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"Hold onto your anger, son, for the world will need it. The world often continues to allow evil because it isn't angry enough to put a stop to it. Remember always, that anger is only a single letter short of danger, and an angry person is indeed a very dangerous one. "
— Dastan to Kenji

Dastan's sealed zanpakuto
Name Dastan
Kanji Unknown
Romaji {{{romaji}}}
Race Shinigami
Birthday Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Height Around 6ft
Weight Unknown
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Blood Type Unknown
Unusual Features Tattoo on his shoulder and bicep
Professional Status
Affiliation The Ryu Order
Previous Affiliation Soul Society
Royal Guard
Occupation Member of The Ryu Order
Previous Occupation High Marshall of the Ring of Three
Team The Ryu Order
Previous Team Royal Guard
Gotei 13
Partner None
Previous Partner Galath Tristan
Base of Operations Unknown
Personal Status
Marital Status Widower
Relatives Shiba Family
Education Shinō Academy
Status Active
Shikai Sanzu
Bankai Revealed, but not named
Resurrección Not yet Revealed

Dastan Shiba (Shiba Dastan), better known simply as Dastan or as his previously held alias of The Trickster, is a Vizard who once made his living as an assassin; though he gave up this life when he recovered from his amnesia. He is revealed to be the father of Meian, Rosuto, Kireina and Kenji, which makes him the grandfather of Kentaro Hiroshi; even though he attempted to kill Kenji on three different occasions because of his amnesia and Averian's plotting. He now resides within Horiwari Village, training the new recruits of The Ryu Order as well as holding the Captaincy of the 9th Division.

However, he has since disappeared completely and is considered MIA, with his position being granted to Kensei Muguruma.

Appearance Edit

Dastan's white robes

Dastan as The Trickster.

Dastan has combed down, shoulder length brown hair and no longer wears the robes of the Shinigami, cutting all ties with his old life. He wears a suit of leather-like armor with a circular medallion placed in its center with a thin, but long piece of red cloth wrapped multiple times around his waist with the loose bits hanging down behind him. He also has a tattoo on his right shoulder and bicep. As The Trickster, Dastan wears a long, white robe that hides his spiritual energy.

Personality Edit

"You think the way of an assassin is underhanded? Ha! Tell me this then: what's underhanded about striking at a person's weak point, weakening them with poison and removing the very sovereignty a person has over their bodies? That, dear boy, is true despair. "
— Dastan

Dastan is calm, composed and always has an air of readiness, showing many behaviors associated with someone who is continually hunted. Showing not a shred of trust, Dastan prefers to operate alone, but had allied himself with Averian to further his own goals. Most would consider his battle methods sly and under-handed, striking from shadows and attacking vital areas for extreme lethality, but he considers it more of a life-style choice. He generally confuses his opponent through elaborate acrobatics and lightning-fast swordplay which he combines with his deliberately misleading words. Dastan also speaks in a polite manner, echoing someone of royalty or perhaps nobility, befitting his station as a member of the Shiba Clan.

When his memories returned, Dastan proved to be wise and slow to anger, taking things in his stride when others would be prone to panic or hasty actions. He very much became even more calm and acts as a voice of reason to his son and grandson. He has also reaffirmed the old student-teacher relationship he once had with his Sensei Maki Zhijun, and between them, have crafted the recruits of The Ryu Order into an effective and team-oriented fighting force.

History Edit

Synopsis Edit

Main Article - Bleach (Kenji Hiroshi).

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Equipment Edit

Dual-Swords: Dastan carries two dual bladed weapons with him that were originally believed to be his actual zanpakuto. These blades are incredibly durable and powerful and Dastan uses them with extreme precision and skill. They are his most used weapons and has been able to fight effectively against the likes of Maki Zhijun, Ryouta Hachirou and Koichi Hiroshi.

White Robe: Dastan often wears a cloak that serves two purposes. It hides his spiritual energy from everyone and allows him to hide his true identity should he wish it.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Immense Spiritual Energy: Dastan, as a previous Royal Guard Captain and member of a noble clan, has enormous levels of spiritual energy. Maki described his as incredibly powerful and that if he so wished, could've killed Kenji, Yoshiro and Momoko with a look. Kenji describes his spiritual energy as being "as vast as an ocean and just as deadly." When used at full power, Dastan's spiritual energy was enough to make a Segunda Etapa using Future Averian fight seriously and even show signs of fear. Since his hollowfication; Dastan possesses a dual-type spiritual energy.

Enhanced Speed: Dastan possesses great athletic and acrobatic skills, running up and across walls and jumping great distances without the use of Shunpo. He employs these skills in movement to silently assassinate his enemies. He has also shown enough speed to perform feats which would be considered impossible without the use of Shunpo, like running up vertical walls and across running water.

Enhanced Strength: Dastan was able to cause severe internal damage to Yoshiro with a single kick.

Enhanced Endurance: Dastan, as The Trickster, emerged from Kenji and Yoshiro's strongest Shikai abilities and Momoko's Kidō net combination attack without an injury to be seen. Only his clothing was tattered.

Master Swordsmanship: Although not fully shown, Dastan would require a great deal of skill in swordsmanship to become a Royal Guard captain. Dastan's skill was great enough to fight effectively against someone of Maki Zhijun's skill and against Kenji Hiroshi after he underwent his Dangai training. His advanced knowledge regarding swordsmanship allows him to recognize the styles once used by the Yuengiri during his battle with Kenji.

Master Assassin: Dastan was once a member of the Omnisukidō and has shown himself to be exceptionally skilled in the art of assassination, failing only to kill Kenji Hiroshi.

Master Hakuda Combatant: Dastan's full skill is yet to be shown, but as the Leader of the Detention Unit, he would have had to subdue the prisoners of the Maggot's nest using only his hands and feet. While acting as The Trickster, Dastan was able to cause severe internal injuries to Yoshiro Kazuki with a single kick.

Shunpo Master: Dastan is incredibly fast and can follow even the fastest opponents. In his most recent battle with Kenji Hiroshi, Dastan was able to keep up with his newfound speed and even forced Kenji completely on the defensive with incredibly fast movements and swordplay.

Zanpakutō Edit

Note: Dastan's ability to see the future, and his ability to send others through time, will not feature in regular RP's unless it plays a vital plot device and all those involved have agreed to it beforehand. For regular RP's, he will only be using his melee skills and ability to slow attacks around him.

Dastan's sealed zan

Dastan's sealed zanpakuto.

Sanzu (The Sands) is the name of Dastan's zanpakuto and is sealed in the form of a beautiful, ornate, blue dagger with a phial-like hilt and a large jewel on the base of the hilt.

Dastan shikai

Dastan's Shikai.

Shikai: Dastan's Sanzu is released with the phrase Be Unleashed, Sanzu, and is accompanied by an abrupt increase in his spiritual energy which surrounds and encompasses the entire area in a brown aura. Upon release, Dastan's dagger changes into a long, chain-like weapon with many smaller blades along its length. The weapon is incredibly long, being capable of reaching the clouds when Dastan is standing on the ground. He generally uses it to entangle an enemy and slam them into various objects, like the ground.

Shikai Special Abilities: Dastan's Shikai allows him a moderate control over the forces of time manipulation. He can see his own future; though he powerless to prevent his own death should he witness it and can slow attacks through a special energy field which his Shikai provides, allowing him a greater level of time to dodge incoming attacks.
  • Enhanced Spiritual Energy: Dastan's spiritual energy increases when he releases his Shikai to the point he was able to defeat Kenji Hiroshi rather quickly by slamming him into the ground continuously.
Dastan's Bankai

Dastan's Bankai.

Bankai: Although the name has yet to be revealed, when Dastan releases his Bankai, the area is surrounded by a truly massive spiritual energy. Dastan emerges completely changed. His entire body becomes covered in a suit of armor that closely resembles a hollow with intricate yellow designs that looks like flowing sand. His eyes turn yellow and his hair stands up and becomes wavy, as though it were suspended in water.

Bankai Special Abilities: Dastan's true Bankai power is the ability to control time, either sending upwards of two people, including himself, to either the past or future. While he never uses this ability during battle, two uses in quick succession tires him considerably.
  • Enhanced Spiritual Energy: Dastan's spiritual energy increased to the point that Kenji told all his friends to flee and return with Maki Zhijun, Koichi Hiroshi, Rikimaru Ichinose and Ryouta Hachirou. It covered the entire area and was described as terrifying and brutal in it's nature. His Reiatsu becomes completely black whilst in Bankai and is described as being extremely powerful.
  • Enhanced Strength: Dastan's strength increases upon release of his Bankai and allowed him to initially overpower Kenji, Yoshiro and Kusaka.
  • Enhanced Speed: Dastan's already impressive speed increases again upon release of his Bankai. He was initially able to overpower Kenji, Yoshiro and Kusaka.

Hollowfication Edit

Dastan's Hollow Mask

Dastan's Hollow Mask.

Although the means by which Dastan gained his hollow powers are unknown, Kenji has speculated that it was probably Averian's doing. His mask is smooth, with no horns or protrusions, but it does have a rather dark and sinister appearance. Possessing a skeletal look, the top section of the mask is a dull white coloration, almost as if it had been piled with dirt for centuries. The lower sections are darker, with the mouth not opening at all, even when Dastan himself speaks. Dastan's hair also becomes wavy and appears to move as though it were alive.

  • Power Augmentation: While utilizing the mask, Dastan's Hollow powers supplement his Shinigami powers, giving him a vast increase in both strength and speed. The explanation for this is that since Hollows boost their natural abilities by obtaining spiritual power around them, either by absorbing it in its ambient form or devouring it directly from another living being, Dastan attains power from two separate sources: that from himself (drawn using his Shinigami powers), and that from his immediate environment (drawn with the help of his Hollow powers), allowing him to draw power from both sides.
  • Enhanced Spiritual Energy: Dastan's spiritual energy is augmented significantly when using his mask. His spiritual energy in this form seems to be greater than Kenji's own when using his own mask, as Dastan was repeatedly fit to get the upper-hand.
  • Cero: Dastan obtains the ability to fire potent Cero blasts from either his hand, or general body. His was strong enough to cancel out Kenji Hiroshi's.

Behind the ScenesEdit

I based Dastan's appearance and abilities on one of my favorite characters from a video game; The Prince of Persia The Sands of Time Trilogy. His name originates from the film version of The Prince, who was called Dastan.

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