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Ginei Ookmai
Name Ookami Ginei
Kanji 銀製のオオカミ
Romanji {{{romanji}}}
Race  ?????
Birthday 7/04
Age 19
Gender Male
Height 6"2
Weight 60kg
Eyes Black
Hair Black
Blood Type o

Professional Status
Affiliation Himself
Previous Affiliation N/A
Occupation Free Lance Hollow Exterminator
Previous Occupation N/A
Team None
Previous Team None
Partner Jaaku Sesshoku (Part Time)
Previous Partner None
Base of Operations Forest of Menos
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Brother: Jaaku Sesshoku
Status Active
Shikai Too Bo no Bareru
Bankai Not yet Achieved

Ginei Ookami (Lone Wolf) was created in a experiment to combine the genes of a Quincy, Shinigami and Arrancar along with his brother. They are a combination of a Quincy, Shinigami and Arrancar.


Gine is usually found wearing a cape over a shirt and a pair of jeans. His hair is black and roughly chin length coming down over one of his eyes occasionally.


Ginei is an excitable and active person. He is eager for action and any battles causing him to get into a few uneeded scuffles. He has a devil may care attidute and seems to never take things seriously. He shoots first and asks questions later.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Since Ginei was created with the powers of Quincy, Arrancar and Shinigami yet not in equal balance. Ginei is most skillful in his skills as a Quincy and can almost be considered a master. He can fire hundreds of arrows at once with ease and is able to use Ginto and other Quincy techniques with expert skill. His skill as a Shinigami however is slightly weaker and he is comparable to a high level lieutenant using his Shinigami powers. That said his skill in Kido is easiy is strong point as a shinigami. Finally concerning his Arrancar powers, they are his weakest by far. He does not have the ability to use Sondino or Pesquia. Neither can he use cero or bala, in fact his only prominent skill as an Arancar is his ability to open Garanta.

Large Spritual Pressure: Having the reiatsu of three species flowing through him makes his reiatsu very dense. It feels heavier and more dominating but in terms of quantity he roughly matches the same amount as a regular captain.

Advanced Swordsmansip: Ginei is an acmoplished swordsman, usually using a selle schnider. His style is to attack then enemy first with a barrage of quick attacks, overpowering their guard eventually and scoring a hit.

User of multiple high-speed movement techniques: Ginei can use both Shunpo and Hirenkyaku. His Hirenkyaku is much faster but he uses his Shunpo to evaluate an enemies skill, judging whether he should go full out.

Expert Kido Practioner: Ginei's skill in kido is immense. Able to use most spells with ease he can even chain two low level spells together.

Expert Ginto Practioner: Another of Ginei's strengths is his skill in ginto, the Quincy equivelant to kido. His skill in both of these aspects is so great that he can mingle both type togeth st the same time to confuse the enemy. He is able to use many Ginto spells without the use of silver tubes.

Master Archer and Marksman: After many years of practice Ginei is an acomplished marksman and archer.


Ginei's Zanpaktou is called 'Too bo no e Bareru' (彼を目標としなさい, Howling barrel,) and it take the form of
Alzack Sword

Too bo e no Bareru: Sealed state.

a normal Okantana when in it's sealed state, which it is rarely kept in due to his preference of his Shikai. To activate the shikai he calls out Tagetto (ターゲット, Target) whilst throwing the sword above his head and when it comes down it will be in the form of a revolver.

Shikai Special Abilty: Ginei's ability is to manifest different types of weapon and different types of bullets for his weapons. So far he has been seen using a few of weapons but he says that he has a whole libary of weapons to use. These range from revolvers to demonic weapons that fire arrows imbuned with demonic energy;some have special powers while others just fire normal shot. Below is a catalogue of weapons he has been seen using.


Joker and Jester.

Jester & Joker:
His favourite manifestation of his zanpaktou, these two are a pair of handguns that have seen a lot of battles and had improvements made on them. They are able to fire a plethora of elemental bullets from ice infused bullets to bullets made of pure light.

Jumpin Jack: A shotgun that fire buckshot over a large range. The buckshot spreads out but doesn't travel far in terms of distance. One of Ginei's favourite techniques is to ram the shotgun into his opponent and then fire point blank. Ginei has been seen offlaoding the weapon more than once and then sending all the pellets out at once.

Jumping Jack

Jumping Jack

'Happy Go Lucky: The form his sword takes upon first transformation. It resembles a six shot revolver with customized barrel so a knife fits onto it below the gun chamber. The revolver it self is silver. The main drawback to this weapon is that it needs to be hand reloaded every six shots. The main ability of this weapon is that the bullets can richochet off surfaces at any angle so they can hit their target.

Instinct: Is a hand mounted gun that fires lasers made of purple energy. The laser it self can be charged to fire in a stronger beam or quickly for acurate but quick shots. When charged the laser can hit multiple targets. Using this weapon is very draining on Ginei as the lasers are made from pure reiatsu and so can only be stopped by the strongest of spells.

Deep Thought: Is a massive rocket launcer. The rocket fired can only travel twenty metres before it explodes and it is very heavy but despite

Deep Thought

these drawbacks the weapon it self has great damage dealing potential.

Bullseye: Is a large rifle that shoots high caliber-penetration type bullets. It is used for the longer ranges that Ginei has to shoot at. The bullets are known to be deadly acurate but that is not know to be its main power.

Niche skills: Are a pair of Sub machine guns that can fire at an extremly fast rate also each bullet can split

Niche Skills

into two during flight and the bullets have a tendancy to bounce off of walls albeit unpredicatbly.

Gifuto no KonguEdit

Along with his brother, Ginei is able to use qualities from each of his powers and combine them. For example Ginei can create new kido types that combine ginto and kido. or by using the path changing abilities when he uses arrows he can control kido remotely. Below is a list of new techniques Ginei has created.

Suberikomu Kido (Japanese for slithernig demon arts.) Is a technique that combines Ginei quincy and shinigami skills. When using it he is able to change the direction of kido mid-flight by shouting out directions; like he can with arrows.

Majutsu (Wizardy)Edit

The name of the new breed of kido like spells Ginei had created by combining kido and ginto. These vary in stregth and have clear binding or offensive properties like kido. Some require the use of silver tubes while others don't. These are unique and can only be used by himself or his brother. Many have two states of activation and are primarily named in German. An Anforderung-Rede (Invocation Speech) can be used to strengthen the spell, much like a spirit chant.

Binden (Binding)Edit

Nr. Zwanzig: Netz der Spinne: (Number twenty: Spiders web) When Ginei calls out the name he will motion his hands while throwing strands made of reiatsu. When they are all in place he will call out "Ziehen Sie an." (Energise) The strands will then become electric to those who touch them. Useful for creating traps.

Nr. dreißig fünf: Sucher. (Number thirty five: Tracker) Ginei throws out a tube and as it falls it splits into many seperate spheres which then attach themselves to the opponent, immobilisnig him. When Ginei shouts "Knall (bang)" the orbs explode.

Zerstörend ( Destructive)Edit

Nr. sechzig zwei: Fünf Möglichkeit Zerstampfung (German for Number sixty two): Is very similar to the ginto "Gritz" but is five times stronger. After calling out the spells name five large pillars will descend in a line or cross shaped pattern, hoping to crush the enemies.

Nr. achtzig: Bohrgerät (Number eighty: Drill) Ginei throws three tubes out whilst calling the spell name, when he is done a large blue arrow manifests, throwing it self into it's target. On the command of "Drehbeschleunigung"(Spin) the arrow will revovle, increasing penetration against barriers.


Ginei is based on Alzack Connel from fairy tail.

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