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Name Averian
Kanji Unknown
Romaji Averian
Race Arrancar
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Gender Male
Height 6ft 3in
Weight 90kg
Eyes Red
Hair Silver
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Professional Status
Affiliation Himself
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Leader of his Own Arrancar Army
Previous Occupation None
Team None
Previous Team None
Partner None
Previous Partner None
Base of Operations None
Personal Status
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Relatives None
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Status Active
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Averian is an exceptionally powerful self-made Arrancar, who, with the help of Kurayami, destroyed the Soul Society and much of the Human World. After obtaining his goal of seeing the Soul Society burn, he ruthlessly slauhgtered his strongest generals, Kurayami among them, in order to increase his own power. Now, he is hunting down any remaining Shinigami who escaped him, with Tyrell Nishiki and The Ryu Order topping his list of targets. However, although powerful, Averian has been known to only ever fear two people, Kenji Hiroshi and Van Satonaka, because both almost succeded in killing him when he first made himself known to them.


Averian, with the use of his shape shifting skills, has changed his appearance from that of a tall man with flowing black hair with his face hidden by a cloak, to a hulking man who wears samurai armour to give himself the impression of a leader. His hair is long, silver and spiked, his eyes glow with a denomic red glow and his body is toned and muscular. His zanpakuto is carried threaded through his obi sash, and he now wears, in order to spark hatred among survivors, the robes of a Shinigam, only his are coloured a dull white colour.

Kusaka's new look

Averian using Kusaka's appearance.

Averian also has a diguise he likes using, particulary when he faces the likes of Kazuma, and most recently, the reamerged Kenji. This form is, in fact, that of Kusaka Kori, Kenji's fiercest rival and Kazuma's dear mentor.


Averian is ruthless and calculating, and relishes any chance to cause someone pain. After slaughtering the Gotei 13 Captains and razing Soul Society to the ground, Averian didn't stop and continued killing innocents without discrimination just to feed his own strength. He takes great pleasure in watching others suffer. However, he has also become more wary than ever, due to survivng Shinigami and Vizard banding together to stop him. However, he remains cold and unmovable in his emotions.

Averian has also shown to be incredibly sadastic and evil, as he will use any means necessary, no matter how low, to cause his opponents pain. When he encountered Kenji, newly arrived in the future, he assumed a form with Kusaka Kori's exact likeness and proceeded to mock Kenji for abandoning his friends. This trick was also used on Kazuma.


During the Kanmuri Taikai Tournament, which Averian attended in order to scout his opposition, he put his plans into effect. For the next five months, Averian began plotting the downfall of Soul Society and preparing his massive army of hollow, Adjuchas and Arrancar. Although inticipating Soul Society's fall, Averian began his invasion slowly; First by sending units to test his opponents defences and will to fight back. As expected, his forces never got past the Rukon District due to the fierce efforts of the Rukon Patrol Teams. Beginning to lose patiance with his officers, Averian commited more men forward, essentially leaving his powerbase in Hueco Mundo open to attack, as error which Yoshiro Kazuki and his Patrol team exploited. During one of these raids, Yoshiro almost succeded in killing Averian himself, who was forced to flee through a Garganta. With his plans set back a step once again, Averian began looking for other alternatives, all the while loosing more manpower and influence because of Yoshiro's raids.

Campaign in the Human WorldEdit

After suffering a setback in Soul Society and still cautious because of Yoshiro who'd very much cemented Soul Society's defences, Averian looked to the Human World in order to eliminate Kenji Hiroshi's growing Patrol Group, whose members were slowly growing in strength and daring. However, instead of finding kenji like he'd expected, Averian learned he'd vanished. Deciding to take his hatred out on his allies, Averian sought them out and eventually found Ino, who was heavily pregnant at the time. Cutting her down effortlessly, Averian turned his attention on young Kazuma. After a very brief scuffle which saw Kazuma's back scarred heavily, Averian was interupted by the arrival of an incredibly angry Kusaka, who fought his way through an entire squadron, killing two Arrancar in the process before forcing the powerful Arrancar to flee. Content that Kenji's group was now leaderless and essentially powerless, Averian turned his attention elsewhere.

A Crack in Soul Society's DefencesEdit

Upon his return to Hueco Mundo, Averian found a common ally in the Shinigami/Demon hybrid Kurayami, who wished to see Soul Society destroyed for exiling him years before. This partnership began to shift the balance of power, with their joint forces gaining ground in the Rukon District itself. Moving onto the front personally, Averian soon got the chance he needed. Two Captains of the Gotei 13, seeking to end the war once and for all by cutting off the head of the snake, Tadashi Kori and Shin Nagakura, fought a grueling battle against the Arrancar, and were only defeated when they were refused reinforcements. Taking their power as his own, Averian began his attack anew, with himself or his generals crippling the military strength of the Gotei by killing their remaining Captains.

Averian's VictoryEdit

Ordering a full-scale retreat, Averian and Kurayami haggered the Gotei's forces all the way to the Senkaimon used for their retreat. Staying back to secure the rear guard and ensure everyone who was needed got away safely, Yoshiro Kazuki, Sojiro Kori and Rikimaru Ichinose met their end battling Averian's forces, with Yoshiro himself falling at Averian's own hands. With the Soul Society razed and their power crippled, Averian returned to Hueco Mundo in triumph. After the victory, he began another assault of the Human World, with his generals successfully atacking Kusaka Kori, who later succumbed to his injuries, but not before allowing Averian to kill a grieviously injured Kurayami and add his powers to his own. With Kusaka defeated and Ino dead, Kazuma was filled with the urge to avenge them and stupidly attacked Averian's base alone under the cover of darkness. Preparing to deal the death blow, Tyrell Nishiki arrived and through sheer reckless abandon and stubborness, staved off Averian's attacks. Preparing to finish them, Averian became aware of the angry aged warrior descending from the skies. Maki Zhijun, a man thought dead by Kurayami's own hand, had survived and through calm swordplay and use of his Bankai, managed to force the Arrancar to flee again. With his plans set back again, Averian began to cement his power throughout the Spiritual World.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Shape Shifting: Averian makes great use of his shapeshifting skills, as he can easily alter his shape and spiritual energy to make himself appear like a completely different person. However, he can only assume the forms of those he himself has either killed, or cut, and any transformations into animals shred his clothing.

Sonído Master: Averian's skill in Sonidō has explosively increased over the years. He is incredibly fast, being more than capable of whipping out weaker Shinigami using just his high levels of speed and spiritual energy.

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Averian is matched in swordplay by few, and bested by even fewer. By his own admission, only Tyrell Nishiki has the necessary skill and strength to stand against him and possibly defeat him in battle.

Spatial Prison: A unique and apparently more battle-oriented version of the Negación technique used by Menos Grande. Averian can summon a powerful circular shaped spatial prison that temporarily paralyzes targets absolutely. Averian can afflict entire areas with this technique. Only individuals with sifficient spiritual energy are able to resist the paralysis.

Enourmas Spiritual Power: It is noted several times that Averian has an overwhelming amount of spiritual pressure, exceeding that of Captain-level by a large margin. His presence can be felt from a very large distance and causes weak souls to be crushed just by standing near him. His levels have only risen to greater levels due to him killing Captains Tadashi Kori and Shin Nagakura, along with the subsequent defeat of Yoshiro Kazuki. It is known that he retained all three of these indivuals skills and powers.

Enhanced Hierro: Averian’s Hierro’s strength is directly related to the massive strength of his spiritual pressure. Averian’s Hierro is strong enough to withstand Kazuma's sword strikes, and come out of Tyrell's Gouka technique with slight burns.

Cero: Averian uses a massive version of the Cero that inflicts major damage, both to enemies and the landscape. It is still red in coloration, but it is far bigger, and has proportional strength to its size. The blast left a line of damage along the ground a good mile in length when used.

  • Gran Rey Cero: Averian has also been shown using the Espada-exclusive Gran Rey Cero. How powerful this variant has become, is currently unknown.


Averian's Zanpakutō is called Kui tamashī no (Devourer of Souls): Its release command is unknown. In its sealed form, Kui tamashī no resembles a basic katana with an hourglass-shaped guard.

Power Absorption: Averian's Zanpakutō has the power to absorb the spiritual energy of those it kills, adding to its wielder's strength. The ability also drains the targets of their memories and abilities, adding them to Averian's own arsenal. In order to limit this ability, Tyrell has limited the members of the Ryu Order being allowed to battle Averian personally. This ability makes Averian incredibly dangerous, as in the case of a powerful opponent, Averian gains instant mastery over his new skills based on his opponents memories. The abilities stolen from others that Averian has known to have retained are those previously possessed by Tadashi Kori, Shin Nagakura, Yoshiro Kazuki and Kurayami.

  • Rei Furashuu: Averian's Rei Furashuu is incredibly powerful and destructive, as he puts his enormous spiritual energy into every destructive blast. For unknown reasons, he is unable to re-form the Rei Furashuu into armor or a protective dome like Tadashi himself could, nor is he anywhere near as skilled in its use.
  • Ice Manipulation: Using Yoshiro's skills and memories, Averian can craft several objects from ice to assault his opponents. However, he doesn't seem to be able to use any of the named abilities of Yoshiro's Shikai, nor his water-style abilities at all. Why he possesses this drawback, when Yoshiro himself did not, is currently unknown.
  • Lightning Cloak: Using Kurayami's abilities, Averian can cloak his entire body in a powerful electric current that doubles as an offense and defense. Why he can make use of Kurayami's full lightning cloak, is unknown, as both his Rei Furashuu and Ice Manipulation skills are not as potent as they had been when used by their original owners.
  • Energy Siphon: Averian has shown that he is capable of flowing his spiritual energy into that of other beings, while giving them the level of strength he wants along with whatever abilities he wants to bestow. Any abilities Averian gives through this process, he himself loses. These powers are awakened through the phrase, Awaken and Spread. This 'awakening' is accompanied by extreme levels of physical pain, body spasms and severe cramps, as experienced by Kusaka Kori during their battle.
Averian's release

Averian's Resurrección, Kui tamashī no released.

Resurrección: Kui tamashī no is released by the phrase Grant me Power. Upon the release of his Resurrección, Averian gains a pair of large, black feathered wings and a black uniform that hangs loosely on him that reveals the center of his chest. Like his sealed state, he retains a sword, a rarity among the Arrancar. His muscles increase in size, his eyes become more demonic in appearance and his spiritual energy reaches whole new heights that only make him that much more dangerous. It has been noted several times that Kusaka Kori's Uncontrolled Transformation not only bears some resemblance to Averian's Resurrección, but that there spiritual energy is also very similar. Why this is, is currently unknown.

Resurrección Special Abilities: Averian's Kui tamashī no retains all its previous abilities, including the power to steal a person's spiritual energy, memory and experience should Averian kill them; only he can now steal and make use of Bankai abilities, or releases of similar strength. Averian's Resurrección can be best described as fighting the combined ferocity of everyone he has ever defeated, as he can easily use all their abilities at any given time and to devastating effect based on the individuals memory, even fuse them to make unique combinations. This makes him an incredibly dangerous, and unpredictable opponent for even the strongest of individuals.

  • Monstrous Spiritual Energy: The spiritual energy and pressure of this form is immense, as Averian's already massive spiritual power is significantly increased upon the release of his Resurrección. His power is such that he can cause weaker individuals to break apart just by being near him. This vast increase in spiritual power also has the added effect of boosting his other attributes, along with the strength of his Hierro.
  • Immense Hierro: Averian's Hierro is so strong that only the strongest of Shinigami, using their full power could hope to cut through it, as it took Kusaka Kori, at full power whilst in Shikai, to sever his arm. The durability of his Hierro is further shown when Kazuma Nishiki attacked using all his anger to fuel the attack, but ended up snapping his own zanpakuto on Averian's shoulder. He was able to emerge from various Getsuei orbs detonating all around him.
  • High Speed Regeneration: Averian has the ability to quickly regrow any part of his body, except internal organs, extremely quickly, as shown during his battle with Kusaka when he regrew a lost arm.
  • Power Augmentation: Due to the extreme levels of spiritual energy released, all of Averian's abilities are taken to whole new heights; gaining increased speed strength and durability.
  • Enhanced Strength: Averian's strength in his Resurrección state is such that he can easily plow people through the ground, send them flying a large distance with only a single wing strike and deliver extremely powerful, bare-handed strikes that can knock down even a Bankai-using opponent.
  • Enhanced Speed: Averian's already impressive speed is only augmented further in his Resurrección state. He is now so fast that low-to-mid tier Shinigami have little chance of even following him, let alone keep up with him. Even someone as fast as a Bankai-enhanced Kusaka Kori, had trouble keeping up with Averian's skillful speed.
  • Enhanced Durability and Endurance: Averian's monstrous levels of spiritual energy ensures that he rarely even becomes tired during battle. His endurance against attacks is also incredibly large, as he only showed surprise when Kusaka severed his arm from the elbow down.
Averian's Segunda Etapa

Averian's Segunda Etapa revealed.

Resurrección: Segunda Etapa: Averian's form becomes more slender than his previous Resurrección state, though his powers grow incredibly powerful. His hair remains long with the same color seen previously, but his wings are now smaller and more angelic in appearance, but the similarities between himself and an angel end there. Averian has no bladed weapon in this form, though he can make use of the energy blade he once used previously.

  • Overwhelming Spiritual Energy: Averian's already enormous spiritual energy is further enhanced, as his energy becomes so heavy, thick and encompassing, that it was strong enough to shatter Kenji's Hollow Mask just by activating the form. In this state, every aspect of Averian's power is brought to what he himself calls "perfection". In a very short amount of time, he was capable of defeating both Future Tyrell and Future Kazuma, and critically injure Kenji.
  • Immense Strength: Averian's strength becomes such that he can easily break bones with just a casual flick of his hand, as shown when he broke two of Zieg's ribs and his left wrist. His strength was such, that he was capable of launching Kenji a hundred feet through the air with a simple movement of his arm, even though Kenji's flight was slowed down by various buildings.
  • Devestating Rei Furashuu: Averian's Rei Furashuu is now incredibly powerful, as he was capable of tearing a hole through Kenji's chest with it at only half power. He can condense the energy of the attack to make it more compact and slender in appearance.

Behind the ScenesEdit

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