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Gengetsu profile pic
Name Gengetsu
Kanji げんげつ
Romanji Gengetsu
Race Reikon Kyuuban
Birthday Unknown
Age 300+
Gender Male
Height 5ft 9in
Weight 70kg
Eyes One Red one Blue
Hair Black
Blood Type A+
Unusual Features Heterochromia
Professional Status
Affiliation White Tower
Collective Vices (Loosely)
Previous Affiliation Soul Society
Occupation Manager of the White Tower
Member of the Collective Vices
Previous Occupation Unknown
Team Workers at the White Tower
Previous Team Unknown
Partner Aurora Black
Previous Partner Unknown
Base of Operations Akabira City
Hama Town<br<Unknown Third
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives None left Alive
Education Years of Wandering
Status Active
Shikai Zoufukuki
Bankai Not yet Achieved
Kyūketsuki Sutēji Minagoranhitomi

Gengetsu (げんげつ, lit. Moondog), real name currently unknown, is a renegade Reikon Kyuuban with a grudge against Shinigami, Humans and Vizards. He has homes in three consecutive cities, and moves between them frequently to "keep up with the gossip". Gengetsu is also an agent of the Collective Vices, usually partnering Anko Tayuya within the organization and, on occasion, working with Bansui Amatsuki. However, he'd be considered an oddity amongst the criminal world. For one, he wouldn't inhabit either the "good" or the "bad" side. It would be more apt to describe Gengetsu as occupying a "grey area", for he usually does whatever he wishes to do, paying little heed to anything but his own goals and objectives.

Appearance Edit

Gengetsu has a rather young appearance with short cut black hair, with a single strand hanging at an angle between his eyes. He also appears to have heterochromia, as one eye is red and the other is blue. In terms of attire, Gengetsu wears clothing that gives him the appearance of a high schooler. He wears a black jacket over a very ordinary white shirt, though he has no tie and wears the shirt with the collar raised. His lower attire consists of a plain pair of black denim jeans and a pair of sneakers with waterproof sols as he cannot stand getting wet under any circumstances.

Personality Edit

Gengetsu projects a calm and calculating personality and seems to enjoy playing board games in his free time as, by his own admission, he "enjoys the thrill of a good game", especially games that require strategy and those of chance. This outlook is constantly seen when he takes part in battle, as he continually looks upon combat as a kind of sport and his foe as prey. He once compared a Shinigami he killed as "a rabbit caught in the headlights" before he killed him. The only time he loses this calm persona is when he finds himself surrounded by water, as he has a phobia against water; but why is currently unknown.

In everyday conversation, he holds a very different outlook to his usual game-seeking self; even being somewhat polite and helpful to those he does not wish to engage in combat with. This was shown most strongly in interactions with other Reikon Kyuuban, such as the self-proclaimed Queen, Myst, who he particularly enjoyed conversing with; even if he did maintain his guard. He feels quite strongly about protecting his race on a whole, either that is in the sense of guardian or in the sense of arming those who approach him with patient teaching. He hates nothing more than newly turned Reikon Kyuuban absorbing years worth of knowledge in only a scant few weeks, for he believes that breads both ignorance and unneeded pride and holds up Shiki Shirono as an example of the consequences.

Rumor and, by extension the spiritual realms on a whole, hold the view that his game-seeking attitude ultimately led to the destruction of the entire Shirono Family, excepting Sanada Shirono and the actual killer. Rumor couldn't be farther from the truth, however. Gengetsu recently explained to Myst, a fellow Reikon Kyuuban, his true participation in the event. He merely gave Shiki the means to obtain power, not caring what he did with it and not really having a mind to explore the young mans interest in his races power: it wasn't his maneuvering as so many claim that caused the Shirono clansmen to murder his family. Gengetsu even harbors great regret for the event and often says he may as well have killed them himself. It's the sole reason why he believes gaining and understanding power should never be rushed, nor one's own power ignored. His lesson learned, Gengetsu emerged a wiser man, whose calm and patient approach towards newly turned Reikon Kyuuban has helped many make the transaction from their former lives; all from the city of Akabira City, in the basement of the White Tower, the establishment he manages.

To those he knows, he maintains a somewhat aristocratic demeanor; though this vanishes whenever he reveals his true, game-seeking purpose, making this particular aspect of his character nothing more than a deceitful facade to better hide his true intentions. This persona is also dropped mostly when in the presence of other Reikon Kyuuban with the exception of taking great pride in what he owns, especially his cafe.

History Edit

Gengetsu's history is shrouded in mystery. Even his real name is unknown, even to those who know him. However, it is known that he has killed countless Shinigami, three of which were comparable to Captain-level in the past; making him a dangerous and wanted criminal.

Synopsis Edit

Main Article - Bleach (Kenji Hiroshi).

Part II Edit

The Hunt for Averian Arc Edit

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Cat and Mouse arc Edit

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Soul Society arc Edit

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Powers & Abilities Edit

Immense Spiritual Energy: Gengetsu's spiritual energy is quite large, as he constantly gives off the strength of a powerful Lieutenant-level Shinigami without even being consciously aware of it. When exerted fully, it has been noted on multiple occasions that Gengetsu is on par with an average Captain-level Shinigami, an observation supported by his defeat of three different Captain-level foes during his past.

Average Swordsmanship: Gengetsu's skill in swordsmanship is rather lacking, though he possesses the necessary skill to disarm or kill lower-tier Shinigami of the Gotei 13.

Kidō Master: Gengetsu's real skill is his extraordinary mastery of Kidō and its many forms. In seconds he can turn a defensive spell into an offense and vice versa. His skill is such that the Soul Society has labeled him an exceedingly powerful individual, based solely on his Kidō prowess and Shunpo skill.

  • Regenerative Kidō: Gengetsu has developed a means in which to restore lost body parts, as shown from how he reconstructs his left eye to full working order after crushing it in order to activate his Kyūketsuki Sutēji.

Shunpo Master: Gengetsu's high mastery of Kidō is matched only by his high mastery of Shunpo. Possessing enough speed to completely overwhelm even Captain-level foes, Gengetsu is believed to be second only to Yoruichi Shihōin in terms of speed.

Hakuda Expert: His skill in Hakuda would be greater than his low skill in swordsmanship, as shown from how easily he can incapacitate a foe just by striking key bodily points, such as pressure points. His style involves substantial use of his legs for powerful kicks and sweeps; and his leg strength is such that he can leap a great distance without the need for Shunpo.

Zanpakutō Edit

Zoufukuki: (ぞうふくき, lit. Amplifier) is the name of Gengetsu's zanpakutō, which takes the appearance of an over-sized cleaver with no guard and a completely silver-colored blade when sealed. Its sheath is nothing more than a piece of looped metal that holds the blade firmly in place on Gengetsu's back.

Gengetsu Shikai

Zoufukuki released.

  • Shikai: Zoufukuki is released with the command "Empower my Abilities". Once uttered his zanpakutō takes the form of a trident with a black shaft, three barbed prongs, and a horsehair tassle at the base colored dark blue.
Shikai Special Abilities: Zoufukuki special abilities lie in the empowering of Gengetsu's own spiritual abilities, which happen to include his Reikon Kyuuban abilities. Skills such as Kyūketsuki Ga Satsuei (吸血鬼が撮影 lit. Vampire Shot) and Kurō No Me (クローの目 lit. Crow's Eyes) are performed with much more potency and power. This also applies to Kidō.
  • Karite (刈り手, Reaper): a spiritual-based technique which wreathes the tridents three prongs in a surging torrent of reiryoku, which augments physical strikes with a blast-effect at close range. The energy creates a "trail" whenever swung, and can sever the connection a being has with their spiritual reserves temporarily.
  • Bankai: Not yet Achieved.

Kyūketsuki Sutēji Edit

An inherit trait that all Reikon Kyuuban have. During this stage, all Reikon Kyuuban have enhanced powers, gain access to new abilities, and change their physical form.

Gengetsu&#039;s vampire stage

Gengetsu, without his left eye, as caused by his Kyūketsuki Sutēji.

  • Kyūketsuki Sutēji: Gengetsu's Vampire Stage is called Minagoranhitomi: (みなごらんひとみ, All Seeing Eye). Gengetsu activates his vampire stage by removing his left eye and crushing it. His uniform remains unchanged, though his spiritual energy increases, allowing him to stand against those stronger than an average Captain-level fighter.
Kyūketsuki Sutēji Special Ability: Gengetsu's vampire stage gives Gengetsu's right eye clearer vision and increased perceptional skills. Everything he sees is seen in slow motion, allowing him a larger window of time to dodge an attack or pick a fault in his enemies attack. However, as noted by Gengetsu himself, there is a blind spot as he must sacrifice his left eye, leaving him blind on that side.
  • Enhanced Spiritual Energy: Gengetsu's already immense spiritual energy is only increased further when he activates his Kyūketsuki Sutēji. In this stage, his body constantly gives off a dark and sickly feel that can be felt from a large distance away.

Major Battles Edit

  • Gengetsu vs. Kitsui Sanretsu - Gengetsu lost after Kitsui released his Resurrección.
  • Gengetsu vs. Tyrell Nishiki - Unfinished. Gengetsu left when his forces were decimated by Tyrell's own allies.

Behind the Scenes Edit

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