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Bleach: Dark Horizon(ブリチ ダーク ホリドゾン , Burichi: Daku Horidozon) is a fanon series created by User:Blankslate, and is co-authored by both him and User:Mangetsu20, and will feature several characters from other users of this wiki. It chronicles the stories of Mikado Amarante, a young Shinigami trying to escape the blandness and repetition of his duties in a newly formed Gotei 13.

The story is ongoing and is expected to begin sometime in late January/early February 2013.


Several years after the defeat of the Wandenreich, a mysterious force from the depths of Hell emerges in the very center of Soul Society, wreaking havoc upon it's military and civilian denizens. With the help of Entei Tsukuhara, a former Royal Guard, the surviving Gotei 13 forces manage to drive the mysterious force out of Soul Society. This is only the beginning of their troubles, however, as the colossal mass of dark energy instead moves into the World of the Living, turning it one large wasteland with very few habitable areas.

This causes Asumu Godai, along with several other surviving Sternritter, to move into the wasteland and create a massive city of Reishi gathered from Hueco Mundo to house the surviving human population, which has dropped to a dangerous level of a few hundred million in light of the "Rain of Hell", as it's been called. The newly established Quincy military does what it can to keep peace and establish dominance, but civil unrest only continues to spread.

Now, our heroes not only have to deal with a brewing cold war between the Quincy and Shinigami, but it is also apparent that the balance of souls has become brutally one sided. Because tensions between the Gotei 13 and the Wandenreich have never been patched, and are still as volatile as ever, the Gotei can no longer send Pluses to the Soul Society, and because the only place that could have souls is the Quincy-occupied mega city, Hollows can no longer be purified and are instead obliterated by the Wandenreich forces. Above all of this, there is the lingering fear that the force from Hell might return one day, and end their existences for good.


Main CharactersEdit

Mikado Amarante:

Gotei 13Edit

Entei Tsukuhara:


Ichigo Kurosaki



Unnamed Demon King: A mysterious and powerful force that nearly destroyed Soul Society before the beginning of the story.


Asumu Godai: The new King of the Wandenreich after the fall of Yhwach.



  • This is a revitalization of the User's previous Bleach work, and is meant to be a fresh start for him and his characters, as well as the site in general.

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