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The One Thing That Couldn't Be SaidEdit

"…Hm?" Gai Nagareboshi was awoken to the sound of birds chirping outside. Slowly standing to his feet, the Mototsu opened the window, gazing up at the blue sky, all while staying wary of not falling down the stairs positioned in front of his bed. For some reason, even standing was somewhat painful. Perhaps it was still the aftereffects of that foe's Inferna Falx. Even though Gai was completely healed, there was still a stinging pain where that scar had previously been, but it was not severe enough to alert Hizashi. Gai could not bring himself to worry Hizashi any more— especially after all she had been through.

As Gai wrapped several bandages around his lower chest area, Hizashi, who was downstairs in the kitchen, noticed this from the corner of her eye. Disappointed that he would attempt to hide something like that from her, she sighed and continued to attempt to cook breakfast— despite her hazardous culinary skills, the cause of which was because of Hizashi's illiteracy— which she attempted to keep a closely-guarded secret, especially to Gai, who she feared would abandon her if he found out.

Despite both Gai Nagareboshi and Hizashi Yoshi's yearning to be together, which was hampered by horrible communication skills, caused by a sheltered upbringing and a traumatic past respectively— the two had multiple dark secrets that they were afraid to tell one another.

Trudging downstairs, Gai noticed that Hizashi's movements were somewhat slowing— as if she was saddened by something, it appeared in his own mind. Approaching her, Gai almost immediately inquired about what was troubling her, "U-Uh, Hizashi, if you don't mind answering…What's going on with you today? It's like you're down in the dumps about something."

Hizashi coldly replied "N-Nothing. It is nothing, so do not exhaust your concern anent such a matter…" before turning away. Such a response incited concern in Gai, who then responded "Dammit Hizashi, something is definitely wrong. If you'd just tell me—" Gai was interrupted by Hizashi, who interjected icily, "This quandary of mine is none of your concern. Now, if you'll exonerate me—" This time, Gai was the one to interrupt Hizashi, proclaiming, "Hizashi, you don't have to hide things from me."

Hizashi turned around to face Gai, looking down slightly due to the two's small height difference, before replying "Gai, I have had enow with you withholding personal knowledge from me. I care about you, and I would like to assume that we can be truthful with one another," in a heartfelt tone, radically different from her usual calm and composed demeanor. "And I hazard a guess that there is something else happening that I am unaware of, I find such acts discommodious!"

Sighing, Gai, affected by this display of emotion which was unusual for Hizashi, responded to this outburst, "…I've gotta admit; I can't lie to you. I just don't want you worrying too much about me; you've been through too much already." Still, Nagareboshi pondered to himself; "How can someone talk like that while keeping a straight face?"

Understanding; yet disappointed by Gai's decision, Hizashi almost reflexively pulled the Mototsu into a tight embrace, surprising Gai as she was formerly haphephobic. Gasping for air, Gai coughed as Hizashi cried, "Gai…I find such an act attingent…But how can I not express my concern over you? After all you have been through; I cannot fathom why you persist to withhold vital information from me."

"Well, Hizashi…I only have about four living people who I care about. I honestly don't care about anyone else other than you, Nika, Gunha, and Haruko. As I told you before— I don't want anyone getting too concerned about me; I can handle things that most of you can't." Hizashi frowned at this statement, before retorting "I am in knowledge that you have discarded your incredibly irritating habit to go about gasconading about your origins; but would such matters honestly affect you to inform me-er, if I could correct my verbal moria, us, once in a while if a significant conflict of sorts is troubling you? These anaerectic tendacies shall not suffice for me."

"…Tch." Clicking his tongue and not responding for several movements, Gai finally answered, looking away, crossing his arms, and stammering in embarrassment, "…W-Whatever. Quit your whining; I'll tell you what's going on. Stop pestering me." Hizashi covered her mouth with her free hand; holding back her laughter at Gai's immature reaction, thinking to herself, "He's gone coccineous...Such a scene is rather cute."

"Nika said that there's a new generation of Espada…They might target you because of your connection to me. I didn't want you finding out about this— I wanted to deal with it myself while you rested. I know how you're reluctant to step into a confrontation once again, Hizashi." Gai explained, returning to his regular demeanor. "…And now you're worried, aren't you? …Tch, I'm sorry for that."

"No…I am not concerned over my wellbeing. I am confident that as long as I can fight in close proximity to you, I can topple any foe, as I lo—" After a brief second, Hizashi blushed, realizing what she had just almost confessed. Gai, curious and somewhat hoping that Hizashi had feelings beyond mere friendship for him and was about to confess her love for him, inquired, "Hm? What were you about to say, Hizashi…?"

Hizashi looked away, unwilling to admit her feelings for the younger man, due to the age difference, the eyebrows it would raise if the two were seen being overly affectionate in public, and the fear that Gai might reject her. "H-Hizashi, I-I'll admit, since we met ten years ago and the…events…that ensued, I kinda—"

Gai stopped himself, looking away in great embarrassment. Perhaps the age difference disturbed her, or she would reject him. One could never be too wary of such a dilemma when dealing with romance and all that entailed. Both regaining their composure, Gai and Hizashi looked at each other, before Hizashi proposed shyly; "…We seem to have a somewhat of a communication quandary. Perhaps it would be for the best if we told each other what we were anent to proclaim at the exact same time."

"…Yeah, that sounds right to me," Gai replied, hoping that he would hear the words he had been waiting for so long for. "Alright, then, one…two…"

At that moment, the two both blurted out, "I—love—you."

At Seireitei, Haruko walked past the train station, noticing a bullet train speeding into a tunnel. Somewhat unnerved by such a scene and the implications thereof, she uttered, "This Freudian symbolism's very disturbing…"

A Mysterious FoeEdit

Haruko shook her mind off such thoughts, she once again focused on her goal— to discover and prevent whatever Snakey and Chimpette cautioned her about.

The sound of rain falling from the heavens rung in Haruko's ears, as a torrential downpour shot down from the once clear-blue sky almost instantly. Growling, the disgruntled Captain-Commander threw her hood over her head, shielding herself from the droplets which were pelting her body. Haruko muttered to herself, "Argh…why does this always happen to me…?"

As the rain poured down, Haruko noticed a lone figure walking towards her. This enigmatic being had shining, ominous magenta within sapphire pupils, which were further highlighted by the rain casting a dark shadow over the area. Haruko, feeling a decimating presence emanating from this figure, clutched the hilt of her Zanpakutō, prepared to take action immediately should the need arise. Her lip curling, Haruko forced a confident smirk, cockily uttering, "So…what took you so long…?"

Thrusting their right arm out to their side, the figure before the Captain-Commander of the Gotei 13 retorted, "I am the light which stagnates the darkness in people's hearts. Yatte yaruze, Tensei."

Snow-white feathers swirled around this figure's arm, before solidifying and taking the form of the being's Zanpakutō, an odd, grey blade, with a red streak going down the middle. On the sides, two wheel-like attachments are just below the tip of the blade. On the sides of the black and gold cross-guard, it has dark yellow dragon's claws, both holding a red orb. It has red dragon's horns that extend out near the center of the cross-guard, and a black visor just above the cross-guard. The pommel consists of a black spike with smaller spikes on the sides. There are spikes on the blade, similar to a dragon's fangs.

"Wait…"yatte yaruze"? That's Nagareboshi's release command. Could it be that this guy and he are related…?" Haruko thought to herself, as she quickly unsheathed her Zanpakutō, Akkio, dispelling such meager thoughts. Akkio takes the form of a crimson nodachi with a pentagram-shaped tsuba and a tooth-shaped pommel.

Without another word from either of them, the two rushed forward at each other, tearing up the asphalt around them as they moved at incredible speeds, before clashing blades with enough force to disperse the very air around the two combatants.

Wordlessly, the being before Haruko hissed a command from in-between their teeth, and light gathered and roared around Tensei's blade, as black feathers surrounded the weapon.

"Shining." The black feathers around Tensei converged, before immediately hardening. "Onslaught." a loud *BOOM!* echoed throughout the air, as the figure unleashed a spinning, cross-shaped blast of feathers at the Captain-Commander, who cried out "Howl, Akkio!" In response, Haruko's blade seperated into eight segments which quickly rearranged themselves in a winged formation which floated behind her back as she leapt back, barely avoiding an attack of such magnitude.

Catching herself in mid-air, Haruko slowly descended down to earth, and upon touching down, the segments of Akkio broke formation, surrounding her body for defense. "Alright, then…You're indeed the one who's disrupting the peace of my Soul Society. For that…the punishment is…death!" Haruko shouted at her opponent, before engaging them in close combat.

Nika Gets SeriousEdit

"Agh…!" Being knocked rolling across the ground by the sheer force of her opponent's blows, Haruko's flailing body slammed into a large tree, back first. Vomiting up a small pool of blood, the Captain-Commander defiantly stood in the face of this extremely powerful adversary. Gripping Akkio's Bankai form, Tatsuō Akkio, she once again charged at her foe, only to be nearly bisected by a simple horizontal open-palm chop.

Crashing to the ground with a *THUD!*, Haruko's blood mixed with the puddle her lower abdominal area landed in as the crimson liquid oozed out of the millimeter-wide gap between her spine and her skin. Approaching her and leaning down, the figure questioned, "Where is…Gai Nagareboshi?" Barely conscious from such a blow, Haruko spat "Why is such information so important to you that you'd attempt to kill someone to find out!?" Almost as if invading her personal space, the being gripped the Captain-Commander's hair and hoisted her up, as their face met her own.

At this moment, the figure before Haruko was far clearer. They are a handsome young man with shaggy, white hair that extends down to their knees and spikes out in all directions at the end. His bangs are parted in the middle, framing both sides of his face and reaching down to his chin. He is well-toned and muscular. He is constantly shirtless; and he wears a two-tailed red trenchcoat which has a black collar; multiple flame designs are adorned upon the sides and sleeves, which also have black fur around the cuffs. He wears skin-tight black leather pants that balloon out at the cuffs with flame designs on the legs. He also wears black fingerless gloves with shells on the back, and he completes his outfit with black sneakers. This young man spoke into Haruko's ear, threatening:

"You are Haruko Kiseki, the Captain-Commander of the Gotei 13. Ten years ago, you encountered Gai Nagareboshi, and became associated with him. Do not lie to me. You are indeed in knowledge of his whereabouts. If you shall not comply with my demands, then I shall be forced to take drastic measures." In response to such a demand, Haruko spat blood in the young man's face in defiance.

Disgusted by such an act, one that stained the perfect white porcelain skin of his race, the young man emotionlessly dropped Haruko, who unfurled like paper on the ground, clutching her chest in intense pain, before the young man summoned Tensei to his hand and prepared to cleave the Captain-Commander in half, about to end her life.

"…Just know that since you are about to end me, you'll never learn where he is. Hehehe…Are you really going to let such important information slip from your grasp?" Haruko weakly chuckled, thinking to herself, "Nagareboshi…Dammit, am I really going to give my life for you…? I never thought of you and the others as friends…Ah, who am I kidding? Since meeting you all, I've certainly been able to relax just a little. …Maybe later, if I'm reborn as a Human…We could meet again…? Nah, just wishful thinking. This is it; I don't have any regrets—"

At that moment, the young man had a sudden change of heart and began to walk away. "Wait, what...!?" Haruko exclaimed, wondering of the sudden shift in his motive. "You...You do not pose a threat to me."

"But I do~!" Raising an eyebrow in surprise, the young man was astonished to see that a female Arrancar had appeared in front of him.

"Hihihihihihihi~ Haruko, you're getting rusty~" Looking up at the familiar figure in front of her, Haruko responded to such a light-hearted tone in shock. "N-Nika…? How did you…?"

"I placed a tracker on you~ since I foresaw this guy posing a threat to all of us, I used Vectoriales to rewrite your Akkio's Zanpakutō spirits' brain signals to lead you to him, so that I could decide whether or not to step in depending on how badly you got your butt kicked~" Nika cheerfully replied, all while maintaining her constant grin.

"Grr…Damn devil woman! Why couldn't you step in earlier!? You know that you're stronger than nearly all of us!" Haruko furiously spat at the Arrancar, who gave her a cheeky aside glance before focusing on the foe before her.

"…Nika. So, you have become an Arrancar. You've certainly changed in appearance, but not mindset." The man queried, with a tone of familiarity and something resembling camaraderie in his voice.

"Hihihihihihihi~ that's right~! I remember when I was just a Vasto Lorde, and you and I used to be oh so chummy, Kagirinai Nagareboshi~!" Nika replied to the one named Kagirinai, equally delighted to see an old friend, though unlike Kagirinai, she did not attempt to subdue such an emotion.

"Wait…Kagirinai Nagareboshi…!? Does that mean…" Haruko exclaimed, now confirming the man and Gai's connection.

"Well, not quite~ as I explained before, the first few Mototsu were created by the Soul King. Before Gai Nagareboshi, all of them were failures, having a few crucial defects that hampered their potential. Kagirinai Nagareboshi is merely Gai Nagareboshi's older brother in a technical sense— he is the last number of the "Nagareboshi" series with a defect before the Soul King created Gai Nagareboshi~" Nika quickly and nonchalantly explained, keeping her gaze focused on Kagirinai.

For a brief second, Nika turned her stare to Haruko, inquiring "You know…you've made a bloody mess. It could be hazardous for you if I were to release Vectoriales in the vicinity. Why don't you get out of here so that I can get serious, Haruko~?" Haruko looked on in shock, as "getting serious" was rarely, if ever, associated with Nika. Even though Haruko Kiseki was the Captain-Commander, Nika, despite being lackadaisical, in the rare occasion that she was willing to fight, often ended the foe in one extremely powerful and overkill blow.

Clutching her chest, Haruko almost immediately scrambled to her feet, despite the intense pain brought on by moving, and began to escape the vicinity of the ferocious clash that was about to take place. As soon as the heavily wounded Captain-Commander was out of sight and out of mind, Nika shifted her glare to Kagirinai, a wily smirk formed on her face as her usual childish tone was replaced with a serious and no-nonsense one, commanding:

"Control, Vectoriales."

With that phrase, pink reiatsu welled up inside of Nika's body, before shooting up into the sky. Extending her arms out to her sides, the pink reiatsu configured itself into a sort of rain as it shot down, pelting down around Nika. As the droplets surrounded her body, they spread out and hardened, taking the form of six pitch-black mechanical wings with several rotating gears and pistons that float behind Nika's back. The female Arrancar's soft, emerald eyes became a fierce, piercing red, and cross-shaped slits appeared where her pupils would be.

"Our true battle starts now, Kagirinai Nagareboshi."

"Ugh…ah!" With a single glance at her, Kagirinai's heart stopped beating and he stopped breathing for an instant. "This…this woman—" Kagirinai's lungs wriggled about in a weird manner. His mind was in chaos. He even was unsure whether he should inhale or exhale. "This woman is…! This is bad! Even though I could defeat the rest of them without breaking a sweat…How…How can I take her on!?" This man, who worked so hard to find the whereabouts of his brother, set his sights on another goal: to change his fate. Nika's Vectoriales allowed her to have complete control over all vectors— essentially making Nika the envoy of the organic.

"…Got…Got to find a way to escape!" Nika, who was standing in front of him, forced him to make a decision. He had to run away. However, there was another huge problem. How? Nika was complaining about how in this situation, she met him. But now, Kagirinai was thinking he should be the one saying that. The difference in power was too great.

"It's over. Everything is over." Kagirinai thought, as his expression became distorted due to despair. Nika's lips curled upwards, forming a wicked smirk across her face. Nika suddenly cracked her neck, anticipating the carnage that was about to take place in her favour. Nika's smirk finally transformed into a distorted smile.


Using her feet that were supporting her on the ground, she stomped on it. A shockwave from below to above was unleashed on the hard surface. Nika bent her body, and with her feet at the center, an enormous crack appeared in the asphalt ground, and noise was created from all the buildings around. The frames of the buildings were bent, a large number of glass windows were shattered, and the pieces of glass fell down like torrential rain, mixing with the actual rain and creating a truly hazardous maze in the sky to navigate.

"As…As expected from you!" Kagirinai gazed up at the sky. The 'rain' formed by the pieces of broken glass came from all the buildings, scattering on every corner in the vicinity. As the area was too big, Kagirinai could not escape. Attempting to escape into the buildings was not a wise option as the distortion of the building structures had caused all of the glass to be shattered, so the interior wouldn't be the same. If the target of his movement using Kōshinho overlapped with the collapsed wall, he would be buried.

"If so…The only way…is up!" Utilizing a high-reaching flip, Kagirinai quickly passed through the glass pieces and arrived in the night sky, several meters above the ground. Doing this provoked a sense of vomiting in him as he attempted to suppress this feeling. Moving his own body consecutively was an extremely tough challenge for him. But, at this moment, Kagirinai's mind turned blank. All the values he worked so hard to calculate vanished without a trace.

Nika crushed the cracked asphalt even further, and shot up into the night sky like a rocket. Besides changing the vector forces on her feet, four high-powered tornadoes were now attached to her back. In Kagirinai's eyes, his old friend was an angel rushing towards the sky. One that had fallen into this mundane world, a thoroughly tainted angel, who was launching a fierce counterattack at the heavens. Nika rushed into the layers of glass rain, deflecting them all and passing through them easily. Nika was unscathed, rushing towards Kagirinai with the speed of cannon. She clenched her fist. The Arrancar's fist carried the entire speed and force of her body, slamming towards the Mototsu's face.

"…!?" In such a situation, calmness is luxury. Kagirinai used Tensei to attempt to shield himself from the ferocious blow. However, this meager defense was broken to pieces instantly once Nika's iron fist slammed into it. His Zanpakutō was smashed to pieces, the blade that was meant to endure impact was scattered all over the place, and his former weapon became numerous fragments, flying from all around his upper body, similar to flower petals dancing in the wind.

"It's over!" Nika proclaimed confidently as Kagirinai's throat released a weird sound. The hard fist pierced through Tensei and smashed into his face. His body was sent hurtling diagonally towards an even higher place, as he landed on a safety metal net on the edge of a roof of a building. The numerous pillars that supported the metal were uprooted, as his body was like a soccer ball that hit the back of the net, unable to move anymore. Nika, who released all the force from her body, didn't do anything. Due to the effect of gravity, she began to descend towards the ground, covered in darkness as Vectoriales disengaged. But her eyes weren't looking at the ground. As she descended, she slowly glanced up at Kagirinai, who was slammed into the roof, as her usual playful and childish manner of speaking returned, jeering at the now barely-conscious Kagirinai;

"Shooting stars are associated with wishes…Don't you wish you didn't encounter me today, Kagirinai Nagareboshi~?"

Overshadowed by AwesomeEdit

"G-Gah…!" As she stumbled through the streets of Seireitei, Haruko clutched her stomach, as blood seeped rapidly from in-between her fingers. The rain was also a great hindrance— as the torrential downpour pelted down upon her body, it felt as if she was about to collapse. Such an option at this moment—Haruko thought that she wouldn't mind if she allowed herself to slowly perish at such a scene. Slowly losing her grip, she fell forward…

…Only to be caught, landing on someone's shoulder. "Chin up, Haruko." This figure reflexively caught the Captain-Commander and hoisted her over their shoulder as they spoke these words. Weakly looking to the side, Haruko noticed that Gunha was the one who caught her.

"T-Teishin…?" Haruko spluttered, as she coughed up even more blood. "Ayup, since ya can't direct yerself to the hospital without fallin' apart, I've 'cided to help ya, "Captain-Commander"."

Grumbling at the former Royal Guard member, Haruko growled, "Grr…Even you didn't step in before…?"

"Ah, nope. Sorry 'bout that, orders are orders. 'Cides, it all worked in the end, didn't it?" Gunha replied in his usual inexplicable accent of unknown origin, which he has, despite being ethnically Japanese. "By the way, why do you have a…?" Haruko questioned, wondering why Gunha's accent has never drawn attention to him until now.

"Can't 'splain it. Is my accent really that odd? I'm meanin' there are weirder things out there." Gunha nonchalantly replied, slightly bothered by Haruko questioning why he has such an accent. "Ya ain't seein' me questionin' why yer' now a chicky, so don't go and prod in others' business, it's rude."

Haruko responded dismissively "…Whatever, then." Gunha, somewhat relieved that the Captain-Commander was now off his back about such a trivial issue that was beyond explanation, questioned;

"Haruko, to be honest, I dunno who died an' made ya the Captain-Commander."

Haruko, after a few seconds of brief silence, replied literally, "…Yamamoto did."

Briefly chuckling, Gunha replied, "Hehe, very funny. But really, I'm sorry if this sounds harsh or anythin', but yer sorely outclassed by a buncha others who're more suited to take the position, includin' myself. Was he goin' senile or somethin' when he elected ya as 'is successor? Look at what 'appened just before. The Captain-Commander of ta Gotei 13 should be able to handle anythin', and ever since Gai showed up, ya've bein' left in the dust by Nika, him, Hizashi, and I. This is obviously leavin' a profound effect on ya, an' givin' birth to a massive inferiority complex which stems from yer feelins' of worthlessness. Listen to me, an' take some time off to get stronger."

Haruko's only response to something like that was "But Akkio…"

"Oh, don't ya go playin' the blame game with yer Zanpakutō. I'll admit, Jūshikō was far better than yer current blade, but that's no reason to go shiftin' the load onto Akkio."

At such a statement, the air fell silent, as Haruko desperately attempted to counter such statements, breaking from her usual tone; "Dammit…I'm the Captain-Commander of the Gotei 13! My skills far exceed those of the rest of the Division Captains. Who are you to talk down on—?"

"…Someone who has time-space manipulation as their Zanpakutō's ability, so shut yer trap and quit yer complainin'. I'm a former member of the Royal Guard, so I'm more skilled than the rest of 'em combined."

"…" Haruko became silent, as Gunha sighed. "Ah, Haruko…Ya've gotta know that only strength doesn't make a perfect leader."

"…The only reason that guy won is because no-one saw our fight. If it didn't cut to me losing; then perhaps you'd be more aware of my skills…" Haruko attempted to reason, using the fourth wall to try and back up her claims of power.

"…Well, what I didn't see didn't happen, simple as that. So drop the subject an' get some rest, got that?" Gunha retorted, tiring of Haruko's attempts to defend her prowess.

"…Grr. Damn bastard." Haruko growled, as before she could react, Gunha elbowed her in the chest, knocking her out cold. "Ah, well…At least she's shut 'er trap now."

The rain pouring down upon Seireitei finally subsided, yet it still remained dark, as a sign of things to come…

Return of the ArchenemyEdit

At an unknown location, an enigmatic figure clad in black appeared out of thin air, walking over to an odd seal, which was hovering in mid-air.

"…Here it is." Placing their hand on the strange markings, the figure conjured a blazing red scythe out of thin air, before driving the butt of the scythe into the symbol. At that moment, white feathers flowed into the seal, and the turning of gears echoed throughout the air. As the figure turned their weapon, the symbol on the seal began to emanate an odd reiatsu which permeated from the center, flowing out and scattering into the sky as flickers of lightning.

The seal was suddenly unlocked, breaking apart and crumbling into dust the second that the fragments touched the ground. Erupting into a surge of azure thunder, a figure emerged from the broken shackles which once bound him to another dimension.

This figure that emerged was a tall and lanky young man, who has a slightly 'zombified' look to him. He has blue hair, sharp canines, and tattoos located on each side of his face. He has slitted electric green eyes. He wears orange clothes, which are accented by patchwork and stitches throughout the design. He has a wide shoulder band across his right shoulder, three belts across his high collar, many belts on the legs of his pants, and torn gloves. He also wears an orange hat with a 'W' symbol in the center.

Gazing up at the now released being, the black-cloaked figure withdrew his scythe as the figure descended down to the ground, bowing down to this entity of immense and mysterious power.

"Master Eienrai…Forgive me for the arduous wait. It…was a bother attempting to obtain the requirements for your release." The figure, slowly staring at his subordinate, screeched in a low tone:

"You…are no longer needed, Nova…"

Before the Diabolus that answered to the name of 'Nova' could react, the newly-resurrected Eienrai thrust his Zanpakutō; Raitsubaki, which took the form of a red and black triple edged blade with a blue eye in the center into his former subordinate. At the moment the tip of the blade pierced Nova's flesh; several pulsing sapphire arcs of electricity directly forced themselves down Nova's throat. Immediately entering a fit of spasms, Nova screamed uncontrollably, as his skin swelled up at a shockingly fast rate, and his entire body mutated into a bloated lump of charred flesh, crackling with azure static electricity as Eienrai absorbed his reiatsu completely. Upon consumption of his subordinate's reiatsu, Eienrai's former overdramatic speech patterns returned.

"Hahahahahaha…An unwitting and loyal fool devoured by his own master." Eienrai roared, as azure thunder began to crash down upon Soul Society, signalling the storm that Nika identified.

"Oh, how deliciously ironic fate can be...Central 46…Royal Guard…Gotei 13…You five…You are all just mere pawns in my game, a game of destiny which has been played for eons. It looks like…this is the final turn. It's your move, Gai Nagareboshi! NOW, LET'S DESTROY EACH OTHER!!"

Upon declaring his sinister intentions to Soul Society, the being named Eienrai transformed into azure lightning, and shot towards the heavens to parts unknown. The game of destiny had reached its final stages. The greatest Mototsu vs. The greatest Togabito, the stage was set for the cataclysmic battle that would govern the fate of the triad of realms.

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