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Kanji 銀筒
English Silver Tubes
Item Statistics
Use Quincy Spellcasting
Used By Quincy
Gintō (銀筒, Silver Tubes) are small silver cylindrical capsules that store spiritual energy in a liquid form .They are used by Quincy for spell-casting in the same way that Shinigami use Kidō. Like Kidō, they are activated by calling out various commands.

Gintō TechniquesEdit

Spell Name Spell Information Spell Picture
Heizen (聖噬 [ハイゼン], haizen; German for "Heating", Japanese for "Sacred Bite") This technique creates a transparent, rectangular beam of energy from the silver tubes which slices through the opponent.Incantation: "Feel the wrath of battle and accept this sacred chalice - Sacred Bite!" (大気の戦陣を杯に受けよ) Haizen.gif
Gritz (五架縛 [グリツ], gurittsu; Japanese for "Five Rack Ties") This technique forms a man-sized pentagonal Quincy cross which envelops its target. Incantation: "A silver rod strikes the five-fingered stone bed - Quintuple Restraining Frames!" (銀鞭下りて五手石床に堕つ) Gritz.gif
Wolke (緑杯 [ヴォルコル], vorukōru; German for "Cloud", Japanese for "Green Cup") This technique uses a silver tube to create a large blast. While it may not be intended for use as such, it can be used to cushion the impact of a fall. I'ncantation': "Tilt the goblet to the west - Emerald Grail!"(盃よ西方に傾け) Wolke.gif
Stahlgabel (鋼ヨーク, German for Steel Yoke) The user pours three silver tubes charged with their spiritual energy onto the ground.They then recite the incantation causing spikes of energy to emerge from the ground peircing and trapping the foe. Incantation: "Prisons form as these fangs pierce through" (刑務所を形成、これらの牙を突き抜けるように) 685px-SteelYoke
Jungen Schale (駆け出しの シェル, German for Fledgling Shell) The user fills two silver tubes with their spiritual energy before pouring the contents into the air around them. Once released the user can then manipulate the liquid into small square shapes capable of blocking weak projectile attacks. The strength of these shields depend on the amount of silver tubes used. Incantation: None 43091
Hagoromo (はごろも, Japanese for Robe of Feathers) This technique, instead of focusing on binding or attacking, uses the spiritual energy stored within five silver capsules to empower the Quincy themselves. When used, the Quincy momentarily takes the appearance of a figure clad in a white light with six, large wings that shine brightly. When used, the Quincy can release a single attack at full power. Afterwards, the energy withers away and the Quincy returns to normal, although a cool-down time is required before this spell can be used again and seems to wind the one using it. Incantation: None. Power up ginto
Sprenger (破芒陣 [シュプレンガ], shupurenga; German for "Explosion", Japanese for "Ripping Grass Formation") This technique uses five Seele Schneiders to create a pentagon-shaped seal which, when activated, causes a massive explosion within its borders. When an object or a person stands within the middle of the Pentagon the placement of the fifth Seele Schneider can trap them by wrapping and binding their legs to the ground with dense spirit particles. The Seele Schneiders function as accumulators, gathering the necessary amount of spirit particles to create the explosion. The liquid inside a silver tube acts as the trigger. The preparations for the technique combined with the charging time for the Seele Schneiders make its use in battle impractical unless the user has a partner that can stall to buy time. Sprenger.gif

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