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Hakuda (白打, "Hand-to-Hand Combat"; lit. white hits), known alternatively as Taijutsu (体術, "Body Skill") or Martial Arts (武道, Bodō), is one of the four main combat fields practised by the Shinigami. Hakuda deals with striking the opponent in close-quarters hand-to-hand combat; as such those of the old Onmitsukidō excelled in this field, though this is not a requisite for mastery. Notable Hakuda practitioners include Kensei Muguruma and Rosuto Shiba. Following the defeat of Ryan Kuchiki and the Gotei Remnant the main institution of Hakuda became the newly reopened Shinō Academy under Shiju Shūdō and Ashido Kanō.

Terminology & styles Edit

  • Hard technique -- direct actions, whether in attack, defence or counter-attacks, that meets force with force; the key is interrupting flow. Examples include a kick aimed low to break the target's leg or a chop which breaks or halts the target's arm.
  • Soft technique -- movements and actions meant to diffuse or redirect an opponents force, whilst using the bare minimum of effort or force yourself. Examples include arm-locks and throws. Hanki is a further example of soft applications applied through Kidō.
  • Maai -- the space between opponents during combat. Kenji Hiroshi created the Shukuchi to eliminate this distance instantaneously.
  • Tai sabaki -- whole-body movement designed not only to evade an incoming attack but to do so in such a way that the receiver ends up in an advantageous position.

Kentaro performing a round-house kick.

  • Taekwondo -- a hard martial art originating in the World of the Living with a heavy emphasis on kicks. Kentaro Hiroshi is a practitioner of Hakuda with prominent Taekwondo techniques and philosophies.
  • Capoeira -- a martial art originating in the World of the Living with an emphasis on fast and unpredictable movements, kicks, and counters geared towards fighting outnumbered, whilst evading one's opponent(s). Kentaro Hiroshi is a practitioner of Hakuda with prominent Capoeira techniques and philosophies, specifically ginga.

Techniques Edit

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