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"As the pendulum swings silently, slowly turning back the clock, the mysteries and exploits of the past will be revealed - and the journey to know the past begins. "

A Glimpse through Time is the term that denotes the events that reveal the origins and history of a great deal of the authors characters, among them Garian Shinjo, Nasu Shiba and many others. Its purpose is to effectively tie the past to the present. In a time before the founding of the Soul Society, three individuals meet and together shape the future...

Stories Edit

The stories in this arc will be defined with the shortened term AGTT - A Glimpse through Time.

Characters Edit

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Supporting Edit

Antagonists Edit

Present Day Characters Edit

Behind the Scenes Edit

Several of the chapters are told both from past and present perspectives to make it appear as though Garian is telling Kentaro the story. This is done to effectively tie the past highlighted in my stories with the present, while at the same time briefly showcasing the training Kentaro receives from Garian.

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