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Welcome to The Bleach Fanon Wikia (Better Bleach Fan Fiction Wiki), a wiki dedicated to fiction pertaining to the Bleach series. This wiki was founded on September 4th, 2010, although since its inception, the original administration team have resigned.


2010 — 2011Edit

2011 — 2012Edit

2012 — 2013Edit

2013 — presentEdit

Bleach Fanon continued to function normally despite several bouts of arguments, drama, and controversy. Activity had taken a notable downturn in the 2013/2014 years, due to a general lack of interest and time amongst the small userbase. As a result, the lack of site activity was generally referred to as "the quiet time", or in more historical terms "the Great Depression" as some would say. At this time, the wiki's rules, policies, and overall systems have been well and firmly grounded after three years of hard work. Bleach Fanon's future is likely to be a promising one, regardless of how much or little activity there may be.

April FoolsEdit


On April 1, 2013 (GMT), Another Poetic Spartan uploaded a number of My Little Pony pictures and used them to replace several existing ones on the Main Page, from the background image to the site logo itself. This change caused a number of reactions, the most notable being that the prank itself was not well-received, despite the effort to liven things up a bit. This caused APS to receive a number of rage-laden comments from the community, even though there were a few praises here and there. Bleach Fanon was de-brony-fied and all MLP-related images were deleted by APS approximately several hours after the prank began, at the encouragement of the annoyed userbase.



In the Year 2012-2013, Bleach Fanon's namespace was changed from "Better Bleach Fan Fiction" to "The Bleach Fanon".

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