Barghest who have advanced greatly in power and who have reached a certain age may or may not get the ability to assume a humanoid shape, these transformed Barghests becomes stronger, faster and gets all abilities normally associated with humanoids, such as coherrent speech, advanced intellect and such: Only Barghests who have retained a strong drive from their past lives get this oppurtunity.

Upon shedding their wolfish visages and becoming humanoids they are upgraded from the3 Bestia caste, to the Daemon caste, although they usually starts off at the lowest class and have to work themselves up trough training and Faustian Bargains.


Much like their stronger counterparts the Inugami, the humanoid version of the Barghest can appear in any humanoid form that they please, and since they can freely decide how they'll look most of them, though not all appear like attractive members of either gender, so as to better entrance their victims and charm them into a Faustian Bargain.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Barghests in this state gain a small pool of new abilities in addition to their previous ones.

Faustian Bargains: Barghests in this state acclaim the ability to make Faustian Bargains with mortals, an ability which they lacked before; and thus they become truly capable of empowering themselves to great degrees.

Mutator Formarum (変身 (ムタトルフォルマルム), Japanese for "Metamorphosis", Latin for "He Who Changes"): Only Daemon class Diabolus possess this power, and as the name implies allows the Diabolus to change their form. However this transformation isnt perfect, any being with spiritual power, can almost immediately sense the presence of a Diabolus within the vicinity, unless said Diabolus has some form of specialized magic designed to keep itself hidden. While the forms a Diabolus can assume are varied, there are restrictions dependent on individual skill and level. Daemons can assume any animal, human forms and objects that are roughly their size or smaller. Though most Barghest prefer to keep a small list of favored forms, since even if they do transform, they are not automatically proficient in its use.

Somnium Fugo (夢大食漢 (ソムニウンフゴ), Japanese for "Dream Eater", Latin for "Dream Chaser"): Diabolus are able to enter the dreams of living beings, and interact with them. Most Diabolus use this ability to contact a mortal for the purposes of a Faustian Bargain, although some castes of Diabolus have various powers or abilities relating to manipulating dreams.

Unique Abilities: The Barghest gets the ability to manipulate Spiritual Energy for a vast amount of different purposes and this in turn allows them to create their own unique abilities depending on what they themselves want; this ability is not native to only the Barghests though, as all manners of Daemon's have this unique ability.

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