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"I believe in change; the mysterious power that it holds, those who cannot change and adopt with them become a relic of the past and are forgotten but those who do, and constantly improve themselves become legends."
— Hazumi

Hazumi as an adult
Hazumi Isei Migaku



Migaku Isei Hazumi


Dynamic Artist of Gotei 13 (護廷十三隊の持続的作家, Goteijūsantai no Jizokuteki Sakka)




Soul (Shinigami)


Libra symbol October 5th


Male Male


110 (Untold Tales Arc)
155 (Present)

Blood Type



Shin'ō Academy Graduate

Hair Color

Eerie Black

Eye Color

Purple (Medium)

Skin Tone



5'11⅔ ft.


180 lbs lbs.

Professional Status

Soul Society
Gotei 13

Previous Affiliation

Shin'ō Academy


3rd Seat of 8th Division

Previous Occupation

5th Seat of 8th Division


Test 8th Division


Yoake Hatsu

Personal Status


Marital Status



Soul Society
8th Division
Yoake Hatsu




Shuichi Nakatomi (Grandfather)
Yūdai Isei (Father)
Risōkyō Nakatomi (Mother)


Dōtekihō no Sōkusaba


Not Yet Achieved

Signature Skill

Ikioi Idō

Additional Equipment

Shitsukentō Fusen
Reiatsu-kensei Udewa


"Royal paladin of amelioration."
The Doctor

Hazumi Isei Migaku (磨く威勢勢み, Migaku Isei Hazumi) or Hazumi Isei Migaku Nakatomi (勢み威勢磨く中臣, Hazumi Isei Migaku Nakatomi) is one of the last surviving members of the Nakatomi Clan, one of the four great noble clans in Soul Society. Hazumi is a prudent and intrepid Shinigami and is the member and 3rd Seat Officer of the 8th Division; working under his pseudo-mentor and close friend, Yoake Hatsu. He is known for his diligence and noble sense of honor, the latter is said to be on par with the Captain of 7th Divsion; a division that is specifically known for their sense of responsibility and honor.

Driven by a supranormal appetite for self-improvement and inquisitiveness towards the Shinigami Arts, Hazumi is a rather courteous but sedulous Shinigami who spends most of his time either training, carrying out his missions or traveling; constantly looking for new things to learn, discover or remastering or rather polishing is already existing skills. Known as the Dynamic Artist of Gotei 13 (護廷十三隊の持続的作家, Goteijūsantai no Jizokuteki Sakka), Hazumi is an aspiring poet, painter and sculpture. As the 5th Seat of the Division, he was also a member of the Food Regulation Committee (食物規制委員会, Shokumotsu Kisei Inkai) and was also an assistant chef at some point in his life.

He is also the partner of Yoake Hatsu; the lieutenant of 8th Division, with the duo forming a strange friendship during their time at the Shin'ō Academy. Hazumi refers to himself as the "brains" and Yoake as the "muscle" of the partnership. Their rapport and skill made them one of the most effective teams in the 8th Division.

Appearance Edit

Hazumi appearance

As an adult.

Hazumi is an opulent, laudable and offbeat sight even by the unique standards of Seireitei and the entirety of Soul Society, with his long black hair that's been clumsily tied into a pony tail, an idiosyncratic, expensive purple kosode, pleated ash gray hakama, a light gray shitagi and silver tabi; as he refuses to wear a standard Shihakushō. Unlike the other members of the Noble Clans, Hazumi's Kosode does not bear the symbol of his clan (Nakatomi clan). His kaku-obi particularly ghost white in color with faint silver outlines. He wears a rather cheap blue Kimono over his outfit; which he drapes across his shoulders. All of these actually make him standout among the members of Gotei 13; particularly, the 8th Division. Staying true to his alma matter and roots, as a practitioner of Tenshinryū Hyōho Battōjutsu, he keeps both of his soul-cutting swords sheathed and resting in his "belt" allowing for quick-draw; should the need arise.

Hazumi is a fairly tall individual; at least above average among males in Gotei 13, with a slightly tanned skin and medium purple eyes. He has an average sized forehead; that is often covered by his unkempt long hair, an angular jawline, a straight nose with a turned-up tip, a well formed mouth with full lips and slightly protruding chin; that give him an attractive look. He has a lean, flat-muscled and athletic disposition with long and well developed, muscular limbs; that are suited for combat. His physique is similar to that of a professional sprinter if anything, which might be the reason behind his foot speed and agility. His lips along with his eye-lashes give him a sort of feminine appearance, hence causing people to remark him as a "pretty boy type". Though rarely, he can be sometimes seen donning a jet black kimono and a midnight blue heko obi with onyx wrist warmers.

Hazumi as a child

Hazumi during his teens.

As a student of Shin'ō Academy, he wore typical academy uniform that consisted of a blue shitagi, white kosode with navy stripes, light blue hakama with socks and sandles. He also had noticeably shorter hair and would often bear a heartwarming smile on his face; which is now replaced with a closed lipped smile. During his early years in the Gotei 13, as the 13th Seat officer of 8th Division, he did wear typical Shinigami Shihakushō but with leather arm-guards and a pair of dark jika-tabi to compliment his changing personality. It is also during this time, he started sporting his trademark pony tail. His sealed Zanpakutō also looked different compared to what they look now; with them originally being a pair of Katanas that possessed hilts that were shaped like the swastika symbol. At one point, he did also wear tricorne hat as a part of his gimmick.

Personality & Traits Edit

"Peace and order are necessary for the growth of any child; they are like sunlight and water to a plant, only plenty overtime will allow for the plant to grow bud(s) that would eventually blossom into an exquisite and deft flower. Chaos and madness would only result in the creation of more truculent, erratic thorns such as the traitor."
—Hazumi about order and chaos.

Hazumi was originally very compassionate, honorable, dutiful, sincere and academic. He was seen as the "ideal heir" of the Nakatomi Clan and was admired by man, even as a mere child. Hazumi's defining traits were his wanderlust and observant nature; which still remain with him, till this very day. However, after his father Yūdai was killed in action, his mother naturally became estranged and pushed him away; only to commit suicide several months later, leaving him orphaned. As an orphan in Rukongai in the district 7, Kyōkihari (狂気針, Kyōkihari; lit. "Madness Stinger"); a district known for it's red-light area and cheap alcohol, he was mistreated by the locals and even abused; coming very close to be sold as a slave, until he was saved by a former prostitute known as Sayuri Migaku. These events caused his personality to change and he prey to depression, to the point where he almost had a nervous breakdown; with him later on admitting that Sayuri was his "saving grace" or else, he would have died ages ago.

With time, he recovered from his depression and became a very free-spirited person. However, he was consumed by anguish after Sayuri's mysterious death due to the Nakatomi Curse and was later on officially adopted by his grandfather, Shuichi; due to others treating him as an untouchable entity, and him being aware of the curse. To cope up with Sayuri's death, Hazumi became more reckless and somewhat self-absorbed. Despite his grandfather's warning, Hazumi even as a part of the noble clans, chooses to talk to and even befriend ordinary people. As someone who dislikes the noble clans and their orthodox rules, Hazumi is known to have conflicts with his grandfather on every other day due to their strong personalities that are polar opposites of each other and varying ideals. It is due to his respect for his late father and mentor, he assimilated both of their last names into his name, thus resulting him in having a rather long name which he claims to be his "gimmick".

"Knowledge, cognition, tactics are really handy and they obviously can have a tremendous impact in your life; such as, letting you breathe this very moment and letting you live your life even though you have been in several "sticky situations", but they're not all there's to life. It is human understanding, care and love that really makes life worth living. As long as you have a loved one or even an acquaintance, you'll always have something... someone to protect. The point is, I'll always be a soldier and I'll always have something to fight to fight for."
—Hazumi about where he stands.

"Please refrain from patronizing me, that will be highly appreciated or. I'll have to do what Yaoke does best; break your face."



8th Division:

"Yoake is one of those rare people who will ask you 'how you are' and actually wait to hear out your answer but that's not her only admirable trait. She can tell you things that you don't want to tell yourself. She's my friend and I will always be there for her; both when she needs me and when she needs to be left alone."
—Hazumi about Yoake

Nakatomi Clan:

5th Division:

10th Division:

History Edit


Hazumi refuses to look his grandfather in the eye.

Zero Hour: Origins ArcEdit

Untold Tales ArcEdit

Yoake and Yōkikae ArcEdit

Bount Contagion ArcEdit

Synopsis Edit

Equipment Edit

Shitsukentō Fusen (失見当付箋, Disorientation Tag):

Tsukaisute Gigai (使い捨義骸, Disposable Faux Body): Tsukaisute Gigai is a special dispensable Gigai that is used by Hazumi and Shuichi. The Gigai is stored inside a ring that is worn by the user, known as the Hadasoroi Kiokusōchi (記憶装置, Skin Suit Storage Device) that has a spring-loaded opening. It is used to compress and conceal the portable Gigai. By thumbing a small stud on the side, the top of the ring opened, releasing the Gigai and restoring it to it's full size; allowing Hazumi to enter it. This unique portable Gigai is made in such a way that Hazumi or Shuichi can freely exit it, at will, without needing to use the Gikongan. Upon leaving, the Gigai would turn into a specific element and then dissolve into nothingness. For Hazumi, his Gigai turns into bluish-green flames while in Shuichi's case it turns into muddy water.

Reiatsu-kensei Udewa (霊圧牽制腕輪, Spiritual Pressure Constraint Bracelet):

Powers & Abilities Edit


Anomalous Wunderkind: One of Hazumi's staggering characteristics is his natural intellect and talent; that is often refereed to as "astounding". He was one of the most gifted students to ever enter the academy and was able to graduate within a period of 14 months with the highest possible grades in his written test and third highest in his Shinigami aptitude physical test; graduating along with his senior Yoake, and joining Gotei 13 shortly after. It is because of his skill and potential, he was offered the position of the 3rd seat and Lieutenant in both 7th and 9th Division, respectively. Despite this, he joined the 8th Division as their 5th seat, only to be promoted to the 3rd Seat within two months. It is his genius and natural skill that allowed him to master Kidō, unlock and understand his Shikai abilities and give most lieutenants a run for their money. According to the 8th Division Captain, Ren Watatsumi, Hazumi will most likely surpass her in less than two centuries.

  • Gifted Intellect:
  • Extremely Perceptive Combatant:
  • Multilingualism:
  • Rapid Adaptability: Hazumi's natural abilities are shown to be constantly "evolving" and his combat skills improve even amidst a battle, as he is known to adopt to his opponent's fighting style quickly and explore new ways of countering them. Even with a little training, he seems to be capable of grasping advanced techniques and can use them with similar efficiency if not greater than an average lieutenant level combatant. He can gather and assimilate any kind of knowledge and understand it fully and master it within a short span of time, thus making him a dangerous and potentially one of the best fighters. Hazumi relies mostly on his quick thinking (threat assessment, deduction/analysis and strategy formation) and intuition which makes him highly unpredictable in combat; something even Shuichi Nakatomi admitted to be true. As Shūha Hankyō, the lieutenant of the 5th Divsion puts it, "Hazumi can adopt to and compensate for almost any situation; regardless of the strength or number of the opponent(s) or the environment he is in."

Skilled Cook:

Artistic Knowledge:

Shinigami TrainingEdit

At the academy

Practicing Tenshinryū Hyōho Battōjutsu.

Skilled Swordsman:

  • Dual Wielding:

Advanced Sensor:

Hakuda Practitioner:

Kidō Master: Hazumi is a renowned, Kidō aficionado who specializes in Hadō and Chiyudō; with some training in introductory Bakudō spells, that he has refined somewhat over time. As seen, his proficiency with the most basic Hadō spell, Shō (衝, Thrust) allowed him to blast away a lieutenant level combatant instead of just pushing them a few feet away; as it normally would. He is also known for his Kaizō Kidō; that includes a range of assorted modified spells. He can also fire an fusillade of Haien (廃炎, Abolishing Flames) without incantation; although it puts quite the strain on his reiryoku reserves. His mastery is further observed when he uses Tenran (闐嵐, Orchid Sky) with his left hand and Shakkahō (赤火砲, Red Fire Cannon) with his right; simultaneously, to create what can be only described as a Gōdō Hadō (合同破道, Amalgamation Way of Destruction). Even though it's not his area of specialization, Hazumi can at least perform a level 62 Bakudō spell (Hyapporankan) in conjunction with a level 30 spell (Shitotsu Sansen) to render his opponent completely incapacitated. However, he does admit that he has not mastered Bakudō spell 72 and onward. Seeing as he is the person who taught Yoake all the Hadō and Bakudō spells till level 30, it is safe to say that he has completely mastered them and can use them to their fullest extent. Even while injured, he can almost instanteneously cast a relatively powerful spell as seen in his fight with a mind-controlled Yoake as he was able to perform Hadō #28 Wakusuihō' (沸く水砲, Boiling Water Cannon) to blast Yoake with the concentrated mass of hot water with enough force to send her flying; causing her to eventually crash into a nearby building. It was even commented by the 8th Division Captain, Ren Watatsumi that Hazumi has "an uncanny aptitude for Kidō". His usage of Chiyudō can easily rival that of the 4th Division Lieutenant, as he shows the ability to heal multiple people once by using a modified version of Shōsen Hirate (神秘的なパーム, Mystical Palm) that involves of him sending out his "healing reiatsu" to his allies in his vicinity and forcing it to envelop their bodies which subsequently heals them; though, the more the number of people he's healing, the longer it takes for a particular individual to heal completely. He mostly uses Kidō tactically to draw out an enemy or analyze their abilities, though he is seen to use high level Kidō in rapid succession to simply overwhelm and destroy the enemy; if he deems so fit. He also has some proficiency in the lost art of Midō; that he was taught by his grandfather, Shuichi. It is also due to his mastery over kidō and control over his spiritual power that it takes him less than half the Reiryoku (compared to other practitioners) to perform most, if not all of the spells.

  • Kaizō Kidō (改造鬼道, Restructured Demon Art): He is notorious for the usage of Kaizō Kidō, such as— Furan Byakurai (腐爛白雷, Decompose Pale Lightning) and Gokō Ōkasen (後光の黄火閃, Halo of Yellow Flash Fire). Unlike Byakurai, Furan Byakurai shoots out a concentrated purple beam that is much more faster than ordinary Byakurai and has an additional property; this added "trait" is responsible for rapidly decaying the victim's flesh after the beam has pierced them, thus resulting in unregulated necrosis, while Gokō Ōkasen creates a giant arc that shoots out bright yellow spirit construct that takes the form of three circular hollow rings or rather halos which can be which homes onto the enemy's reiatsu and binds them before begging to tighten around their body and cutting their body with it's vibrating, high frequency edge; before finally exploding around the opponent, extirpating them. He is also seen using his superior reiatsu control to increase the size of his "scalpel" formed by Kiseki no Hōhō (奇跡の方法, Miracle Method) and has shown to use it as an effective weapon, as seen, he used it to one shot a Bount with almost no effort. He can also change the nature of these scalpels to deliver rather powerful haemotoxin directly inside one's body with a single strike. One of his trademark Kaizō Kidō would be the Tenpen Hainawa: Kaginawa (転変這縄・鉤縄, Change Slithering Rope: Grappling Hook) that transforms Hainawa from a reishi rope to stop enemy moment to a chain of crackling red energy that can be used as a multipurpose grappling hook; either to grapple to certain surfaces, pull people near him or disarm people.
  • Kidō: Umisei (鬼道・生み正, Demon Art: Original Creation): He can create his own Kidō that possess their own unique nature and are quite versatile both in and outside combat. He can use the Byōgentai Chūshutsu (病原体抽出, Pathogen Extraction) to precisely remove particular pathogens from the patients body; in order to cure them of their illness, however, this is a delicate procedure and takes a long amount of time. He has also used his knowledge of Kidō to create his signature Bakudō spell known as Mahike (気, Paralysis Touch), where he simply snaps his fingers and touches his victim with his index finger causing them to experience a sharp pain that pulsates throughout their body as slowly their entire nervous system becomes numb and unresponsive; essentially leaving them incapacitated. He also resorts to using his signature Hadō known as Nijō Suihari (二乗水針, Self-Multiplying Water Needle) that allows him to form a giant spear like needle made of water from a nearby water source that when hurled at the enemy rapidly multiplies into several hundreds of water needles that bombard and pierce the enemy; shredding them into pieces. He can also use his original Hadō, Denminagare (電身流れ, Electric Body Current) in combination with Hadō #10 Izumi (泉, Fountain) to wash away and electrocute his enemy simultaneously. Using Denminagare, Hazumi is able to release a strong electric discharge from every part of his body that can be used to shock and push back his opponent(s) once they come in contact with it. The electric discharge has enough heat energy to leave the victim who comes in direct contact with Hazumi's body with second-degree burns; an additional effect of this spell is that the victim's body misinterprets the electric discharge as electrical signals from the nerves, making their muscles contract, thus causing their body to become involuntarily stiff and unmovable for a few seconds. His most used original Kidō would be Me no Tenshin (目の天心, Eye of Providence) that allows him to share his vision/visual perception and eyesight with others and vice-versa, granting them an advantage while tracking someone or simply granting them the closest thing to 360 degree vision by linking two or more people's vision. Perhaps, his greatest achievement in the field of Kidō is Tamamajitsu (弾間実, Bullet Time Reality) that allows him to create and project a field inside which he can slow down time to various degrees, thus giving him the ability to slow down and dampen enemy attacks and movement; making escape nearly impossible. This unique Kidō due to it's nature causes the victim to perceive Hazumi as if he was moving at incredible speed, so far so, that they cannot keep up with him.
  • Midō (身道, Way of Body): Hazumi can at least use four Midō spells as demonstrated by him in his fight against Ren and later on against a mind-controlled Yoake. While their rarity and level of difficulty remains unknown, both of his opponents were relatively surprised by the feats he could accomplish with these spells. His most used Midō is his signature Midō —Bukimihoshō (不気味保証, Ominous Assurance), that causes a form of black goo to ooze out of his pores and encapsulate his body, creating a jet black layer of "skin" over areas of his body, upon solidification. The parts covered with this hardened black material become extremely hard, elastic and dense; allowing him to take on attacks head on, that would normally prove to be fatal. The tensile strength of the hardened area is said to be at least four times greater than that of Sapphire. This "black armor" can also be used to cover his entire body; though, that drains his spiritual power faster. As stated by Hazumi, the Bukimihoshō "skin" is one of the best fire-retardants there is; meaning that this armor will automatically extinguish any fire that he comes in contact with as soon as the source [of the fire] is removed. He can also use this offensively to increase the raw force behind his physical attacks, as the armor hardens and augments whatever part of the body it's covering. The other two spells that he commonly uses are— #2Sokudo (速度, Velocity) and #3 Ryoku (力, Power) to emulate supernatural speed and strength, respectively. Using these spells, he can temporarily increase his physical speed and strength by a factor of three, for a limited amount of time. As Hazumi remarks these are "fairly linear spells" and do not require as much mastery over Kidō to learn. Hazumi can either use these separately or at once, to quickly overwhelm an enemy after he has either injured them or worn them out. He is quite proficient with the two basic Midō spells, as he can further increase his strength or speed; surpassing the normal three times increase limit, though he can only focus on aspect at once, in case he is further augmenting these stat boosts. He was also able to use the #6 Chōgokan (超五感, Five Hyper Senses) that enhances his vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch by 6 times; giving him a superhuman sensory system.
  • Chūsori Kidō (宙反り起動, Space Arch Activation): An unclassified Kidō spell that is used by both Hazumi and Ren to open a rift between space time, i.e, a portal. Hazumi after chanting the incantations slams his hand into the ground summoning a giant portal, which can support the reiatsu of at least two Captains; while Ren does the same on her side, to form the receiving end of the portal. These portals can be used to travel between two different locations of the casters.
Using shunpo close in

About to unleash a meteoric slash while using Shunpo to close up the gap.

Shunpo Expert:

Shinigami PowersEdit

Great Spiritual Power: Hazumi naturally boasts a very high level of spiritual power that easily dwarfs the reiryoku of most seated officers; obviously not including Lieutenants and Captains. Even back in Shinōreijutsuin, as a new member, he was able to easily fend off his bullies by releasing and exerting his spiritual power in the form of reiatsu. When Ryūsei, the then lieutenant of 5th Division, met Hazumi for the first time, he was surprised to see him possess just over twice the normal average spiritual power that is normally possessed by a low ranking seated and non seated members of the Gotei 13. By the time Hazumi joined the 8th Division as their 5th Seat Officer, he had the spiritual energy that was roughly on par with a mid-tier Lieutenant class combatant. His reiryoku would continue to grow throughout to the point where he possessed equal spiritual power to a high-tier experienced lieutenant such as Shūha Hankyō. It is due to his relatively huge spiritual energy, Hazumi is an exception and thus must be subjected to a Gentei Reīn (限定霊印, Soul-Limiting Symbol) every time he enters the human world. His reiryoku is tantamount to Yoake Hatsu's maximum reiryoku whilst the latter is in his Shikai. After Yoake completed her Bankai training, her reiatsu almost doubled; thus surpassing Hazumi's own. However, after training with Ren for three months, he was able to easily outclass Yoake's level of spiritual power to the point where he had to wear Reiatsu-kensei Udewa (霊圧牽制腕輪, Spiritual Pressure Constraint Bracelet) to suppress 45% of his reiatsu. Even in his suppressed state, his reiryoku was roughly 1.5 times greater than before. His reiatsu color is amethyst. Upon releasing the full force of his spiritual power, he was able to intimidate the likes of Eratsuchi Jusōno and cause damage to his surroundings with nothing but the might of his reiatsu alone.

Shinigami Physiology:

  • Enhanced Strength:
  • Enhanced Speed:
    • Enhanced Agility & Dexterity:
  • Enhanced Reflexes:
  • Enhanced Durability:
  • Enhanced Endurance:

Zanpakutō Edit

Dōtekihō no Sōkusaba (双草葉の動的法, Sōkusaba no Dōtekihō; lit. "Dynamic Law of Twin Grass Blades"): Hazumi's Zanpakutō in it's sealed form, exists as a pair of two-handed Jian(s) of equal lengths of around 27 inches or 68.5 cm. The hilt of the swords disc shaped and are burnt umber in color. The handles are each wrapped in a blue ribbon-like cloth and his Jians' for some reason have the same golden triangular gripping pattern on their handle as a normal Katana; further, due to being adapted for two handed usage, each of these soul-cutting swords have a longer than usual handles. He usually keeps them sheathed through his kaku-obi on his left side. These Shuangshou Jians are remarkably durable and sharp even in their sealed state; enough to directly clash against Shuichi Nakatomi's Shikai, "Aokame Hishigu" without taking any visible damage, though Hazumi was pushed back.

  • Shikai: It's Shikai command is "Exert, Augment and Negate" (努力増強兼打消す, Doryoku, Zōkyou ken Uchikesu)

Shikai Special Ability: TBA~

  • Yoseitenkō (余勢転向, Yoseitenkō; lit. "Impetus Shift"):
    • Fudōhō (不動砲, Fudōhō; lit. "Motionless Ordnance"):
    • Meimei Shisatsu (冥々刺殺, Meimei Shisatsu; lit. "Divine Stab"):
    • Ryūko Hazumi Shūgeki (竜虎弾み襲撃, Ryūko Hazumi Shūgeki; lit. "Dragon Impulse Raid"):
  • Ikioi Idō (勢い異動, Ikio Idō; lit. "Power Change"):
    • Kaisoku Sakujo (快速削除, ; lit. "Celerity Elimination"):
    • Appaku Bakuha (圧迫爆破, Appaku; lit. "Coercion Blast"):
    • Zōfukukizu (増幅する傷, Zōfukukizu; lit. "Amplified Crack"):


  • Hazumi has ever rarely revealed his true last name.
    • This might be due to him secretly hating the clan.
  • Hazumi's reiatsu color is "Amethyst".
    • This denotes a certain level of transparency despite nobility; signifying that Hazumi is merely diplomatic in nature but not deceitful.
  • Hazumi's Zanpakutō has two main attributes; each being governed by one of his Uchigatanas and these two attributes each produce three techniques, giving him a rather large variety of moves to strategically use.

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