Another victory for the S-man.

Sadow had just finished up another minor victory, having diced up an entire pack of Hollow in just a few seconds. About... 17, total. Today was starting out well. He let his sword drain them of their blood and exclaimed aloud "Ratings." Hinotori, Ouka, and Tanseki all held up signs that had "10.0" on them. He smirked "Of course." He grinned down at the corpse of one of the Hollow and mocked "Enjoy your stay in Hell, big fella'. Hopefully you will remember my name in your next life, not that it will do you any good if you run into me again."

Tanseki tugged Sadow's arm childishly "Umm... Milord, there's more people headed this way. Ouka said she can sense it but didn't want to disturb yo-" Ouka immediately slammed her fist down on Tanseki's blonde head "Idiot! I said I wanted to tell him!" She clutched her comically swollen wound with a chibi-styled crying face "So mean..." Sadow ignored their comical banter and smirked as he set his finger on the ground "This day just keeps getting better and better. You three, with me. Let's see if I can't top those ratings this time." Tanseki stood up and turned to Hinotori "What's bigger than ten-out-of-ten?" Hinotori idley answered without looking at her "I think it's us flashing him or something. Let's go." Tanseki smiled goofily "Oooh... I hope these guys have some good food on them!"

Hiroya looked in confusion at the band of people in front of him that was composed of one male, he believed it to be a male at least but given the sleek and feminine frame and pretty features it could also have passed as a flat-chested woman; and three women who flocked around him helplessly, fighting for 'his' charm and affection - Hiroya didn't particularily feel like walking trough this band of oddities but given how they were in his way he saw no other way around it than to simply move ahead.

Tightening his Haori around his body and weaving several protective enchantments of great power to his person; the circumstances of his exile and the subsequent pursue that had naturally followed had made Hiroya into a man of caution ---as to the weary traveller, everything was indeed a threat. Hiroya walked out into the light and proceeded to attempt to cross the group as stealthily as possible, making sure to mind his own business in order to not incite any form of trouble.

"How rude. Ouka, would you ever just ignore people when they are standing in your way?" She shook her head, smirking with canines showing. He smirked down at Hiroya "State your name, allegiance, and where you're going and I may, possibly... suggest the idea of letting you escape here with all your limbs intact."

Hiroya sighed as he concidered the possibility of a Deja Vu - he knew that he had heard something similiar from another entity once - he did however meekly go along with the demands "Hiroya Ginkarei, varies and past this area to the foreign country of none of your business"

Sadow laughed aloud, haughtily "And that's strike three!" With a flash, Sadow appeared next to Hiroya with his fist balled up and raised to erase the man from existance with a single punch.

A man wearing black armor happened to be in the area and saw the goings on. With impossible speed for someone in that much armor, he stepped in between the two men, glad to be wearing armor at that moment. The white haired one's fist simply clanged off of it. "This man has done nothing to you? Why did you attack?"

Sadow smirked, having slightly dented the man's armour with just that one hit from his fist "His face annoyed me, his existance irritated me, and he didn't answer all my questions. Good enough of answers?" He raised his fist again for another strike at the exact same spot he hit and dented last time.

Hiroya raised his arm in order to mask his presence and make himself invisible with a Kyokko spell; before he'd immediately attempt to Shunpo out of the area and onto a nearby hilltop where he could watch the unfurling battle undisturbed.

Shade blocked the incoming punch with the palm of his hand, feeling a sudden jolt from the impact. "You still didn't need to strike him for anything." He began clenching his hand around Sadow's fist. "Who are you? Speak honestly with me, and perhaps you can keep your hand intact."

Sadow grinned, pleased that this new opponent was worth something. "The Reaper of the Fields of Battle, Sadow Yatsumaru!" At this, he whirled around and slammed his knee into Shade's armoured side, denting it. Noticing Hiroya was gone, Sadow complained, the last word trailing off from annoyance to anger "Awww... you ruined my surpriiise!" With his fist freed from Shade's grasp, he grabbed Shade's wrist and kept him suspended as he repeatedly slapped and backhanded him, his hand feeling like a train each time.

Shade groaned with each hit, thankful he was wearing armor. With his free hand, he grabbed Sadow's just before it made impact again. In his mind, he remembered hearing stories of a man with that title, but never thought anything of it until now. "So, Sadow, what say you to letting me go so we can fight properly? Surely a man of your skills could defend yourself from one encased in armor, barely able to move with any reasonable speed." He began playing to the man's pride, or what little there may have been of his honor, hoping to get the leg up on the psychological aspect of the fight.

Sadow smirked. He was goading him. But Sadow didn't need goading. "Fine. I'll give you a fighting chance. Or, at least, some room to kick about when I'm about to squash you under my heel." With a shove, he freed Shade and placed his hand on the handle of his sword, shouting out "Ouka! Has the other one escaped?"

Ouka shook her head with a grin, readying her Kido gun "I sense he's right over there." She aimed her gun in the direction Hiroya was standing, ready to fire on command.

Sadow smirked "Make sure he doesn't go anywhere. When I'm finished with the canned sardine, I think I'll have some shrimp."

Shade casually raised his hand, summoning his Zanpakto from seeminly nowhere. Without a moment's pause, he proceeded to swing at Sadow, which, even if he missed would create a shockwave thanks to his Kusari ability.

Sadow guarded the blade with his own, the tip still sheathed casually. Sadow smirked as the Kusari shockwave blew right past him, like a gust of wind "Strong... Are you...?"

"I am Shade, or as the legends say Nero Angelo, a Kensei. You must be one as well, to have blocked my Kusari without trying." Shade said, turning around and walking a short distance. "I would like to see if you live up to your names, Sadow of the North. Strike me with the power that supposdly made you famous."

Sadow eyes glowed red at the prospect of fighting a Kensei once again. He hoped this match'd bode more successful than his last bout with a Kensei. A humiliating defeat that was a stain on his otherwise perfect record. He fully unsheathed his sword and took a stance to strike, charging in fast and raising his blade to fall down upon his enemy with the might of a legend. If anything impact against his sword, their very environment would be at stake.

Shade blocked the swing with his own sword, the impact tearing at the ground below his feet. With a heave, he sent Sadow flying backwards, following the move with Kusari, the added momentum increasing the speed of the shockwave, adding more force. Behind his visor, he let a small smile spread, glad to have a challenge.

Sadow used a well-timed Shunpo to escape the Kusari shockwave, instead letting it hit a hill behind him, blasting dirt and grass all about, both onto his companions and onto Hiroya.

Shade decided that it was time to go all out. "Shread the lies, Shinjitsu!" he called, waving his hand over the silver sword, splitting it into a Cat of Nine Tails. "First Truth: Kusari Kasui." The whips gained spikes running wild around them like briars. With a small flick of his wrist, Shade sent the whips after Sadow,

One of the whips managed to latch around his wrist painfully. He grunted in pain and swiped his blade at the cord hoping to be able to break his Shikai while still in his sealed state.

To Shade's amazement, Sadow was actually able to cut the whip clean off. "Second Truth: Kusari Yari." At his command, the eight remaining whips were brought back together, forming a silver spear, with a nick running all the way down the head and shaft of it, the missing whip. He failed to break it completely, so now I should be able to break his thanks to my Second Truth's effect. Without waiting for Sadow to take any openings, he began running, which thanks to his armor was more like a rather fast jog than an all out run.

Hiroya had a bad taste in his mouth ---conflict was such a needless thing and when one fought simply for the sake of fighting one made oneself gradually shrink in worth; Hiroya found both of these entities despicable and shallow - this "Shade" person was no better than the effeminate devil that he fought against and while Hiroya had initially found it charming that someone would stand up for him the good impression was not to last.

Up til this point, he had simply observed their tactics, abilities and used his impressive capabilities in the field of Spiritual Awareness to, correctly he thought, deduce their exact Spiritual Power in order to attune his spells to their power in the future in order to incapacitate them as easily as possible - silently weaving a couple of spells together and cutomizing their properties in order to make them mask their own spiritual energy and enhancing their efficiency and power in tune with the intended targets Hiroya proceeded to direct the spells at Shade and Sadow both.

Slithering like a snake, three chains of golden Spiritual Energy shot up from the ground beneath and besides the two combatants - as they stealthily attempted to enclose upon them at quick rates, their presence and indeed very visibility masked by an in-woven Kyokko spell; once the tendrils of golden light neared their targets the tips of the spells erupted into a myriad of smaller, slimmer golden threads who happened to be just as durable as the thicker ones. These chains would then attempt ambush the combatants and immobilize and incapacitate them in less than a moment ---due to Hiroya's precautions, these chains would likely be capable of withstanding their Reiatsu and Spiritual Power perfectly.

Sadow, in turn, charged toward Shade. He was ready for the climactic clash of their weapons, eager for a battle with someone on equal footing as himself.

Shade rose his spear in defense, using the shaft of the weapon to block Sadow's swing. Again he heaved the man back, and thrusted forward to create another Kusari, this time with the spear's effect of shattering anything that could not destroy it.

Before Sadow could react to this assault, a great many golden chains bound his movements. His eyes widened in shock. Was this Hiroya's doing?! He yelled out "Ouka! Fire!" Upon command, Ouka fired her Kido gun at Hiroya, using her keen Spiritual Sensing abilities to detect him.

Shade felt his armor constricting by golden chains. "What devilry is this? Did one of your maidens..." he trailed off, noticing Sadow was bound as well. "Well now, this is a pickle we have found ourselves in, no?"

Hiroya, being under the effets of Kyokko was incapable of being sensed trough Spiritual Awareness and as a direct consequence, Ouka while searching high and low, driven by a desperate need to please Sadow could in the end find not a trace of him ---atleast not until he shimmered into existance just beside her as he raised his finger to her temple and attempted to knock her out cold with a weakened Sho spell; before he'd quickly attempt to do the same with Sadow's remaining escorts - effectively removing them from the conflict.

The spell was successful, Ouka falling over unconcious. Hinotori and Tanseki followed suit, Sadow becoming enraged by this interference "Stay out this you little shit!"

Shade struggled uselessly against his bonds. "Why am I bound sir? I tried to save you, and this is my reward? Where in all creation did that notion seem fair?" he asked, running out of breath thanks to his struggling and his armor.

Hiroya looked at Shade slowly, regarding him "Because you too partook in this needless violence; while it might be most plausible to let you be I would have no guarantee that you'd attack the effeminate man in front of you while he was bound and restrained - I found this to be the perfect solution." Hiroya then sighed as he turned towards Sadow; his tone a tad harsher "You know, I don't mean to sound too blunt but the power that you flaunt is, quite frankly, quite overestimated - I'd suggest you stop trying to engage in battles otherwise... you'll die ---there are too many sad cases of fighters who think they possess more potential than they actually do who get themselves killed in reckless battles" Hiroya's voice was, despite the words he uttered, not mocking in the least, it almost sounded... concerned?

Sadow bellowed "Do you know who I am?! I am Sadow Yatsumaru, the Messenger of Death! Where I go, corpses follow close behind! Do not look down on me you whelp! I am above anything you could ever accomplish in your pathetic mortal life!"

Hiroya watched with some amusement the squeeling "messenger of death" in front of him shout out his alleged superiourity even while he was bound and restrained like a pig "Fancy titles won't change a thing, Yatsumaru-chan, the fact is that this battle you've both already lost ---infact you both lost the moment you took hostile action." Making a gentle gesture with his hands; Hiroya proceeded to release Shade from his bindings - confident that the armored man would do no harm. Hiroya then spoke again "Yatsumaru-chan, with a twist of my finger I could bring your entire legacy to an end in an instant; you were so busy focusing on him that you completely forgot to watch your own back; and so did he ---I repeat, far too many with some skill have gotten themselves killed in reckless battles"

"Thank you for this wisdom, however, must you kill this man before he can even attept repentance?" Shade asked, losing his calm edge.

Hiroya smiled then "I try to avoid killing whenever possible, I won't harm him unless it is in self-defense - you needn't worry"

Sadow continued "I won't be looked down on! I refuse to! I don't care what it takes! I don't just demand respect, I expect it!"

Far away, an ominous man in a tuxedo watched on as these events ensued, giving a small smirk when Sadow said this. He rubbed his stubble contemplatingly, liking the quote.

Meanwhile, Sadow resisted his binding but found himself unnable to break them. He felt so futile, all because of the man before him.

Shade watched the goings-on with a weary heart. "You surely have guts Sadow. I respect that. You really are who the legends claim. Looks like our fight wasn't a waste after all."

Hiroya had already begun to leave the area - he didn't bother give Sadow a single glance, although he did nod approvingly at Shade before he began to walk away slowly; the duo could hear his voice even as he disapeared out of sight "The spell will disipate on its own in an hour or so - if not, your courtesans will wake up and, through some wonder, manage to free you before that time"

Sadow cursed at him as he left "Damn you Hiroya Ginkarei!" Upon fully disappearing, Sadow slumped onto his side in defeat. "...I hate Kido."

"Well, he said it'd wear off. And don't worry, I hate the stuff too. Other than a few spells, magic is not for a true swordsman, unless his blade is fueled by the stuff. I wager I can smash this spell, but the odds of that are slim to none." Shade said, looking at the sky. "Oh my, I'm late. Farewell Sadow." and with a yellow-gold flash, the Nero Angelo was gone, leaving Sadow to his own devices.

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