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Name Harafumei
Kanji 原不明
Romanji Harafumei
Race Spiritual Being
Birthday Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Height 161 cm
Weight 34 kg
Eyes Magenta within blue
Hair Black
Blood Type O
Unusual Features Perfect features
Alignment Neutral Evil
Professional Status
Affiliation Nika
Previous Affiliation Soul King
Occupation None
Previous Occupation Weapon of Mass Destruction
Team Unknown
Previous Team Unknown
Partner Unknown
Previous Partner Unknown
Base of Operations Rukongai
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Mototsu (finished results)
Soul King (creator)
Gai Nagareboshi (original possessor of body)
Education Basic
Status Active
Shikai Kakikassui
Bankai Not Revealed

"Gai Nagareboshi...Do you know what the difference between you and I is? It's this bird. Look at it, a small, weak construct put here by the Soul King. "King of Birds"? Don't make me laugh. The phoenix is like this small bird. Weak, helpless, easy to torture to death. You're the "Vermillion Bird"- the Phoenix which illuminates the heavens of Soul Society, the bringer of hope, if I remember correctly. So I'll tear apart your majestic wings and devour your very ashes. I'm going to pay you back for what happened on that day- this is poetic justice, poetic justice for my race! Fall into the praesepe, the neverending darkness of the abyss!"
— Harafumei, arrogantly declaring his intention to kill Gai Nagareboshi

Harafumei (原不明 lit. "Proto Unknown"), dubbed "the devil Mototsu" or "the ultimate being", is a spiritual being created during the ending period of the Fifth Great Soul War. He is the Soul King's greatest creation, after Gai and was sent into battle as a last resort action during the war's closing period. He is a highly mysterious being, whose true race is unknown. Created by the Soul King as a "prototype" for the Mototsu race, Harafumei was soon discarded upon the creation of Gai Nagareboshi. He has the ability to possess people, and is partially responsible for many incidents in history. He shares many similarities with the Soul King, in that he initially requires a host, has some control over life and death, and has ties to the main protagonist. Harafumei serves as Nika's second in command in Part III of Rising Phoenix.


Harafumei's gender, like most details about it, is unknown. It wears armor which is of a purple, maroon, and black color. This armor has gray-plated, black shoulder pads and gauntlets, and a cross symbol directly in the middle of the chest. It wears a full-face black mask with a flowing purple "tail" behind it, and its eyes glow a piercing amber. Harafumei's hair reaches down to its ankles, and it is of a midnight black color. In formal attire, Harafume is shown to have sporadically arranged black hair, and purple eyes. It almost looks female.

While possessing a host, Harafumei wears a tight-fitting overcoat with raised shoulders and waistline and gold and green trimmings. It's mask is completely white with the exception of magenta within blue eye-pieces and a red stone in the center of the forehead. In this incarnation, the bangs closest to its face are positioned in front of the mask.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Harafumei, mostly calm and collected, but always carries an air of intimidation as noted by Gai. Harafumei is also quite condescending, often mocking his opponent as he sees their efforts as futile because they are so weak in his eyes, although he doesn't deviate from his reserved attitude while doing so. His cruelty has no bounds as he is willing to sacrifice as many people as he has to in order to accomplish his goals along with his lack of remorse after killing someone himself. His main objective is to take over Soul Society and kill the Soul King, with him as as a new god. He views himself as the strongest being of all, as he boasts about himself in battle and taunts his opponents.

In battle, he reads his opponents minds to know what his opponent will do. Harafumei does not posses any fighting experience or beyond normal physical abilities, as an unintentional hit from Gai caused him pain. He is also shown to be very unstable, as a small cut on his cheek made him become insane with fury. Harafumei almost always relies on his mind reading ability, making it easy to outsmart him. Behind Harafumei's arrogant demeanor, he is actually a snivelling coward and attempted to run away, terrified when Gai was able to effortlessly defeat him.


During the closing period of the Fifth Great Soul War, the Soul King, thinking that it wasn't enough to simply cure his former creations from the "sickness" while they posed still a threat to the rest of the spiritual realms due to their free will and incredible power, he decided to create his own, radical solution: To exterminate every spiritual being that showed signs of going berserk.

To achieve this goal, he had to find someone capable of fulfill his desire, a "messiah" that would destroy every "berserk" and re-instate peace. For that position, Kazuma had chosen Gai, whose mindless body was still in stasis; his soul and body still not merged. Kazuma distorted the "All-Force", the source of all life within Soul Society, to subjugate the souls of all spiritual beings at the same time in order to have them destroy each other. However, even in this corrupted state, the "All-Force" was not powerful enough to control all souls at the same time.

As Kazuma desired to use Gai Nagareboshi in any form alone as well as his new messiah, he began constructing a massive exterior armor formed from sekki-seki around the mindless body. The armor boosted the body's attack strength to its limits (although at the cost of maneuverability and evasiveness) as well as granting it the ability of using the "All-Force" to control all souls at the same time. The body received a new Zanpakutō, suitable for its size and weight and was given a new consciousness which was unexpectedly tainted by malice: Harafumei.

Some time after the war, Kazuma created a new body for Gai and sealed Harafumei within a time-stasis lock, freezing him in time until his "re-awakening" by Arazomekanki some several thousand years later.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Master Swordsmanship Specialist:

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant:

Tremendous Speed:

Great Strength:

High Intelligence:

High-Speed Regeneration: Even out of his armour, the speed at which Harafumei regenerates is truly astounding; to the point that it seems that he is invincible. Even the Zero Effect proved to be little more than a minor disadvantage. Even after taking a small cut, his regenerative function kicked in and it made him better than new. After being on the recieving end of countless onslaughts, Harafumei always managed to stand up time and time again; seemingly even stronger than before. It wasn't until Gai realized his true might and unleashed Kōshiga Yakushin, impacting upon his chest and cutting deep into his soul, that this ability was severed from Harafumei's soul.

Enhanced Durability:

Sickening Spiritual Power:


Kakikassui (夏期渇水, "Summer Drought") is the name of Harafumei's Zanpakutō. It takes the form of a japanese daishō nōdachi. However, it is surrounded in an immense dusk and crimson reiatsu aura, with it's complex hilt and blade designs also turning golden. It's blade is sterling silver. During Harafumei's final battle with Gai, Gai shattered Kakikassui into innumerable fragments.

Special Abilities: Kakikassui's ability revolves around the manipulation of the 'Praesepe', which is the lowest regions of Hell in Bleach: Rising Phoenix. It should be noted that 'Praesepe' means 'Manger' in Latin, and it takes its name from the Beehive Cluster in the Cancer constellation. With complete authority and dominence over the Praesepe, Harafumei is able to transform Togabito into Souls and transport them to his current location, using the souls as ammunition for his tremendously powerful attacks. With complete authority over souls of the departed, Harafumei can use them for a near infinite amount of purposes, such as taking physical form used for destroying objects, blocking enemies' attacks and picking up things. Harafumei typically shapes his attacks into the form of ghostly apparitions, which he can use in various attacks such as tornadoes and pillars. Ghosts can even be used to strangle enemies. Because of the very malicious nature of Kakikassui's ability, which complements Harafumei's sinister nature, it is known to make his opponents physically ill and cold. It is in due part to this ability that Harafumei claims to be the strongest being in existance.

  • Memory Falsification: Harafumei has the ability to implant, remove, and generate false memories in anyone he chooses. He first used to this to erase all memories of Gai Nagareboshi and turn everyone against him. However, this ability will not work on Mototsu. The memories Harafumei generates are merely sealed away, and need a emotional trigger in order for them to become unsealed.
  • Telepathy: Harafumei is able to hear other's thoughts, which makes him an even deadlier foe, knowing every movement his opponent makes. However, unpredictability makes this ability's deadliness void.
  • Sekishiki Mushō (積尸気無衝, "Praesepe Nothingness Piercer"): Harafumei releases a massive wave of condensed departed souls in the shape of a living raven, complete with flying, in a single blast. It can travel very long distances in a short time. It has its own will, and when it gets serious it can cover itself in more departed souls, to cause anything touching it to disappear. While in that state, the raven's body rots away but the more its body rots the more its speed increases. Parts of its body can be shot, like its fists, toward Harafumei's opponents to attack them while also becoming lighter and faster with every passing second. When most of its body rots away, becoming a mere head, it is at its fastest and it can trap an opponent in its mouth with no way out, but a powerful enough technique can make an opening because the layer of departed souls is thin.
  • Sekishiki Nyoi Reirin (積尸気如意霊臨, "Praesepe Departed Soul Summoning"): To perform this technique, Harafumei must first obtain a fragment of the person he intends to ressurect, be it a piece of cloth, blood stain, a piece of skin, or an organ. Next, Harafumei must separate and shape his reiatsu into body-sized forms, while using the fragments as a medium. The reiatsu envelops the fragments, and the bodies of the intended ressurected people are restored, as the ressurected retain most of their personality, their memories, and all their abilities they had in their lives. While this technique is incredibly useful on its own, sacraficing the ressurected for the tremendously powerful Sekishiki Tenryōha is noted by Harafumei to be "far more useful than an army of zombies", only further hammering in the power of Sekishiki Tenryōha and also highlighting Harafumei's sociopathic nature. If Harafumei revives a large amount of beings, then it is extremely exhausting to the point that he will not be able to fight; however, if he only ressurects one to five, then he still can fight alongside them.
  • Sekishiki Tenryōha (積尸気転霊波, "Praesepe Returning Spirits Wave"): Harafumei gathers the deceased Shinigami he revived with Sekishiki Nyoi Reirin. Harafumei sacrifices them to form a massive energy ball which transfigures into thousands of spectres which take the form of deceased people that the opponent has encountered at some time in their lifetime, which fly at Harafumei's foe at the speed of light; these spectres can engulf Harafumei's foe completely by their sheer numbers alone, sending them to the "World of Nil" (無の世界, "Mu no Sekai"). This attack is capable of defeating a God. Harafumei learned this technique empirically from the Soul King and used it against Gai in their battle. This technique is capable of erasing a person's soul and their very existence.


  • This character is not to be used in RPs, under any circumstances, and remains story-only.

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