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Desperate Measures: Shigeru and Teruo's Secret Trump Card!Edit

Shigeru Shikai

Shigeru's Shikai.

Shigeru burst from the shadows to kill another hollow, before turning quickly to split one of the three new Adjuchas down the middle. "Yoshiro's definitely fighting someone pretty damn strong. But I've never sensed this before, so he must be usin' that bloody Bakkōtō of his." Teruo appeared at his brother's side, blade shining brightly as he blinded the incoming hollow. The resulting flash cast the area in a shadow that Shigeru used in order to move himself and his brother to another location using his control over shadows.

Saburo Ryuu pic

The unknown man dressed in dark blue.

The two, though, were wary of the humanoid man with a massive spiritual energy standing near the entrance to the large tunnel. He hadn't moved yet, but he'd been ordering those hollow with commands since the Adjuchas proved ineffective. He was a tallish man with a blue outfit and an aristocratic appearance to him. The only thing that ruined the image was the white shirt that wasn't tucked in. He wore a dark blue outfit and held a large sword with an elaborate hilt in his hand.

Rushing past the hollow towards him, Shigeru's Shikai blade struck down with tremendous force, pushing the fellow back, but he never looked like the attack phased him. "I guess you really are the leader of this posse, then. Great! Time to clean your clock!" With a swift movement, Shigeru kicked him in the ribs before vanishing into the shadow beneath him to appear behind the fellow and strike!

Turning, the unknown figure caught Shigeru's blade before yanking him into the air and releasing, sending him flying into the far wall. "Your spiritual energy is only that of a Lieutenant and you wish to stand before me? Hehe, how foolish."

Rising from the rubble, Teruo appeared beside his brother and nodded. Shigeru hefted his zanpakuto and grinned wryly. "Since when did I start givin' up just 'cause my enemies stronger than me? Listen, there's more to fighting than strength, Arrancar. And don't look so surprised, I've known about your kind for a while now. Teruo, let's carve this bastard a new one!"

Shigeru's body awoke with a dark, shadowy aura that cast a small area around him in complete darkness. Teruo appeared at the Arrancar's back, the area around him awoke with vibrant yellow light. Both brothers nodded as they ran forward, attempting to crush him between them!

With a cheeky grin that never once left his face, the Arrancar threw his sword into the air and proceeded to charge two Cero's, one in either hand. "For your sheer reckless abandon, I will divulge my name. Saburo Ryuu, self-made Arrancar." Both Cero's flew forward, but they were absorbed by Shigeru's shadows and transferred to collide with the now unmoving group of hollow!

"Light creates a shadow, Saburo. My power lies in darkness, my brother's in light. Two opposing forces that come together to create a potent duo." Shigeru said before creating a foul orb of dark energy around Saburo. "Imprisoning Eclipse." Several blades of dark energy then broke away from the sphere to stab the opponent trapped within, with Shigeru himself delivering a devastating cut straight down the middle that forced the energy to implode inwards and collapse, causing an explosion of dark energy!

Saburo came out of the attack, his Hierro bloodied, but no grievous injuries were present. "I'd look behind me if I were you." Shigeru said confidently. Teruo, using all the light at his disposal, trapped Saburo within a square of yellow light. "Imprisoning Light." Several spears then formed, breaking away from the box as they skewered it from all angles, small trickles of blood on their edges. The box then dissipated with a large, yellow flash, both brothers shielding their eyes with their arms. With a quick movement through the shadows, Shigeru appeared behind the Arrancar and cut downwards, cutting through the skin on his back and drawing blood!

With another movement, Teruo was at his brother's side and pulled him out of the way of any possible counter-stroke, but none came as Saburo simply fell to the ground slowly. "Just because we're Lieutenant level doesn't mean we can't take down stronger foes usin' our teamwork. And if you think that's all we've got, then count yourself unlucky." Teruo wasn't often cocky, but when partnered with his brother, he felt like he could do anything and everything.

"Our boss is fightin' as well, numb-nuts. Don't take us so lightly. We didn't get to where we are today without bein' fit to knock cocky bastards like you down a few pegs. Now stand up and take your punishment like a man! You invade the Seireitei with your army of hollow and Shinigami wannabes, then expect us to do nothing!? How idiotic are you, eh!? Does the person who pulls your strings think us to be incompetent? We will fight to the last, and this is only the beginning, Arrancar. Tell him that."

Rising slowly, Saburo began chuckling, the smile still plastered on his face. "Incompetent? Not the Seireitei or the Shinigami that inhabit it. You on the other hand, yes. What was the phrase you used? Ah yes, "Pulls my strings"? No one commands me, Shinigami, a fact I will soon make painfully clear to you both." His zanpakuto returned to his hand from its floating position in the sky, and he was instantly covered in a cloud of dark smoke. "I am a being born of Darkness. Burakkumen!"

Saburo's Resurccion

Saburo's Resurrección revealed!

Darkness enveloped him, and both Yuudai brothers were brought to their knees by the sheer volume of his spiritual energy! Struggling back to his feet by exerting his own to the max, Shigeru stepped in front of his brother to block the flow, allowing his brother to stand again. "This is crazy! Is this his release!?" Teruo exclaimed with a loud voice. A sword cut through the darkness, revealing Saburo standing there with blank white eyes and two devil-like horns upon his head. He had no shirt anymore and several dark lines ran up his body. A plain sword resembling a longsword appeared in his hand with room for both hands and two large, bat-like wings formed on his back. "Tell me Shinigami, do you fell fear yet?"

Facing Saburo's Resurrección! Trump Card Revealed!Edit

Both brothers were sent flying backwards with a single, glancing blow, their back touching the wall s Saburo's devil-like Resurrección continued to dominate them. They'd used their Shikai attacks again, but Shigeru's dark orb and Teruo's box of light did little more than scratch him.

Leaping in front of his brother, Shigeru swung with all his might, blocking Saburo's fierce blow and giving Teruo the time needed to move. Shigeru shifted to the side, relive at the weight being lifted of his sword showing on his face as he leapt backwards through a shadow to stand side-by-side with his brother. "There's one I can try, Teruo. But if it doesn't work, I'll need your healing skills. Give me an opening, and I'll handle the rest."

Teruo knew his brother well, how he thought and how he fought. "You're gonna try you-know-what, aren't you? I won't try to stop you, but right now, I can just about manage three binding spells and one quick heal. Afterwards, we may hafta use that."

That brought a grimace to Shigeru's face. "That technique ain't exactly safe by any means. If we botch the attempt...we lose more than our lives." Nodding reluctant agreement, Shigeru channeled his Reiatsu into his blade, a mocking grin on his face.

"What are you two planning? Not that it matters much. I've transcended your pitiful team attacks. Come, you're beginning to interest me, Yuudai brothers!" Teruo took a deep breath, before raising his head. ""Carriage of Thunder. Bridge of a spinning wheel. With light, divide this into six! Bakudo 61: Rikujōkōrō!" Six beams of light slammed into Saburo's mid-section. "Bakudo 63: Sajo Sabaku!" Several lengths of golden-yellow chain wrapped itself multiple times around Saburo's body. With another deep breathe, Teruo outstretched both hands. "Bakudo 62: Hyapporankan!" The cylindrical rod he threw split into several, pinning Saburo to the back wall.

With a wide grin, Shigeru switched his sword to a reverse-grip...and sunk it deep into his own stomach! "Shadow Cut!" The exact same wound appeared on Saburo's body, and with a quick motion, Shigeru yanked the blade out and fell to his knees. "Heh...for five seconds...I can link my body with anyone I've cut. I cut your back earlier, remember? Yeah...I'm incompetent...and yet I'm able to outsmart you."

With shaking arms and legs due to exertion, Teruo pushed his limits and surrounded his brother in a fantastic yellow light. "Healing Light...!" In seconds, the wound had repaired itself and closed up, but it didn't restore Shigeru's spiritual energy that he lost when he'd injured himself. "Teruo, those bonds will hold him a while longer. Nows our chance to reveal our true power."

Teruo nodded, breathing heavy as he focused on keeping his arms steady. "Shigeru...this is either gonna end good...or very badly. We've only ever done this once before, and we very nearly botched it." Shigeru sighed and nodded. "But if we don't, we're dead anyway. That wound won't slow him down forever, and you and me are pretty much tapped. This guy's easily beyond a Captain, even without that release. But we've defeated a hollow that was just as strong, remember?"

Teruo recalled the Vasto Lord the two brothers had encountered a number of years ago when they still served under Koichi Hiroshi. Then, it had taken what they were about to do now in order to win that battle. The two re-sealed their zanpakuto before they stood back-to-back. "Remember, pour an even amount." Teruo instructed. They both poured an even amount of spiritual pressure into their sealed Zanpakutō before Shigeru sighed, Saburo almost breaking free of the spells that held him. "Worthless Shinigami! You will pay!".

Shigeru impaled himself in his Saketsu Soul Chain, while Teruo impaled himself in Hakusui Soul Sleep. Due to them standing back-to-back, both of their Soul Chains and Soul Sleeps were impaled. The energy poured into their sealed zanpakuto released in a fantastic display of dark yellow light as both brothers seemed to phase into one-another, forming a completely new individual.

Shigeru & Teruo merged

Shigeru and Teruo's fused form revealed.

The single entity appeared in a crouched position as Saburo finally broke his bonds and rushed forward, sword raised! But the fused being flashed forward and grasped Saburo's wrist tightly. "Now, now." He spoke in a dual-voice, a complete mix of Shigeru's and Teruo's voices. "That's dangerous." With a quick movement to the left, he released his grip and sent the Arrancar flying towards the tunnel's entrance.

"I guess you can call me Shiteruo Yuudai. And yes, I'm the result of those two fusing, 'cause your face is asking "what the hell happened?"." Shiteruo revealed his sealed zanpakuto, a straight-edged katana blade that resembled Shigeru's Shikai. He himself had long, spiked black hair, mostly at the front with a sleeveless black shirt and black trousers. "Shall we continue, Saburo? I'm itchin' to show you my strength." He exerted his spiritual energy and flashed forward, striking Saburo in the ribs before spin kicking him off to the side. "And this is me without a Shikai. Oops, did I go and spoil the surprise? Oh well."

Decisive Clash! Shiteruo Yuudai vs. Saburo RyuuEdit

Shiteruo slashed aside three hollow before lunging himself at Saburo! Several hollow tried to impede him, and several were sent flying back as he blasted his spiritual energy. Come together and Flicker, Naitokagayaki!" (Night's Radiance). The blade remained the same shape as Shigeru's zanpakuto, with the handle and coloring more like Teruo's. An aura surrounded him that flickered from black to yellow, sometimes mixed.

Three needle's shot from his hand, and he used their shadow to appear behind Saburo as he dodged them. "Pekaaboo, I see you!" Lashing out with a kick, Shiteruo sent the Arrancar flying into the hard ground below before flashing after him and smashing his fist into his gut. "If you think I'm just those two in one body usin' their own individual skills mixed, then you've got another thing comin'." Grabbing him by the throat, he hurled Saburo to his feet and grinned.

"Oh what's wrong? Why the long, angry face? You liked this battle when you were winning, and now that you aren't, you're throwing the toys outta the pram. Bo ho for you, Saburo! Grow a god-damned pair! You've got a face on ya like a bulldog chewin' a wasp, and quite frankly, I'm annoyed right to the back teeth lookin' at it. Get out of my sight, eh?"

Saburo suddenly ran forward, catching Shiteruo by the throat and releasing a torrent of black energy that scorched his skin as it sent him trailing into the wall! "I'm nowhere near finished, Shinigami! My power transcends your pitiful power. I will show yo-"

Shiteruo pulled himself out of the man-shaped indent in the wall and cracked his neck muscles before outstretching his right hand. "Now you've gone and pissed me off... again! I'm gonna show you my strength in Kidō. Seeping crest of turbidity, arrogant vessel of lunacy. Boil forth and deny, grow numb and flicker, disrupting sleep. Crawling queen of iron, eternally self-destructing doll of mud. Unite and repulse. Fill with soil as your sealing becomes complete. Bakudo 90: Yeah, you weren't expectin' this, Kuroireikyuu!" The orb that appeared in Shiteruo's hand formed around Saburo and trapped him before six black spears slammed into the sphere.

With another breath, he began chanting again. "Let's see how you like this, eh? Seeping crest of turbidity, arrogant vessel of lunacy. Boil forth and deny, grow numb and flicker, disrupting sleep. Crawling queen of iron, eternally self-destructing doll of mud. Unite, repulse. Fill with soil and know your own powerlessness. Hado 90: Yeah, I know it to, Kurohitsugi!" The black coffin formed around the sphere that held Saburo before energy blades skewered everything inside! "Now, I thought you were pretty damn ugly beforehand, but I doubt this improves ya any." He said with a cocky tone and wry grin.

Saburo fell forward into an opening Garganta. "I will return...Shiteruo Yuudai...!"

"Sure ya will, Saburo. I'll see ya then, eh? Have yourself a good day now." His tone was laced thickly with Sarcasm. "But Yoshiro's still fighting... I wonder what he'll make of this form? I suppose the only other person who's actually seen this is Koichi Hiroshi and Kensai Kuchiki... He began flashing towards his friend...

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