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Name Cristina
Kanji クリスチナ
Romaji Kurisutina
Race Arrancar
Age "12" (appearance)
Gender Female
Eyes Red
Hair blonde
Blood Type Unspecified
Professional Status
Affiliation Matro
Previous Affiliation
Occupation Wandering Arrancar, Matro's Counterpart
Previous Occupation None
Team None
Previous Team None
Partner Matro
Previous Partner None
Base of Operations Various
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Matro (counterpart)
Education {{{education}}}
Resurrección {{{resurreccion}}}

Cristina (クリスチナ Kurisutina) is a fanon character of the Bleach series.

Appearance Edit

Cristina takes the form of a young girl with red eyes, and long blonde hair. Like Matro, she wears modern uncommon of Arrancar, normally wearing a T-shirt, arm warmers and black shorts with no . The location of her Hollow Mask is unknown.

Personality Edit

Cristina's personality matches her appearance, that of a young child. She is loud, hyperactive, and highly curious, always the first to explore or investigate anything they come into contact with, much to Matro's annoyance. Uncommon for an Arrancar, she is very kind, and willing to help anyone in need. She's developed a brother-sister relationship with Matro, acting very familiarly with him, and annoying him a great deal.

History Edit

While she was still one with Matro, she shared his same past and experiences until Matro split into two Arrancar, one resulting in himself and one resulting in Cristina.

Synopsis Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Immense Spiritual Power: Though her Spiritual Pressure is weaker than Matro's she can still take on the average Shinigami captain by herself.

Expert Swordsmanship Specialist: Even though it is not her most common weapon, Cristina has some skill is swordplay, on the level of a Shinigami Lieutenant.

Marksmanship: Due to her release being a gun, Cristina is a skilled marksman, being able to shoot down small moving targets, and can zone in on targets from a distance.

Second Being Edit

El Gato del Trueno (サンダーキャット Erugetsu Derutorueno; Spanish and Japanese for The Thunder Cat) is Cristina's Zanpakuto. Unlike other Arrancar, her power is not sealed in the form of a sword, but in the form of another Arrancar, Matro. However, is also seems to be sealed in her, as Matro is typically shown releasing.

File:El Gato del Trueno Released 2.jpg
  • Resurrección: El Gato del Trueno's release command is Roar and Strike (鳴き声然して殴打 nakigoe soshite ouda). When released, Cristin wields a standard pistol. Her appearance however, changes drastically, as she ages to a woman in her 20's, wearing what slightly resembles a military uniform, and a long white cloak.
Resurrección Special Ability: While in her released form, Cristina's pistol can fire electrically charged blasts of Reishi. It possesses the same power as Matro's revolver, capable of firing 100 shots at a time before it needs to reload and can fire the blasts in the form of bullets, where she is capable of firing up to 500

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