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Averian's Army of Hollow & Arrancar
Averian's Silouhete
Name Averian's Army of Hollow & Arrancar
Kanji Unknown
Romanji Unknown
Leader(s) Averian
Founder(s) Averian
Headquarters Hueco Mundo, Forest of Menos
Affiliation Averian
Purpose Destroy the Soul Society and The Ryu Order

Averian's Army is the name of the army of Hollow, Arrancar and Vizards that follow Averian through fear or blind loyalty. They serve as the main antagonists of Bleach (Kenji Hiroshi) and see the destruction of both the Soul Society and The Ryu Order as their main objective.

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Manpower Edit

Averian's Army has a great many Hollow and Arrancar at its command, as Averian has bolstered his forces through the use of his zanpakutō to make his subordinates stronger than they otherwise should be. Its well known that almost all the Hollow residing in the Forest of Menos are aligned with Averian's forces, either through fear, blind loyalty or through commands from superior hollows. In terms of numbers, Averian's Army completely surpasses both that of the Soul Society and The Ryu Order.

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