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Collective Vices
Name Collective Vices
Kanji 集団悪徳
Romanji Shūdan Akutoku
Leader(s) Collective
Founder(s) Unknown
Headquarters Kōhai Tochi
Affiliation Kōhai Tochi
Purpose Currently Unknown

The Collective Vices (集団悪徳, Shūdan Akutoku) is a powerful organization operating out of Kōhai Tochi with unknown motives and goals.

Overview Edit

They're influence in the spiritual realms are as expansive as it is secretive, with agents in almost every realm and organization they have their eyes on; among them The Ryu Order. The main leadership is made up of only the strongest and most feared criminals who each have their own faction of followers within Kōhai Tochi itself.

Members Edit

Known Members
Member Zanpakutō
Averian Shōhisharei
Shadōkingu Unknown
Rei'juro Satonaka Hiretsuna Kyōki
Inai Satonaka Nobunaga No Shiyo
Araziel Unknown
Shori Keihatsu Nise Yoake
Sabishii Kunsha (presumed KIA) Sabishii Kunsha
Sena Kyosai Mokin-Rui

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