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Wisdom (知力, Chiryoku) was a metaphysical form of supernatural energy that compose and power God-like beings such as the Ki-Rin and Tenjin like The One, The Outsider, and The Balancer. Originally believed to be a separate form of energy, Wisdom was later revealed to be the evolution and precursor to Reiryoku due to the fact that The Balancer was the Original Creator of Reiryoku.

To the Tenjin, Wisdom was referred to as Celestial Force (天勢, Tensei) and Celestial Power (天力, Tenryoku) respectively.



Controlling WisdomEdit

Guiding Wisdom entailed significant risks for the users, consequences that every one had come to accept. When a person used Wisdom beyond their body's ability to control and sustain itself, the individual could suffer severe drawbacks, including physical damage, accelerated aging, or in an unique cases, certain death through the over exertion of their own body cells.

List of Notable UsersEdit




Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Wisdom is a re-edited version of Philosophy found on Bleach Fan Fiction. However, the majority of the users and the writer himself, have concluded to add more information while simplifying it to not seem over powered.
  • Another Poetic Spartan would like to credit Twilight Despair 5 for providing the initial concepts and allowing him to use his concepts in a redefined matter.
  • Wisdom was written to act as a parallel to Reiatsu and intended to act as a partnership rather than domination.

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