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A New RisingEdit

Deftly slamming her fist against the alarm clock, which read "11:00 AM" on her bedside table in an attempt to halt its incessant beeping, Hizashi slowly stumbled to her feet. Straightening her salmon-pink kimono with elegant azure rose patterns adorned upon it, which was left a mess from the events which happened last night, she prepared for another humdrum day wherein nothing of note happens. Yet, this feeling of eternal boredom was somewhat eased by the knowledge that she no longer had to unsheathe her blade against entities of significant threat level. Still, these uneventful times were a much-appreciated reward for her and her friends' exploits.

Glancing over to her side, Hizashi noticed Gai sleeping peacefully, as the Mototsu gripped onto a pillow, drooling as he smiled. From Hizashi's perspective, Gai was in the middle of a dream. Though it was late, giving him a rude awakening via kicking him in the crotch was too tempting to resist, yet she restrained and chastisized herself from performing such a childish action, as her love for the boy stopped her from performing such acts. Gazing upon his sleeping state, Hizashi blushed slightly, thinking to herself, "He…Gai is somehow cuter when he is in a state of repose…" Allowing her lover to have a day off and sleep in, not attempting to wake him, Hizashi gently closed the door, exiting the room.

This day was one of those rare days where Hizashi fell out of her usual schedule of waking up at the crack of dawn as to achieve a healthy start to the day, and as such, was still highly exhausted from the night before. Dark bags were under her eyes, which were half-open, and she could barely keep stable footing, using the wall as a grip. Perhaps such a feeling of fatigue would vanish the minute she freshened up.

Stepping into the bathroom, Hizashi disrobed, flinging her traditionally feminine clothing to the glistening white floor. Sliding the shower door open, Hizashi slowly turned the tap of the shower on. A cold sensation ran down her body, before such iciness became warmer. The feeling of the water running down her back at a high pressure was refreshing. Steam rose from the shower, as Hizashi Yoshi sighed in a sense of completeness and renewal.

Around two hundred years ago, after that traumatic event, the only temperature Hizashi's body wanted to accept was freezing due to self-loathing, as a void grew between her and the rest of humankind. She shut her heart off from the world as she felt naught but emptiness; such an event destroyed her emotionally. Hating herself for letting such a fate befall her, she felt tainted by that event, and wished to purge her mind and body from all memories and sensations pertaining to that night, forever or be killed to end her misery. However, since meeting Gai Nagareboshi ten years ago, the trauma that was inflicted upon Hizashi two centuries past has slowly healed, and she had realized that the world wasn't as cruel and worthless as that event had led her to slowly believe. Upon meeting Gai, she had also come to the epiphany that she loved him after witnessing his actions during their first confrontation and she realized wanted to live and loved this world, which they could make a better place, no matter what.

At this time, their goal had almost been realized, a new Soul Society, where everyone could live free of deceit, racism, corruption, and poverty. Due to Gai Nagareboshi's vigilante actions against the previous Central 46 and his murders of the council members in cold blood, a far more benevolent, though somewhat eccentric rule was brought in, making sure that this near utopic society that was created would not falter.

Staring up at the glistening showerhead which emitted hot water, Hizashi smiled, as she was set free from her trauma, free to shape her own destiny, never bound down by such negativity again. "Gai Nagareboshi...Thank you for your actions on that day. If it was not for you...I do believe that I would not be here. If it was not for you...I never would have become the person I am today."

At that moment, Hizashi heard the phone ringing. At that moment, Hizashi considered her options. "Mayhap I could dash down to the telaphone post-haste and rejoinder before anyone notices that I am stark naked...Or conceivably, I should conceal my body with a towel; such a method would be wiser. ...There is semper the option of-" Before Hizashi could choose the option which would be more beneficial for her dignity; a message echoed in a childish and irritating tone, "Hihihihihi~ Nika here, Hizashi Yoshi~ Anyways, whenever you've got the time, which I know you do, could you get your butt down here~? There's something important I'd ever-so-love to discuss with yoooooou~"

Sighing, Hizashi pondered, "Kuh...That devil woman...How discommodious. ...Very well. It is my duty, yet an ardous one that I must fufill." Quickly, Hizashi consealed her slender naked body with a towel that extended from her breasts to her thighs, as droplets of water trickled down her soft, snow-white skin.

Nonsensical GibberishEdit

Upon reaching the Central 46 headquarters, Hizashi was awestruck, yet dumbfounded at the sight of the renovations that Nika had performed. "W-What on earth...? How on earth am I obliged to traverse such a labyrinith...?"

Leaning over the guardrail, Nika waved to the former Captain, sporting her perpetual smile. "Howdy-doo, Hizashi Yoshi~ Now, see if you can conquer-"

Before Nika could finish her sentence, Hizashi had already utilized Shunpo to appear before the Arrancar, unimpressed by the eccentric woman's attempt to create a "fun" death course. Hizashi, wanting to skip formalities, bluntly questioned, "...What is this anent, Nika? Do not squander my time on this."

"Hihihihihi~ Have you ever heard your manner of speaking, Hizashi Yoshi~? You sound so perculiar, especially for this day and age." Crossing her arms, irritated by such a remark, Hizashi stared down at the floor and thought to herself, "I do not sound perculiar..." Gazing up at Nika, still bothered by her words, Hizashi changed the subject. "...What is it that you are so clamant about?"

"Aaaaaaaaaaanyway, I've got something that I thought would put a smile on your dial for once~" Nika replied, keeping that incessant grin plastered upon her face. Hoisting up a laptop, the Arrancar showed Hizashi a certain website. "Look what I found on the web~ It's these pictures of cats and they write these—" Hizashi could not react to such idiotic photographs.

"Oh, look at this one. "Invisible cheeseburger~!" Nika continued to grin as Hizashi crossed her arms once again, unimpressed at Nika's sense of humor. "...Kuh. It is all draffish, Nika. Why would you think such moronic photographs are chortle-worth?" Nika, somewhat dejected, yet keeping her usual cheery tone, replied, "... No, huh? Gee whiz...Well, it's not for everyone~ I just think they're funny~" Nika giggled, as Hizashi fiercely retorted, "I have had enough of your inane dodoisms, devil woman."

Giggling immaturely once again at the former Captain's reaction, Nika continued, "Ah...Why so serious?" Growling at the Arrancar, Hizashi retorted;

"Nika, you are aware that I have a misoneism, yet you continue to persist. I cannot comprehend your rationalization for calling me to this edifice, however, you shall drop your lusory act and confirm why, or I shall depart, you merdivorous medicaster-"

Hizashi's next words were cut off by the Arrancar, who was dissonantly cheerful, yet threateningly replied as her spiritual pressure rose slightly. "Hizashi Yoshi, you oughta shut your mouth or else~" Hizashi, retaining her calm composure, retorted, "...Hm? And what exactly is this shallow threat you are going to act on be, Nika? Do not give me such morology." Slowly taking a series of photographs from a folder, reading "Blackmail: Hizashi Yoshi", Nika cheerfully held up several inappropriate photographs. After gazing upon such images, Hizashi wiped the sweat from her brow, clearly intimidated and shaken by this turn of events.

"Oho. Oh, look at these~ You're such a lewd and shameless woman when intoxicated, don't you agree~?" This devil woman spoke these words, with her constant smile. The Arrancar Nika acts simple and irresponsible, but just when others have let their guard down, Nika tended to remind others painfully that behind her smile, probably lies a cold and calculating personality. Dropping her stoic facade, Hizashi thought to herself, "This Arrancar, upon first inspection, is too quidditative and rumbustious to take seriously...In spite of this, nil are superior to her in manipulating feelings, rationality, interests, ethics, and necessary values, this devil woman is truly skilled in mendiloquence. She is in one way or another, able to get to the top, and it is not done cheaply." Breaking from her train of thought, Hizashi exclaimed "What...What kind of libertinage is this?! Are...are you threatening me...?!"

"Why, yessiree~ Since when were you under the assumption that I wasn't, Hizashi Yoshi~?" Nika replied, still persisting in keeping that accursed smile plastered upon her face. The Arrancar was beginning to irk Hizashi, who still continued to keep her professional facade up, yet such an act was soon to shatter in the face of this woman's insanity. "Now, if you don't follow my orders, then I'll show Gai Nagareboshi these photos~ I know you don't want that~" Nika had completely gotten to Hizashi, who conceeded defeat and regrettably responded, "...V-Very well. What is it that you want to explain?"

Upon hearing Hizashi's acceptance that she had bested, Nika, prodding at the former Captain's face and rubbing her victory in Hizashi's face, replied cheerfully, "Hihihihihihi~ Alrighty, then~ now that you've submitted to my will, I have two favors to ask of yoooooou~!" Staring downwards, immediately knowing that she would regret forfeiting this battle of wits, Hizashi sighed, "…Very well. Do as you wish, devil woman."

Clapping her hands like a small child, Nika boomed, "Sing "I'm a little teapot"~" Confounded by such a nonsensical request, Hizashi spat in annoyance, "DO YOU KNOW HOW UTTERLY INANE SUCH A TASK SOUNDS, NIKA!?"

Covering her mouth and barely managing to restrain her cacophonic laughter, Nika added, "Oh, but thou must, Hizashi Yoshi~ Do it or I'll send these photos to Gai Nagareboshi~! I'm sure that you don't want that happening~" Growling at the Arrancar, Hizashi stood up, regrettably declaring, "…If I must. However, not a whisper shall exit your mouth anent such an action, devil woman, or I shall deliver retribution so fierce that you shall be terrified of me for the rest of your days! Are you in understanding of these conditions!?"

Forcing a sly smirk and narrowing her eyes, Nika retorted, "Why, yessiree. Of course~ Now, you're a little teapot~" Hizashi felt somewhat relieved by this, however; being ever the magnificent schemer, Nika planned to betray Hizashi the moment she next encountered Gai Nagareboshi.

Sighing and standing, Hizashi entered a stance about to break into dance, before singing in a deadpan tone and keeping her nonplussed expression facial expression, "I'm a little teapot, short and stout..."

"Ahahahaha, I'd give you a 9/10 for that, Hizashi Yoshi~ only problem is, you didn't immerse yourself in the role fully~" Keeping her nonplussed expression as she exited her former stance, Hizashi, still infuriated, kept her rage bottled up inside her and sat down, vastly irritated by the humiliation that she had just experienced. "…Kuh. You devil woman…There seemed to be a secondary requirement that you wanted me to fulfill. What is this deed? Do not divert my attention from the situation on hand, or—"

Nika, keeping that incessant smile, interjected, "Gee whiz…You don't relax much, do you~ So sit back and don't get your panties in a knot, got it~"

"Grr…" Growling at Nika's words, Hizashi sprung to her feet and slammed her fist onto the Arrancar's desk with significant force, exasperated. "Stop behaving lusory and get to the point, you merdivorous b—!"

Grasping Hizashi's fist and tightly squeezing it, Nika, serious for a brief instant, replied "Remember that I am more powerful than you." Unnerved by the Arrancar's reaction, Hizashi slowly sat back down as Nika's uncanny smile returned, acting as if nothing happened.

"…Alrighty-o, then~ so, you want to get this over and done with, eh~?" Nika pronounced in her usual rambunctious tone, to which Hizashi, in disbelief that she had not received the small nonverbal cues and her more pronounced verbal ones, uttered while twitching, "A-Affirmative. N-Nika, did you honestly not receive the hints that I did not wish to remain in this edifice?" Staring at the former 11th Division Captain for a brief second, with a blank look in her eyes, Nika replied, "Oh, that's what you wanted. Why didn't you say so before~?"

Applying her palm to her forehead in exasperation, Hizashi retorted, "…It no longer matters anent such a miscommunication error anymore. Continue with your orders." Of course, Nika had pretended to act as such to rile Hizashi up for her own personal amusement, and enjoyed witnessing the former Captain's irked reactions immensely. "Alrighty-o, then~ Let's see…There's several rogue Arrancar to the east, and a Bount to the south-"

Nika was interrupted by a troubled Hizashi. Though she did not want to enter combat once again, by now, she was backed into a corner by Nika. Sighing, Hizashi responded; "...In regards to the Espada raising...It would be best if you command another to fight for you. I...I am becoming rusty in regards to my combat skills." Nika interjected, fiercely, yet calmly, "I want these nuisances eradicated as soon as possible, and you're the correct tool to utilize to get that done, my Hizashi Yoshi~"

"T-Tool…? I daresay, what do you consider me as…!?" Hizashi retorted, infuriated at what Nika saw her as, merely a tool for destruction, one that could be interchanged with others on a whim. "Oh, I'm so sorry, Hizashi Yoshi~ Just a slip of the tongue, ehehehe~" Growling at the woman's words, Hizashi regained her composure and replied, "…Ah, no matter. Please, continue." Attempting to direct her fury at Nika would only result in failure being the only option. For every threat and demand, Nika would only respond in a dissonantly constantly-cheerful tone to Hizashi, as such threats flew over her head.

"Hmhmhmhm. Which one do you wanna tackle first, Hizashi Yoshi~?" Placing her pointer finger to her lip, immersing herself in deep thought, Hizashi pondered her options. "…Allow me to consider my choices. Mayhap I should confront the trifecta of maverick Arrancar immediately, and get the seemingly more discommodious task finished. There is always the option of taking a breather and dealing with the Bount first. …I do believe the latter option would be more convenient." Speaking aloud, Hizashi declaring to Nika confidently, "Very well. I have considered my options, and have decided to confront the Bount immediately." As a response to this, Nika clapped her hands childishly, replying, "Ahahaha~ Good choice, Hizashi Yoshi~! I'll write it down. Now, get outta here or else it shall be on in a way similar to that of Donkey Kong~!"

"W-What do you mean by such a statement…?" Hizashi asked, unfamiliar with Nika's knowledge of pop culture. Hizashi lived a sheltered life before meeting Gai, and found many of Nika's references obscure. Lifting a large barrel over her head, Nika immediately launched it at Hizashi, bowling her off her feet, sending her lithe body flailing towards the floor.

"K-Kuh…! D-Damn devil woman…" Quickly scrambling to her feet and acquiring a stable foothold, Hizashi almost immediately made a mad dash for the staircase, as Nika continued to bombard her with wooden barrels which rolled down the staircase. Deftly leaping over such obstructs, Hizashi pondered to herself, "W-What on earth is occurring…!?" As the former Captain reached the front door, she quickly leapt through the construct, shattering the crystal-clear glass from which it was composed, performing an unnecessary roll outside, now free from the danger of being stricken by wooden barrels. Not noticing a now rejuvenated Haruko Kiseki wandering past her, Hizashi utilized Shunpo to disappear, with her destination being Seireitei's south district.

"Hey, Nika—" Haruko's question was interrupted by a large, wooden barrel, travelling towards the Captain-Commander at a high speed. Almost instantaneously, Haruko instinctively leapt over such an obstacle, declaring in mid-air, "Ha! You'll have to do better than—OOF!" The formerly male's boast was interrupted by a barrel slamming into her face-first at an even faster velocity in mid-air, sending her tumbling to the ground as she clutched her face in excruciating pain. "D-Damn woman…!" Nika, leaning over the guardrail and obfuscating innocence proclaimed, "Ehehehe~ Sorry, Haruko~!"

Haruko howled at the woman, "Am I the only person in this world who's not messed up in the head?! Throw me a damn bone here, people!"

Shinigami vs. ArrancarEdit

Traversing the down-ridden slums of Seireitei's east, Hizashi gripped the hilt of her Zanpakutō, wary of any foe that would hope to ambush her with a surprise attack. Glancing at her environment, she sighed at the disease and decay plaguing the area. Though the five had promised to make the entirety of Soul Society a near-perfect utopia, the job was still unfinished. "These people…I cannot help but empathize with their situation. Those less fortunate truly suffer the most in this world." A gentle, yet fierce breeze blew past Hizashi that caused her beautiful rose-colored hair to blow about in the wind; however, Hizashi focused her gaze upon the location of a unique spiritual pressure that she sensed at that moment.

"…! There it is…" Hizashi immediately utilized Shunpo to arrive in close proximity to the reiatsu, reappearing in a run-down shack. Surveying her current location, Hizashi noticed that a figure was about to restrain her. Leaping back, Hizashi blocked the obsidian katana which crashed down upon her with tremendous force, pushing the blade away, which was an inch away from her shoulder. Staring down her attacker, Hizashi's radiant, purple eyes met her opponent's glistening sapphire eyes, eyes which were accented by long eyelashes.

Almost immediately after, two other beings manifested behind this young woman. Possessing a similar build and hairstyle, in addition to the same outfit, Hizashi could only wonder if they were palette swaps, filler fiends conjured up for the sole purpose of showing others Hizashi's skills as a warrior in addition to impressing others while another finally conceptualizes the next installment. As the triad of Arrancar let out a shrill cackle in unison, Hizashi was somewhat taken aback, sighing at such a cacophonic laugh. "Ugh, such an irritating noise resounding throughout the area. How discommodious…" Gripping the hilt of her sword even tighter, Hizashi slowly unsheathed her Zanpakutō, Nobara, which took the form of a katana with four prongs sticking out of the tsuba which point upwards. The blade became immersed in pink reiatsu, as Hizashi completely drew her weapon, twirling it around her wrist stylishly before immediately entering a battle stance.

Summoning a gigantic axe in front of herself before grasping it in both of her hands, the first Arrancar woman charged forward at incredible speeds towards Hizashi, gritting her teeth. The wooden floor supporting the four women began to be upturned as she rushed forward, as Hizashi felt an uneasy sensation in her stomach, preparing to dodge and strike before her opponent could even register that she had missed her target and been struck. However, the other three were notable as well. If she were to miscalculate the direction of her Shunpo, then she would reappear smack-dab in the middle of the other two— leaving herself wide open to attack.

However, her opponent's axe struck Hizashi's abdomen as blood spurted out of her slim body. How could she not have been able to dodge such an attack? Grasping her chest with her free hand, Hizashi fell to the ground. Smirking, the Arrancar woman before her raised her axe over her head, about to deal a swift, finishing blow, when…

"Hizashi" disappeared. Her opponent's eyes widened in shock, unable to comprehend what was going on. As "Hizashi" broke down into reishi particles and scattered to the winds throughout the window, the Arrancar woman felt a hand grasp her shoulder, as a cold sweat ran down her back. Slowly rearing her head back, she saw the former Captain of the 11th Division behind her.

"Utsusemi, Way of Onmitsu, 3rd of the Shihou." Hizashi Yoshi uttered, informing her surprised opponent of the technique that allowed her to escape an uncertain death. Sheathing Nobara once again, Hizashi then whispered under her breath, "Sensa." White reiatsu swirled around her arms, as she gripped her Zanpakutō.

"Jūshichi Bunkatsu." Before her opponent could react, Hizashi instantaneously unsheathed her Zanpakutō, sliced the Arrancar woman, and re-sheathed her sword seventeen times. This fierce barrage of sword strikes were performed at such astounding frequency that the woman felt all the strikes concurrently, as blood spurt out from her body seconds after she was struck. Crimson liquid seeped out from her tanned skin, as it dripped into a small puddle on the floor, staining the wooden floor. Grasping her stomach, the woman took two steps back, coughing blood. "It seems that my foe is overdrawn at the blood bank." Hizashi thought, as she kept her ever-stoic expression, not faltering as she sheathed her blade and slowly walked towards her opponent, preparing to cut her once again. Picking up speed, Hizashi Yoshi transitioned into a dash, disappearing in an instant.

"…!!" Unable to comprehend her foe's natural speed, the Arrancar woman could only stare into a vast abyss of nothingness as Hizashi sped past her, lopping her right arm clean off. Blood gushed from the stump, spurting everywhere as the woman took another two steps back, shocked at the ease with which Hizashi was overpowering her. Hizashi then sheathed her blade, preparing the deciding blow for this foe.

"Gurenōka." Slowly turning around to face her opponent, Hizashi gripped her blade and drew it from its sheath quickly. Disappearing in a flash, Hizashi then reappeared in front of the Arrancar woman, with the only sight the woman could see was her Hizashi's back. As Hizashi sheathed Nobara, a large cut appeared on the Arrancar woman's chest. Clutching her chest, the Arrancar woman expressed her disbelief, "H-How did you…!? How did I not…G-Gah…!" Barely standing, the Arrancar lobbed her axe at Hizashi in a similar manner to a javelin, as the weapon travelled at a high velocity towards the former Captain.

"…Too slow." Hizashi utilized Shunpo to translocate herself once again, swiftly evading the Arrancar woman's last resort, and rendering all hopes of achieving a mutual kill with her null and void. Now in front of the Arrancar, Hizashi gripped her Zanpakutō, uttering,

"Shitaiga." With that single phrase, Hizashi engulfed the blade of her Zanpakutō with a large aura of reiatsu, which swirled around the sword, creating a shrill howl that resounded throughout the air, a roar that deafened all three of her opponents for that brief moment. The aura converged at the tip of Nobara, as the blinding light shone brilliantly. With a single slashing motion directed towards the Arrancar woman directly before her, Hizashi unleashed the aura as a jagged fang-like wave, which upon striking the Arrancar woman produced an enormous explosion, blowing her foe to smithereens. The sheer force of this explosion also managed to destroy the house the four were in, allowing Hizashi free movement.

Summoning their weapons, a Kwan Dao and a pair of chakrams respectively, the two remaining Arrancar leapt at Hizashi Yoshi, who smirked and uttered, "Bloom, Nobara." A brilliant light was unleashed from her body, as Nobara took on the form of an elegant light-red nodachi, with vine patterns along the blade, and a rose-shaped pommel. A short length of chain with a broken link at the end dangles from the base of the hilt, shaped like ivy, this chain spirals up the length of her now-sleeveless right arm with the additional portion of the chain hanging down freely from her upper arm, and there is what appears to be a glove on her right hand. Preparing her Shikai for the next round, Hizashi gripped the hilt of Nobara.

As the Kwan Dao wielding foe attempting to bludgeon Hizashi with the un-spiked side of her weapon, Hizashi, utilizing her Shikai's special ability, "pulled out" her neural synapses, increasing her reflexes and reaction time to its limit. Performing a one-handed backflip mere seconds before the Kwan Dao made contact, Hizashi somersaulted in the air several times, before skidding to a screeching halt. As the chakram-touting foe appeared behind her with Sonído, launching one of her weapons towards her at an extreme velocity, Hizashi, using her free hand, uttered, "Baratoge Muchiha." A miniature seed manifested in Hizashi's hand, and a rose was birthed from the seed, which then instantly grew and elongated into a long thorny whip. With a single, effortless flick of the whip, Hizashi deflected the chakram that was hurtling towards her, and utilizing Nobara, managed to fend off the Kwan Dao wielding foe simultaneously, applying little effort to such a feat.

Being pushed back by such force, the duo of Arrancar utilized Sonído once again to translocate away from such an elegant and graceful, yet dangerous foe. Gripping their weapon, the two screamed "Resurrección!" With a scream, the bodies of the Arrancar quickly twisted as they writhed in pain, assuming new forms. Chakram-chan took on the form of a fiery demoness, with golden fire covering her body. Two wings of flame ripped out from her back, as claws formed on her hands and feet. A tail ripped from her lower back area. Meanwhile, Kwan Dao-chan became a swirling mass of water, which was admittedly not as impressive as Chakram-chan's transformation. In their Resurrección forms, the two were unable to control or stabilize their elements that they had control over, however; they were extremely powerful, nearing Primera Espada level in threat.

Gritting her teeth, Hizashi took note of the situation. "Their elemental affinity has a clear advantage over mine. However, if I were able to turn them against each other in attack direction, then I could be able to weaken them." Relaxing her face muscles once again, Hizashi Yoshi leapt forward, dashing towards her dual opponents. With a howl, Chakram-chan launched an extremely powerful blast of flame towards Hizashi, one that tore up the immediate vicinity, scorching the ground and seemingly engulfing the Shinigami.

As the smoke subsided, Hizashi appeared in front of Chakram-chan, beckoning Kwan Dao-chan to attempt to finish the Shinigami there and then, as she was supposedly vulnerable at that moment, open to attack. Like the ever-gullible generic mook, Kwan Dao-chan shot herself like a pressurized water bullet at Hizashi, attempting to engulf and destroy the former Captain of the 11th Division like a ferocious tsunami. Speeding towards Hizashi at an exceeding fast pace, Kwan Dao-chan impacted upon "Hizashi Yoshi", causing Chakram-chan and her own elements to merge, causing their elemental cloaks that surrounded their bodies to merge into steam, before scattering to the winds of Soul Society.

As their Resurrección forms faded, the two could only look on as Hizashi reappeared in front of them, with a slight smirk plastered upon her face. "Utsusemi. Do you Arrancar never learn from your mistakes?" However, a stray chakram struck Hizashi's face, causing a small gash on her snow-white cheek. "Hm? Looks like the most beautiful and graceful woman in Soul Society managed to get struck." Utilizing Sonído, Chakram-chan shot forward and attempted to strike Hizashi once again with exceeding force.

Quickly gripping her arm, the former Captain of the 11th Division's bangs obscured her eyes, as a slight smirk formed upon her face. Slowly dabbing her right pointer finger in her blood, Hizashi formed several threads of needle. "Were you aware that my blood is extremely corrosive and poisonous?" Grasping these threads, Hizashi announced, "This is your final moment. Akui no Benitoge." Launching the needles at Chakram-chan and Kwan Dao-chan, the blood pierced their bodies, killing them instantly. Before their bodies touched the ground, they reached out to each other in desperation, at which point, they broke down into reiryoku particles and scattered to the winds.

Looking on at the devastation she had caused, Hizashi sheathed her Zanpakutō, storing it in her scabbard, which was held around her thigh. Without a single word leaving her mouth, she turned around, closing her eyes, shutting off her eyesight from the vicinity that had been laid to waste.

All's Well that Ends WellEdit

Back at Central 46's headquarters, Nika sat at her desk, attempting to stack several cans of Coca-Cola, one on top of another. Presumably, such an action was driven by boredom. However, by analysis of Nika's usual attitude and the enthusiasm she puts into such an activity says otherwise. Before Nika could complete her tower of soft drink, Hizashi, using Shunpo, appeared in front of her, slamming her fist down on her desk, causing the cans of Coca-Cola to topple to the ground, as several rolled down the stairs. "Aww~ You're no fun, Hizashi Yoshi~" Unimpressed by this devil woman's way of managing Central 46, Hizashi retorted, "There. Mission complete, devil woman. Now, return those photos to me at once—"

"Oho. You shouldn't be worrying about that right now, Hizashi Yoshi~" Nika replied, with that ever-present smile plastered upon her face. Shrinking back, Hizashi responded, "What are you going on anent? You surely do not mean—" Nika shut her eyes, as her grin became larger. "Yeppers~" Hizashi covered her mouth with her hands, utterly shocked, surprised that Nika would go back on her word. "DROP YOUR LUSORY ACT!!" Hizashi demanded, as she rose her voice towards the supposed Arrancar.

At that moment, Gai Nagareboshi was suddenly forcibly teleported into the building, landing on his back as he fell a short distance. Picking himself up, he uttered with a yawn, "W-What do you want, devil woman…" Still grinning, Nika handed the photographs to the Mototsu, as Hizashi mouthed 'no', terrified of Gai's next reaction. "WHAT...WHAT KIND OF LIBERTINAGE IS THIS?!" Hizashi screamed at Nika, as she quickly unsheathed Nobara and held it to Nika's throat.

Unaffected by such a life-threatening situation, Nika kept her incessant smile, even in the face of death. Keeping her Zanpakutō pointed at the devil woman's throat, Hizashi slowly focused her gaze on Gai's reaction, who flicked through the photos. "…Huh." As Gai gazed upon the lewd photographs, Gunha Teishin teleported into Central 46's headquarters, resting upon Gai's shoulder, taking note of the photographs as he raised his right transparent orange visor in interest, revealing his light orange eye which was focused upon the pictures. Still covering her mouth with her hands in worry, Hizashi began to become scared at the inevitable reaction she would receive from Gai.

After glancing through the incriminating photographs a second time, Gai slowly placed them down on a table. Mere seconds after performing such an action, blood began to ooze from his nose, before a geyser of crimson liquid erupted from his nostrils, propelling him through the wall at an extreme velocity.

"Well, well~ I've never seen a nosebleed of such force~" Nika cheerily responded to such a situation. Hizashi, dumbfounded at such a reaction, pondered to herself, "Why…Why would Gai react as such?" Gunha could not control the blood gushing from his nose as well, falling to the ground as truly enormous amounts of blood spurted from his nose, forming a large puddle around his knees. Grasping his nose, Gunha managed to stand for a brief second, before breaking out into extreme nosebleeds once again.

Standing from the crater where his body impacted upon the wall, Gai, holding his nose, questioned Hizashi, "Y-You had a sexy phase?" Hizashi, dumbstruck by his reaction, replied, "Uhm…I swear, I was—" Gunha stopped Hizashi, responding, "S-Say no more. We geddit."

As Hizashi intertwined her fingers in embarrassment, Gai regained his calm composure and stated, "Alright, then. Let's get going." While turning to leave, Gai quickly scooped up the series of lewd photographs and stored them in his pocket, as he and Hizashi departed. Gunha glared at Gai, uttering under his breath, "Drat, he beat me to it, da bastard. Well, I can always acquire some more."

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