chaotic fashion which brutally disintegrates the organs, vessels and everything else inside them to nothing - Majinya is concidered an almost invariably lethal technique for this reason due to the fact that even a glancing blow may be fatal; the technique is humane however as once the hit connects death follows instantly which leaves no time for agony at all. Though it demands a lot of energy to use, its more than worth it as it is capable of ending a battle in a heartbeat if used correctly. This appearantly has many other uses as well as he used it in order to cancel out Sanmittai's unamed energy wave during his battle with Kenji - Hiroya dislikes using this technique due to the fact that it is fatal and only uses it when he feels he has to do so to achieve a goal, or in the case of simple self-defense.
  • Dān biān: Lā mù (单鞭拉幕, "Single Whip: Pulling The Veil)

Style Applications: Applications are a serie of prescripted counters and answers to several different attacks and techniques thoroughly memorized by Hiroya in an effort to better his technique and refine his skill; they differ from techniques in that they are performed with the situation in mind at all times and usually incorporate several steps as opposed to a single one - the most noteworthy difference though is that applications are used in response to an action as opposed to being an action.

  • Kazaguruma (風車, "Windmill"): A counter-application that combines the basic principles of the Chinese Style known as Tai Chi Chuan and Hiroya's defensive techniques; it is employed most effectively against hand-to-hand combatants but Hiroya has demonstrated the ability to use it effectively against armed opponents as well; if an opponent makes an attack, Hiroya channels a portion of his energy onto two fingers at either hand; by hooking these between the middle fingers of his opponents hands as they reach for him, or alternatively around their wrists - Hiroya can release a powerful torrent of force trough those limbs, temporarily neutralizing movement while he guides their arms in wide circular patterns, thus giving rise to the name of this application, before softly breaking contact with their hands at either side - resulting in a staggering opening; which gives Hiroya the chance to convert all the generated momentum into a two-handed palm strike of tremendous force and power.



Former AbilitiesEdit


"My Shirohane is the one Zanpakutò that is never meant to draw blood; And for this reason, the blade is eternally blunt."
—Hiroya Ginkarei
Shirohane (白はね, White Feather): In its sealed state, Hiroya's Zanpakutō most resembles a Katana, though it is noticeably a few inches shorter than the norm, Shirohane's tsuba is shaped like a black wheel that spins in a counter-clockwise way, the wheel is elaborately decorated, the handle is bright white and so is the blade. Its short blade and its low weight makes it perfect for quick precise strike.. Shirohane is eternally blunt and it is impossible to cut someone with it, mirroring Hiroya's personality quite well.

Shirohane's sealed state

Shikai: Shirohane's Shikai is activated by the command phrase "Please, soar up into the sky" (天に舞い上がってください, ten ni maiagat te kudasai) once the command is spoken Shirohane lives up to its name by dispersing into a cascade of white feathers that swirl around Hiroya, these feathers can be used for various purposes.

Shikai Special Ability; Shirohane's rumoured to be one of the most effective Defense-Type Kidō Zanpakutō that are recorded within Soul Societies history, true to Hiroya's pacifistic personality Shirohane possesses no offensive abilities in itself, though after so long Hiroya's been able to devise certain ways of using it offensively nonetheless. Shirohane's primary attribute is the control of the feathers that it creates for a good deal of well-varied effects. whom are described below. Hiroya's bond with Shirohane is so strong that he is capable of accessing most of its Shikai abilities without even having to release the Zanpakutō in question - although the abilities are weakened considerably.

  • Reflexive Release: The level of understanding, communication and similiar emotions between Hiroya and his Zanpakutō creates such a firm, strong bond that Shirohane can be partially released on reflexes, such as when Hiroya is subjected to a sneak attack, the feathers will rush to protect him from the angle the attack came from; only to reform to its sealed state afterwards - the speed of the feathers are still limited though, and as such the question of wether they manage to block or not depends wholly upon the opponents speed and skill.

Manshirowan (マン白ワン, Japanese for Full White Bowl) An ability that Shirohane possesses only in its Sealed State, unlike most other Zanpakutō it has its own source of Reiryoku, which is tapped in conjunction with Hiroya's own when it is released: This "Well" of Reiryoku can be directly accessed by Hiroya, and he can use it in order to cast his spells, additionally, he may use it in order to strengthen his attributes temporarily.

Fushichōrui (不死鳥ルイ, Japanese for Tears of a Phoenix) Is an ability that Shirohane has in all its differet forms, yes, even in its sealed state: In the case of the sealed state, Hiroya activates this ability by sheathing Shirohane back in its sheath, and muttering the command word "Smear" when he unsheathes the blade after that the weapon is covered with a clear water-like substance which when the blade comes in contact with a wound serve to quickly heal it. In the case when Shirohane is allready in its Shikai or Bankai state, it is enough for one or more feathers to settle upon the wounded area before it disperse into the very same clear fluid: This effect cannot be applied on Hiroya himself though.

Enhanced Kidō Barriers: Hiroya, like the vast majority of all Kidō Masters is capable of procuring powerful magical barriers in battle. But Shirohane seems to add a little something to barriers on its own, Shirohane being a Defensive-Type Kidō-Type Zanpakutō its not surprising - and thus Shirohane is known to enhance all protective spells significantly as long as the Zanpakuto remains in close proximity to Hiroya.

Shizukeza no Tsubasa (静けさの翼, Wings of Serenity) is Shirohane's primary ability, it is activated the moment the Shikai is released, and it causes the feather to automatically move to attempt to block an incoming attack. Thus creating a 360' degrees defense, this ability has limited usefulness against close-combat though as Shinigami commonly move much too fast for it to keep up with them. Against Kidò and other Kidò based Zanpakutò in particular Elemental an Projectile ones, it is truly helpful.

  • Shiroisan (しろい散, Japanese for Innocence, Disperse) A rather recent ability that Hiroya's managed to achieve for himself, it allows him to become one with Shirohane for the briefest of moments; effectively dispersing himself into a cascade of feathers; this allows him to avoid most attacks entirely; however, should someone destroy the feathers he dispersed into, he needs to exhibit a great amount of Reiryoku in order to reform himself, if he's unable to do so before a certain amount of time, he dies. Also, this ability is really consuming to use and he's still to master it completely.
  • Hatohen (鳩円, Dove Circle) is an ability that causes a portion Shirohane's white feathers to disperse into a large circle around the desired group. Either as a way of imprisoning them, and preventing them from interfering in a battle or with Hiroya's escape, or to lock Hiroya and an enemy in a one-on-one situation. At this point Hiroya's forced to make use of his Kidò to fight, which he amplifies with..
  • Shirohane Keshin (白い羽毛化身, White Feather Incarnation) This is the epitome of Hiroya's offensive possibilities with Shirohane. Most Kidò-type Zanpakuto have the ability to amplify kido in some way and in Shirohane's case this is especially true. Hiroya's able to channel Kidò trough Shirohane's feathers for devastating effects and he's able to use Shirohane's feathers as Catalysts for them, meaning that he can use such devastating spells as level 96 Ittō Kasō without destroying a limb; This ability has one major drawback though. Every time he uses Shirohane Keshin to cast a Kidò spell above level 50. His lifespan is decreased accordingly, and using Level 96 Ittō Kasō in this manner would for example decrease his lifespan by roughly four centuries.
  • Hanesagi (羽詐欺, Feather Trickery) Is an ability that Hiroya frequently makes use of; it causes a portion of Shirohane's feathers to shape into a desired object or person, working as a clone of sorts, Hiroya usually uses these as decoys while he himself flees from the scene. When the decoy is given a good shot by an opponent it bursts into a cascade of white feathers which then disperse into spiritual particles. It was revealed in An Odd Challenge that Hiroya's capable of casting spells trough these, albeit they still draw energy from the main source, and their potency is reduced.
  • Futagohato (双子はと, Japanese for Twin Dove) A technique that manifests itself as two very large birds, the birds can be used for a variety of purposes. It is a very recent ability, and it is very tiring to use.
  1. Collaborative Spellcasting: One of the greatest assets of Futagohato is that it, when coupled with Hanesagi allows Hiroya to bombard opponents with spells from both the "Feather Clone" and the original Hiroya, and while this exhausts him quickly it allows him to very easily overwhelm most opponents: He can actually take this to new levels entirely by collaborating with the decoy in casting incredibly powerful combination spells.
  2. Magical Assault: This technique is very similiar to to one of Hiroya's Sōkatsui variations, in that he's capable of enshrouding both of the birds in Kidō energies in order to cause them to explode tremendously, the explosion is however much greater than what it procured from the Sōkatsui variant: As the birds themselves are much bigger in size. A direct hit could wreak immense havoc on the sorrounding area, and likely reduce even the strongest of opponents to a half-dead state.
  3. High-Speed Movement: Another great aspect about this Technique is that the birds are capable of moving at great speeds, and they're also capable of sprouting additional wings, enabling them to temporarily exceed the speed of Shunpo, though moving at this speed is only used for doging and other forms of avoidance - as the immense speed effectively makes using Kidō close to impossible, given the tunnel-vision it impairs upon him.

Initial Bankai ReleaseEdit

Shirohane is unusual in that it possesses two different Bankai releases whom are designed for different purposes; the initial release is noted to be rather defense-oriented and it also has several self-preservation abilities whom work upon using an opponents attack to heal Hiroya, or replenish his Spiritual Energy - making this state of Hiroya's Bankai a rather efficient and long-lasting one. It also greatly increases Hiroya's Spiritual Power which allows him to cast even more spells and add greater power to them overall.

  • Shiraha Hakuchō (白羽白鳥, White Feathered Swan) Hiroya's first Bankai drastically increases the amount of feathers he can control. In addition to empowered versions of his Shikai's abilities, Hiroya gains several new, primarily defense-oriented abilities whom he can execute freely - this is Hiroya's favored Bankai state due to the fact that it can be used for extended periods of time as opposed to his second Bankai release.

Overwhelming Spiritual Power: When he enters his Initial Bankai state, Hiroya's Spiritual Energy reaches tremendous levels - so much in fact that his very presence becomes suffocating to those around him, weighing upon them and forcing them to their knees - the immense boost in power is granted for the sole reason of enhancing his spells to greater levels, along with enabling him to cast more of them in quick succession - Hiroya's abilities in Kidō being one of Shirohane's main focuses.

Hakuhoō Ōzaiso (白鳳凰在甦, Japanese for White Phoenix, Be Reborn) Is an ability that activates once every Bankai release. And only when Hiroya has just suffered from a fatal blow or has just been killed by an opponent, as the name implies Hiroya is instantly reborn in a flutter of white feathers, and his wounds are healed too. In addition if Hiroya is killed and then reborn trough the use of this ability, his powers increase greatly in proportion by the one who killed him, ensuring that he's able to fight on equal strenght with his opponent in terms of sheer provess. Given that the opponent is likely to be exhausted from before this usually ensures his victory. This effect only lasts for roughly half-an hou though, and it has its drawbacks first, the ability makes Hiroya's abilities equal to his opponent for one hour and this works both ways if he fought someone weaker than him and they somehow managed to kill him or inflict a fatal wound. He'd be temporarily reduced to their level after being reborn, on the plus side this allows him to fight on par with more or less all enemies he'd ought to face. This technique has one immense weakness however, as given how it is accomplished he's unable to make use of neither his Shikai nor Bankai until after its effects have dissapeared.

This is also unique in that it permanently boosts his Spiritual Power when executed, in proportion of about twenty percent of the original Spiritual Power of the enemy he had been facing.

Kamikahō (神の抱擁, Japanese for Gods Fading Embrace) Hiroya's Bankai can be retracted in order to form a nigh-impenetrable barrier. That when struck transfers around half of the attacks power into Hiroya, this heals his wounds slightly, and envigorates him to a degree, allowing him to continue fighting, it is known to represent Hiroya's pacifism as even by simply defending he's able to increase his chance to win. The technique is very tiring to use and he's not able to keep it up for long, he commonly only uses it against really powerful opponents.

Owarizensō (終全争, Japanese for End all Conflict) Hiroya's most powerful technique by far. It allows Hiroya to mirror any damage that he takes directly onto his opponent. This works in theory by using Hiroya himself as a voodoo doll, Hiroya will only use this when he's yet to use Hakuhoō ōzaiso and then he simply allows an opponents most powerful attack to hit him. The result is that the opponent is dealt a blow in proportion to his own power and if Hiroya's killed he'd likely be too, Hiroya would then ressurected by Hakuhoō ōzaiso. In addition to this, whenever this ability is used Hiroya's power increases by half of the power released against him.

Enhanced Shikai Abilities: Like all other known Bankais, Hiroya's initial Bankai state provides enhanced versions of Shirohane's Shikai abilities, most commonly empowering their defensive abilities and adding other supplementary bonuses.

  • Shizukeza no Tsubasa (静けさの翼, Wings of Serenity) In his Bankai State this ability becomes able to block much more powerful attacks, and it becomes quick enough to block the attacks of Shunpo Experts or lower, Increasing its defensive uses remarkably.
  • Hatohen (鳩円, Dove Circle) - In his Bankai state this ability can affect a larger range overall. And can also be used to entrap multiple opponents at once within bands of white feathers; At this point Hiroya's forced to make use of his Kidò to fight. Which he amplifies with..
  • Shirohane Keshin (白い羽毛化身, White Feather Incarnation) There is no changes to this ability while in his Bankai state. It works the same way eitherhow.
  • Hanesagi (羽詐欺, Feather Trickery) While in his Bankai state, Hiroya is able to create more of these "Feather Clones" at once, and unlike their Shikai counterpart they can even appear to take damage.. Which makes them truly invaluable as decoys. It was also revealed in An Odd Challenge that the "Feather Clone" can cast the spells of Hiroya, though they still draw energy from him, and the power is usually reduced quite alot.

Second Bankai ReleaseEdit

Shirohane's second Bankai release is very offense-oriented as opposed to the first, it primarily strengthens the force of all of Hiroya's spells, physical capabilities and allows him to make use of techniques that all sport immense power. And it raises Hiroya's Spiritual Energy to incredible heights so as to allow him to use these added abilities. However due to the tremendous increase in power that this form grants Hiroya, the drawbacks are dreadfully high..

Ihakuchō Nehan (偉白鳥涅槃, Great Swan, Nirvana) When Hiroya uses his second Bankai Release. the vast majority of the white feathers disperse in order to create a large silvery white bird with the appearance that most reminds of one of the Fenghuang (A c
File:White bird.jpg
reature from ancient Chinese Mythology) this creature is corporeal and it is functions as a partner to Hiroya in battle, it can also alternatively be used as a means of Transportation, it also empowers Hiroya to astounding degrees while it exists. However, the tremendous drain on Hiroya's energy along with the heavy drawbacks of the provided boons ensures that Hiroya could only keep it active for ten to a maximum of twenty minutes before he would succumb to exhaustion.
  • Bankai Special Ability: The second form of Shirohane's Bankai is abit odd in to that it enhances abilities whom are unrelated to its actual abilities - upon activating the Bankais second state Hiroya must choose which field he wants to use in combat - he gets the choice of either using Kidō or his physical abilities; Hiroya gains a tremendous boost to anything within that chosen field, albeit he can still use the abilities of the other field as well, they're now severely outclassed by the tremendous boost.

Immeasurable Spiritual Power: In this state Hiroya's Spiritual Power is so incredibly high that it is effectively beyond perception of opponents whose Spiritual Power is not on the same state, he can however purposefully lower it to their level in order for them to detect it. This is similiar but highly inferior to the state that Ichigo Kurosaki had while fighting Aizen, the difference lies in that this trait boosts his Spiritual Power in order to allow him to cast more spells, and hides it in order for him to be capable of easily performing one-shot incapacitations and the likes - whereas the formers powers was

Tremendous Kidō Enhancement: The Strength of Hiroya's spells is amplified to vast degrees while in this Bankai state, to such degrees that even low-level spells can be devastating while being cast like this, and this only applies to normal spells; Hiroya's greatest attribute while like this is undouptedly the "Maximized" versions of several spells he's very proficient in, these variations are so viciously powerful that they exceed even the Sacred Spells in sheer power, though this does however have large drawbacks, as Hiroya's personality comes into play, as due to the spells tremendous power their power is almost unstoppable while unleashed leaving Hiroya unable to alter the spell, or its trajectory in any way. This makes all of the spells very indescriminate in nature as while they're almost sure to destroy the enemy, they see no difference between friend and foe and allies may easily find themselves caught in the crossfire by extension. In addition to this is the great mental strain it takes for him to cast but a single one of these spells.</li>

Sorairo no Washiayake (空色の鷲あやケイ, Sky-Blue Eagles: Bedazzling Scenery): The "maximized" version of Hiroya's trademark spell, Sōkatsui Hato - it summons forth a great number of eagles composed entirely of blue flames, the total number equalling exactly a houndred; each of these eagles pack vast destructive properties and are capable of decimating the sorrounding land and greviously injure any opponent with a single hit - it was first witnessed in The Swan and the Hunter, where it was used against Kenshin Yagami and his companion Tarō Suzuki. The spell demands the original spells full incantation in order to mold the Reiryoku efficiently and sparingly, otherwise Hiroya would exhaust himself to the brink of death upon casting this spell - it is favored by Hiroya because of the large degree of control he has over the manifested eagles, allowing him to avoid harming innocents as well as providing the choice to only incapacitate opponents, should he deem it plausible.

Akesora: Kurenai no Hana (あかそら紅の花, Japanese for Scarlet Sky: Red Flower) A forbidden spell of immense power, it is presumeably a maximized version of the Tenran spell; the spell was labelled as a forbidden spell the moment it was first witnessed by Hiroya - this is largely due to the fact that anything caught within the blast of the spell are either killed, or if they're extremely lucky, gruesomely injuried. Hiroya casts this spell by moving high-velocity air around his being at tremendous speeds, this takes a certain amount of time to do and requires deep concentration on Hiroya's part before he's capable of casting the spell - by releasing the accumulated air and releases it in full force, Hiroya's capable of annihilating entire cities in a few moments, the immense air pressure and the speed the wind moves on makes victims oscilitate from being crushed by the vast pressure and being ripped to shreds by the wind-blades, structures are swept away and it reduces the entire battlefield to a wasteland, similarily to the spell Teikoku Ikari.

Hakuya: Shūki (白夜終期, Lit. "White Artic Night; Ending"); By far the most destructive spell in Hiroya's arsenal is Hakuya: Shūki - it is concidered to be the "maximized" version of Hiroya's trademark spell Shō - it is initiated in much the same manner as the normal variant; only that it grows to be double the normal size of the original; resembling a moderatetely-sized sphere of swirling white energies - it also needs alot more time to perform, having a casting time of five seconds due to the many phrases it must go trough before it is ready. When fired however it results in a recyle so powerful that it effectively propels Hiroya over half a kilometer straight backwards - the actual projectile itself is never aimed directly at an opponent but rather somewhere else close to them. When the projectile makes contact with any solid material it releases a wave of energy that instantly turns the immediate sorroundings into ruins; it then begins growing at an accelerated rate until it is at the size of a huge boulder; anything coming in contact with it at this point effectively disintegrates as the otherwordly force rips their spiritrons or molecules apart in less than a heartbeat; when it has grown to its full size the huge sphere effectively implodes upon itself; resulting in a tremendously powerful vacuum that sucks in everything within a 700 metre radius, upturning the very earth around it and drawing all oxygen from the sorrounding area at an incredibly fast pace: The vacuum can appearantly be partially resisted by someone with ridicolous levels of strength, but such individuals are very hard to come by - Hiroya himself is unaffected by this spell due to the fact that he was knocked out of the range of the attack by the spells own recyle, which is a result of cool calculation on his part - anyone whom comes within 150 meters of the implosions epicenter are ripped apart by the extreme forces, and are effectively reduced to nothing within mere moments. Due to the speed of this process, the death is effectively painless. Hiroya has stated that the spells immense power and complexity it immediately ends his bankai state when used.

Tremendous Physical Enhancement: While the Ihakuchō Nehan state remains active, all of Hiroya's physical capabilities are enchanced to almost ridicolous levels; so much that he's capable of outclassing most but the most powerful of opponents in sheer physical provess - this is however something of a double edged sword though as while he's tremendously fast, strong and resilent the sudden and tremendous increase in his capabilities prove too much for his body to handle effectively - causing him to damage himself by overexertion, this damage is superficial at firsts but escalates greatly over the duration of Ihakuchō Nehan, and once it reaches its peak the damage inflicted to Hiroya may rival that of the opponent - an example is that were Hiroya to punch someone while in this form, he would damage not only his opponent but himself as well.

Hyper-Speed Movement: Hiroya's speed is enhanced to such a tremendous point upon activating his second Bankai state that he can move at speeds that completely outclasses his own use of Shunpo, a very impressive feat given the fact that in his unreleased state he's still comparable to Byakuya Kuchiki in Shunpo provess, one of the greatest masters of this art in Soul Societies history.

Tremendous Strength: While in this state, Hiroya's strength is essentially increased to tremendous heights and feats whom would normally be impossible for him to perform can be done with little effort - while there hasn't been any examples of his strength, it is easy to imagine it by the fact that Hiroya inflicts damage upon his arm and musculature for every blow he makes against a foe or object.

Yū Hakuchōtaira (猶白鳥平, Japanese for Greater Swan Palm) While in this state this ability is greatly augmented, not only in that it inflicts much more damage to an opponent, but that its defensive properties increase as well - and in addition to this the range of the attack is extended, and even a glancing blow may be quite harmful; it also gradually chips away at an opponents Spiritual Power, subtly lowering it for every strike.

Kōdai Kishiwa (広大気皺, Japanese for Huge Spirit Ripple) Hiroya generates a large glass-like transparent orb of Spiritual Energy between his hands before he slams his palms against one another, crushing the sphere and causing it to detonate in a burst of compressed force - the strength of the blast is tremendous; the impact can however vary in force depending on how close one is to the epicenter of the blast, namely Hiroya himself, upon its activation - the full force of the wave can easily crush bones however. The possible lethality of the technique makes Hiroya hesistant in its use, and he often lets an opponent cover sufficient ground before making use of this technique - trying to restrict the damage done in whatever way he may.

Saishū Majin (最後魔ジン, Japanese for Final Devil-Silver): While initially believed to be little more than an enhancement of Hiroya's Majinya technique - Saigo Majin is its superiour in every way possible, it also works quite differently than the original; once preparing to utilize this technique Hiroya will assume an unique stance where he places his right palm right infront of himself facing the opponent, with his left palm facing the ground, he will remain in this stance for some moments as he molds his Spiritual Energy onto his palms, before he'll make use of the provided Hyper-Speed movement to attack the opponent with the accumulated energy in the form of two palm strikes done in rapid succession - this technique first differs from the original in that it is essentially two strikes as opposed to one, it is made all the more dangerous due to the fact that the attack made by Hiroya's dominant hand, the right one, is so fast that it is essentially invisible to all but the keenest of eyes. The left is just barely visible in the same scenarios, this leads opponents to misjudge the technique to it only being a single attack, as opposed to the actual two. It is probably Hiroya's least used technique, because of the simple fact that even a glancing blow from either of the attacks would most likely be fatal, the effects of either being very similiar to the effect of the infamous Sokkotsu technique - were one to be hit by both of them simultaneously the opponents body would be effectively disintegrated by the enormous force.

Summoned CreatureEdit

Several of Shirohane's abilities allows Hiroya to call upon a great white bird in battle, that possess a number of abilities and powers which it can use to lend aid, either directly or indirectly. These abilities mostly elaborate upon several forms of barrier spells and a few supplementary and restricting ones - if the bird is killed Hiroya's Zanpakutō regress back to its sealed state

Great Spiritual Power: The summoned bird sports a great amount of Spiritual Energy, comparable to that of the average Shinigami Captain; the amount of energy is high enough for it to cast spells on its own, which it does quite frequently.

Forcefield: The bird sorrounds itself within a powerful forcefield after it is summoned; the forcefield serves two purposes, first, the obivous scenario of protecting itself from harm - secondly, due to its great speed it can use itself as a battering ram to inflict crushing amounts of damage on the opponent without danger of retaliation. The Forcefield completely protects against all forms of physical attacks, it even serves to prevent an opponent to approach the bird itself - the only exception being Hiroya himself, whom can enter and leave the forcefield as he pleases.

Bakudo Master: While it shuns offense in most forms it is very skilled in Binding Spells, it is capable of casting all the spells up to number sixty-five without having to go trough the normal hazzle, due to its nature it can forego every aspect of tradtional casting that Shinigami do and simply call upon the spells whenever it has the energy required.

In CombatEdit

When engaged in combat Hiroya's first action is usually to attempt to flee from the given opponent by the use of Shunpo, usually aided by Binding Spells, decoys and clever feints; this is usually successful. Hiroya will continue running until he's certain that he'd be unable to outrun his enemy and only then will he stop. Hiroya will then make a guess on the power of his adversary and fight him or her on barely equal terms in that he himself usually pulls his punches and attacks in order to not harm the other part more than strictly nessecary; he also purposely makes most attacks quite obvious and wide so as to make them easier to dodge for the opposing part - fatal techniques are especially bound to this rule.

During these fights Hiroya will commonly make use of Hakuda and low-level Binding Spells who seem to despite their low level be fit to severely cripple even the most sturdy of opponents, his Hakuda is usually restricted to only non-lethal points and body parts and he seems to fight primarily to incapacitate and not kill - for this reason Hiroya's role in most battles is usually rather passive, silently waiting for an opponent to enclose upon him, he's known to only attack in retaliations or counters and direct attacks are very rare when he fights at such a level like this.

If Hiroya is pressed to a degree that he feels that he'll get killed if he doesn't step up the act he will release Shirohane's Shikai and trough its added protection begin to cast higher-leveled spells both destructive and binding in nature.


A Contingency spell is a mixture of several spells molded together into a single one to be released with all effects when certain conditions are met ---Hiroya is a master of these and employs them at all times. For this reason he's always sorrounded by numerous protective enchantments of great power. Below is a concise list of all the contingencies which he has active most usually.

  1. Protection: Whenever Hiroya have no protective enchantments active, this contingency is automatically activated. Which instantly sorrounds him with a multitude of different wards and enchantments - this is in order to counter his naturally low durability and resilence as well as a trade off of being constantly chased due to his status as Rogue Shinigami, in addition. Hiroya usually reinforces his defenses by casting spells in battle; these spells, when combined together with the contingency seem to emulate something akin to an Arrancars Hierro.
  2. Protection 2nd: In the event that the first protection is forcibly breached, Hiroya's developed an even more powerful spell-chain. This one, unlike the original is very powerful and renders him nigh-invulnerable to all but the most powerful and deadly of opponents ---this particular contingency has shown the incredible defensive capabilities as to successfully defend against a long chain of attacks from two incredibly powerful Shinigami working in unison to bring it down and it took a very powerful technique to put something as minor as a dent in it.
  3. Spell Penetration: This contingency is like the first always active and its function is to perserve the spells cast by Hiroya, no matter how minor in order to resist dispelling effects, counterspells and energy disruption or any other form of ability or technique meant to drastically reduce or entirely supress magical spells and effects - its power is even great enough to penetrate magical resistance. This is due to several highly customized binding spells meant to keep the spell together.
  4. Negate Effect: If a spell, technique or ability within range of Hiroya is activated that severely impairs his spiritual energy in any way, most commonly drain, disrupting or even realigning it. This contingency is activated immediately, if Hiroya had turned it on in the first place ---This contingency makes use of the Sacred Spell known as Yasushi Hi in order to negate any and all effects in the area, including all manners of Zanpakuto releases, techniques and abilities - this particular Yasushi Hi is pre-programmed to ignore magical effects though, both the effects of Hiroya or that of his opponent - making this much more useful than the original variant - like the norm, this spell also supresses those abilities for some time after it is countered.
  5. Escape: If Hiroya is ever overpowered and defeated, and his emotions are reflected as particularily fearful or otherwise frightened - in essence, if he's about to die - this contingency is activated immediately; casting Kukanten'I imbued with the Reiryoku and appearance-masking effects of a Kyokko spell; which transports Hiroya, and any other allies who are caught in a similiar predicament, to the place which Hiroya deems to be the most safe, and where medical aid is readily available.

Major Battles & EventsEdit


Kenji Hiroshi: Hiroya has a pretty high opinion of the younger Shinigami, finding him charming, amusing and quite friendly - Hiroya met this man during the Valhalla Tournament and they soon formed a friendship, something which intensified when Kenji offered Hiroya the chance to live and teach in Horiwari; an offer the latter accepted with utmost gratitude.

Rosuto Shiba: While Hiroya only talked to the man briefly the actions and the mans mannerisms left a lasting expression, especially when he reacted with anger at Kaosu for not using his great powers for something worthwhile: Hiroya as such has a very high opinion of Rosuto and began to respect almost immediately after meeting him.

King Kiyoshi Souzou: While he's not really that obvious about it; Hiroya carries a great deal of disgust for this man due to the methods of which he used to bring him to Valhalla; as well as his manipulation of him; and when Kiyoshi made a comment which pretty much suggested that he used his own subjects as "playthings" for those who traveled to his realm and by extension greatly offended Kenji Hiroshi, Hiroya lost all sense of respect for this man and acceptance was exchanged for loathing.

Fūma Kotarō:

"If I knew in the deepest recesses of my heart what Fuma was? I think I always knew, but I diverted my gaze and closed my eyes to the truth"- Hiroya Ginkarei

Fuma's and Hiroya's relations are very complicated in that as Fuma was the Lieutenant of the Kido Corps during Hiroya's reign Fuma was one of the few people who managed to ease Hiroya's feelings of loneliness much due to the formers optimistic and good-natured personality, these feelings of safety and companionship eventually turned into love; albeit Hiroya hid these emotions in order to not get in the way between Fuma and his future wife.

When his wife died and his personality changed for the worse, Hiroya still couldn't bring himself to feel anything other than pity, despite knowing full well what the tragedy had formed the man into, Hiroya's feelings didn't disipate either and because of them he refrained from mentioning the atrocities the broken man comitted and when he left Soul Society he took Fuma's secrets with him: Appearantly, Hiroya still thinks about Fuma regularily and it is quite possible that the sparks of his emotions have yet to be fully quelled.

Hiroya has hidden himself from Fuma and refused to take a stance against him out of fear for how he will react on seeing his old flame again; and the possibility that Fuma can trough some means mold him into something he detests as a result.

Dorothy Furlan da Liberi: Hiroya has an intense hatred for Dorothy, given how she was willing to use innocent children in order to accomplish her goals and for her to feel amused; the fact that she did so only to entertain herself serves to further intensify Hiroya's hatred and she is one of the few creatures who Hiroya would be capable of killing given the right circumstances - bypassing his Pacifism completely.

Masanori Kawahiru: Hiroya interprets Masanori's arrogance and need to ascertain his own superiourity trough subtle claims of his own power to be the sign of a shallow persona and treats the man as such; the fact that Masanori completely lacked manners and ettiquette served to further put him in a bad light: Hiroya does however find him to be handsome if nothing else - Hiroya's opinion of Masanori remains rather neutral though.

Kaosu Souzou: Hiroya has an even lower opinion of Kaosu than Kiyoshi due to several factors - the most prominent being that he finds the entity to be both obnoxious and lazy with no regard at all for life of any form or shape, evidenced by how he refuses to use his powers to help others. Also, due to recent events Hiroya has begun to doubt Kaosu's supposedly great intellect and finds the majority of what he says to be complete and utter nonsense with a tad of ignorance and incompetence.


  • Hiroya is openly Homosexual.
  • Hiroya has never once lost a battle, (Though this is usually becouse he's never stood around long enough for the battle to have any result. He most commonly flees at first sign of having to potentially harm someone)
  • Hiroya has a Master Degree in Pedagogy. Despite working at an Elementary School.
  • Hiroya's theme song is Kanashimi no Tou.
  • Hiroya is abit of an oddity, Power-Wise in that he's a Shunsui-Class Character in his stats, though due to his spells and his Zanpakuto is classified an Aizen-Class Character nevertheless.
  • His Zanpakutò, Shirohane is designed for the purpose of giving vast advantages against opponents whom are much more powerful than him. Though for opponents whom are just slightly stronger, or at the same level as he is. Its use is significantly decreased.
  • According to his author
    • Hiroya's hobby is to visit traditional Japanese cafees, as well as reading
    • Hiroya would like to fight no one, as he detests violence in all forms and being a pacifist at heart
    • Hiroya's favorite food is Onigiri, with Seaweed, while his least favorite is meat of any sort.
    • Hiroya's favorite phrase is "I live peacefully" (安らかに暮らす, Yasura kani kura su)
  • Despite being a pacifist, Hiroya is known to mutiliate opponents to gruesome lengths with his spells. Most commonly shredding them apart, or breaking every bone in their whole body. This however, are fortunately always unintended, and simply occur due to the immense power of his spells.
  • All of Hiroya's techniques that use the word "White" are written with the Kanji for innocence, namely "白" - This serves to reflect Hiroya's personality somewhat.
  • Hiroya's battle music, as choosen by his creator is "Mezame" by Yuki Kajiura.
  • Hiroya always carries a small container in his Shinigami form which holds approximately ten Seishinkusuri. For emergency use.
  • A part of Hiroya's last name, can actually also be used to depict a homosexual person, with just a slightly different set-up. Which, given his sexuality is highly ironic.
  • The sickness that Alain died of was in fact Tubercolosis
  • Thanks to Void for allowing me to make use of his Shukuchi concept


  • "I managed to nullify most of its power - Though there was a certain trouble with mustering enough strength as to complete undo it. Nevertheless, I was able to reduce its power to two tenths of its actual potential; and I'm shocked by your foolishness, this is the human world and if use a spell of that magnitude here you'll endanger all of us. Along with the balance between the worlds" (To Haru Nakamaru, after he had partially blocked a level 96 Itto Kaso spell fired in the living world)
  • "I cannot bring myself to believe that you're a former Supreme Commander with that little common sense. Its disgraceful really. You're naught but a child with too much power on his hands, really unnerving" (This too, he says to Haru Nakamaru, as Hiroya's opinion about last mentioned person)
  • "I'm not inclined to travel back to Soul Society after all these centuries - my home is here, in the Human World; I've forsaken the path of the Shinigami long ago, why would I wish to start anew? New crops cannot be sown in desecrated soil" (Words spoken to Ciel when last-mentioned asked him about coming back to Soul Society)
  • "You evaded my question Souzou-san - furthermore I don't appreciate you calling me timid, it is a great insult in fact, to value life is NOT a weakness nor is it a sign of fright or cowardice. Since you were incapable of answering my question I'll answer it for you. I don't fight; true peace and salvation can never be achieved trough violence; violence, war and strife may grant a superficial peace, but it is just that, superficial; desire for revenge will always lay beneath and grudges will arise from the ashes of their fallen comrades - its a circle of suffering, spite and false hope and I refuse to participate in extending that concept!" (Hiroya's retort to Kaosu)

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