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Asumu Godai
Asumu king return by mrb1ank-d7686zx
Name Asumu Godai
Meaning Tomorrow's Nothing of the Five Elements.
Kanji 五大 あすム
General Information
Race Quincy
Birthdate June 1st
Age 28
Gender Male
Height 180 cm (5'11")
Weight 143.3 kg (145 lbs)
Eye Color Sky Blue
Hair Color Silver-Grey
Blood Type A
Professional Information
Affiliation Quincy, Wandenreich
Occupation None
Partner Sieglinde Lange (Blankslate)

Heidi Von Kreug

Previous Partner Unknown
Base of Operations Various
Personal Information
Education Teachings of Fenrir, Quincy Teachings
Marital Status Single
Alignment Lawful Evil
Family Unknown
Status Alive
Quincy Abilities
Spirit Bow Name Gram
A soul born from the dark of humanity... to bring the dark to humanity...

—, Blankslate

Asumu Godai (五大 あすム, Tomorrow's Nothing of the Five Elements) is a mysterious Quincy who was originally part of the first Wandenreich. He now is the leader of a newly reformed Quincy Empire under the same name. His designation in the Sternritter is "L - The Lunar".


Asumu is a fairly tall, youthful appearing man with long, silver-white hair and bleak red eyes. He has a fair build, not being too muscular but not particularly scrawny either. His current attire is the old Reishi armor that he hand-crafted. It is deep blue with golden trims along with a dark blue and black cape, a means to protect himself from the Hollowed wastelands of Hueco Mundo. It is scarred and worn, but it still functions perfectly; he has even gone as far as to say that he's wore the armor so long it's become a part of his body. He originally wore the standard uniform of most all Sternritter.


Asumu is a man of order and loyalty, never questioning the law, and never betraying those who trust him. To Asumu, the continued existence of a ruling government is the key to survival and prolonged existence of any being, hence why he is so dedicated to the cause of Yhwach and his Wandenreich. The survival and prosperity of his race, the Quincy, is his primary goal, and it is a goal that he is willing to achieve at any costs necessary. Neither Shinigami nor Hollow can stand between him and his ultimate ideal: a world where the Quincy reign dominate over all other races, united, and no longer under the threat of extinction. 

Highly respective and kind to his fellow Quincy, Asumu has always been regarded among his peers as one of the more charismatic of the Sternritter under Yhwach's command, as he always put the interests of the Quincy and his subordinates ahead of his own goals. He is protective and caring of fellow Quincy, never putting himself behind them in a fight, and never abandoning them during a war. When it comes to the safety and advancement of his race, Asumu will fight to the death, or until his body can no longer support him. He believes that fighting for a better future for the Quincy is the only reason that he exists. 

Those who are outside the Quincy race are either seen as a respectable enemy, or something that is simply not worthy of his attention. While he does hold most other races in a lower regard than his own (like many other Quincy), this does not mean he underestimates them in any regard, but rather, sees them as socially inferior to the Quincy. He cites the Shinigami's wreckless genocide of the Quincy, and their refusal to negotiate as a prime factor of such behavior, and generally perceives Hollows and Arrancar to be nothing more than just animals. His perception of individuals within these races may be subject to change depending on their behavior around him. 

Contrary to the majority of his fellow Sternritter, Asumu carries a code of honor about his person during battle. He prefers to fight against opponents who are of equal if not greater skill than himself, and wishes to fight with the skills that he is best suited for, and expects the opponent to do the same. He will only fight a disarmed opponent if they wish to do so, but otherwise, he will often allow, even force his enemy to recover their weapon before continuing the duel. Fighting against weaker enemies is something he prefers to leave to his subordinates if possible, but he is a man who admires a strong will, and will grant a weaker enemy a chance to fight him one on one. Asumu is also respectful to opponents who have fallen at his hands, but were capable warriors themselves, as he will burn their bodies after death and allow their ashes to scatter into the wind. He values physical strength and bravery above all else, and will only pledge his aid to those who can demonstrate these two attributes to him skillfully.

His interests include writing, archery, dueling, and wine-making. His favorite food is fried rice, while his least favorite is anything spicy. 


Starting Out



Quincy Cross: Like all Quincy, Asumu carries a cross-shaped pendant on his person at all times, primarily wearing it around his wrist. It's only function is summoning his Spirit Weapon.

Medallion (メダリオン, Medarion): A device used by the Sternritter to steal the Bankai of a Shinigami and use it as their own. The exact process and origins of this device are unknown, but this unknown is far outweighed by the device's usefulness. A stream of black energy is released from the medallion, which breaks down the Shinigami's Bankai and pulls it back into the device, which allows Asumu to use the Bankai as he sees fit. His version has been modified to where he can still use his Vollständig even when in possession of a Bankai; however, he cannot use them both at the same time. This is due to his own modifications to where both the Bankai and Vollständig run in two different systems, similar to Blut Vene and Arterie. His medallion is pinned to his upper left breastplate.

Powers and Abilities

Natural Abilities


Asumu releasing his Spiritual Pressure

Immense Spiritual Energy: Befitting his former status as a Sternritter, Asumu carries enough Spiritual Pressure on his person to easily contend with the likes of seasoned Captains and Espada-level Arrancar alike. He commands a great deal of respect from fellow Quincy for his single-handed victory over Tier Harribel during the Wandenreich's initial invasion of Hueco Mundo. Even more significant was his capacity to fight two Shinigami Captains, Kensei Mugurama and Rōjūrō Ōtoribashi at the same time, during the initial war with Soul Society. His Spiritual Pressure, light violet in coloration, has a rather abnormal affect on beings who come in contact with it. Rather than be shaken, or have their own power be dimmed, opponents who feel the weight of Asumu's Spiritual Pressure can often hear howling of wolves.

Enhanced Intelligence: As his ability would imply, Asumu uses his intelligence to win most of his battles. "The Prophet" allows him to see things that a normal Quincy would not be able to see at a glance, or even upon close inspection, such as shortcuts, hazards, and so on. It is also due to this power that Asumu makes for a remarkable detective and bounty hunter, as he is capable of tracking an individual's DNA through blood or saliva, both of which, and many more examples along the same lines, can be highlighted through his vision as long as he has a tangible sample of said DNA. His intelligence goes beyond just using his ability, however; Asumu is a talented linguist, capable of speaking fluent Japanese, German, and Spanish, alongside his typical English use. He is also a clever strategist, having fought and bested a handful of old Sternritter members prior to their joining, all of whom required different tactics to take down.

Quincy Abilities


Asumu's fully powered state

The Lunar (月光 (太陰), Gekkou (Su Runa); Japanese for "Moonlight"): One of few Sternritter to possess an animal-based ability, Asumu is capable of drawing power from the moon when it is visible, be it in the day or night; the longer he stays exposed to the moon, the more powerful he becomes. His strength, speed, defense, and overall Quincy abilities become bolstered and augmented, which makes his already formidable presence all the more difficult to overcome. When his power grows from the moonlight, his body also slowly becomes more wolf-like in the process, namely when he starts to grow white fur on his body, his teeth become sharper and elongated, and his ears also begin to become more canine. After several minutes of exposure to the moon, Asumu transforms into a full-blown white werewolf, which becomes his fully-powered state. Here, he is able to easily outmatch even Bankai-enabled opponents. If Asumu reaches this state on the night of a full moon, he is capable of activating his Quincy: Vollständig.
  • The Lunar: Harbinger (ス ルナー: ハービンジャー, Su Runa: Habinjaa): Harbinger is the only named ability of "The Lunar" that Asumu can use, and it is only capable of being used when Asumu is in his full powered werewolf form. By taking his Quincy cross in his hand, Asumu forms it into a bright ball of energy that he aligns with the moon, before tossing it into the sky above him. It then proceeds to fire a beam of energy down at Asumu and he emerges in a slightly weaker version of his Quincy: Vollständig. Typically, this is an easy way for Asumu to access his most powerful state and abilities without having to wait on a full moon, however, it is not as strong as it would be on the night of a legitimate full moon.
  • Blut Einklang (血装協調 (ブルートきょうちょう), Burūto Kyouchou; German for "Blood Harmony", Japanese for "Harmonized Blood Guise"): Previously, Blut Vene and Blut Arterie were incapable of being used at the same time. However, Asumu's Werewolf form is able to overcome this barrier due to his increase in power. With this, both Blut systems are able to be used at the same, making it to where Asumu can increase his offense and his defense at the same time.
  • Enhanced Heilig Pfeil: When in his Werewolf state, Asumu's Heilig Pfeil become much stronger. Rather than fire them from his Spirit Weapon, he instead forms his arrows, of which are now much larger in size, with his hands and throws them like javelins. Extremely powerful, these arrows are capable of pinning a Captain level opponent to a wall with little effort. However, because of their charge time, Asumu does not use them often.
  • Enhanced Heiliges Feuer: The azure Reishi flames that Asumu can use also become much stronger when in Werewolf form. He now releases them from his mouth rather than from his weapon or hands, and due to the power and speed of the flames, he can cover a massive radius in front of him with this technique. It is capable of burning the sands of Hueco Mundo, something previously thought to be impossible.

Reishi Absorption and Manipulation: The most basic and primary function of a Quincy, Asumu can bend and control Reishi in his surrounding area to his whim, allowing him to perform a variety of different techniques.

  • Ransōtengai (乱装天傀, "Heavenly Wild Puppet Suit"): By creating Reishi chords above him, Asumu is able to suspend himself and control his body if he were ever paralyzed or if certain parts of his body were broken. He is also capable of using this technique to control the body of his opponent when they themselves are immobile.
  • Hirenkyaku (飛廉脚, "Flying Screen Step/God Step"): The Quincy's primary means of moving at high speeds, Asumu is a clear master of Hirenkyaku, able to move from various parts of the battlefield with relative ease. The blue flashes that appear as a result of this technique, when used in rapid succession, are known to disorientate his opponents.
  • Kasaneawase Hirenkyaku (重ね合わせ飛廉脚, "Superposition of the Flying Screen Step/God Step"): Asumu begins this unique application of Hirenkyaku by first coating his entire body with a thin sheet of Reishi. When he uses Hirenkyaku, basically putting his body in a state of superposition, he "splits" himself from this Reishi sheet, which leaves a silhouette of himself in it's place composed of said Reishi, a "clone" in essence. He can create numerous clones and they are all capable of fighting Asumu's opponent, but they are only able to use basic abilities such as Heilig Pfeil.
  • Kirchenlied Spellcraft: Considered to be the precursor of Gintō spells, Kirchenlied is used by Echt, or "pure" Quincy to create numerous different spells and attacks through the use of small rods kept in their uniforms. Asumu is a master of this sorcery, and knows some of the most deadly and powerful spells ever conceived.
  • Kirchenlied: Sankt Zwinger (聖唱: 聖域礼賛 (キルヒエンリート: ザンクト・ツヴィンガー), Kiruhienrīto: Zankuto Tsuvingā; German for "Church Hymn: Saint Ward", Japanese for "Holy Chant: Sanctuary Veneration"): Often hailed as the "epitome" of Quincy offense and defense, Sankt Zwinger erects a rather large mini-fortress of sorts around Asumu which protects him from outside harm. Should the target enter through the ward, they will be struck down by "the light of God". The true function of Sankt Zwinger is revealed at this stage: The ward itself is actually a marker, a crosshair of sorts for a large Reishi bow in the sky that is formed as a result of the Ward. If the enemy stays within the marker for too long, they will be binded in place of the Ward, similar to Sprenger, in where Asumu moves out of the Ward and leaves them stranded within it. The bow in the sky then fires a massive arrow down at the target, creating a large blue column of explosive energy that expands only as far as the Ward's radius, and completely annihilates the target within.
  • Blut (血装 (ブルート), Burūto; German for "Blood", Japanese for "Blood Guise"): By pushing Reishi into his Blood veins, Asumu can either drastically augment his defense or his offense. Blut operates in two separate systems, one for defense and another for offense; however, these two systems cannot be used at the same time, forcing him to rely on one or the other. However, this is overcome when he enters his full powered Werewolf state, in where his strength and power have increased to the point to where both forms of Blut can be used at once.
  • Blut Vene (静血装 (ブルート・ヴェーネ), Burūto Vēne; German for "Blood Vein", Japanese for "Stilled Blood Guise"): The defensive Blut form, Blut Vene grants Asumu inhuman endurance against any form of attack. It's strength is high enough to where he could stop a train in it's tracks. However, with strong enough force, Blut Vene can be torn and even penetrated, leaving the user helpless against more attacks. Blut Vene can also be used to seal wounds received by the user. Blut Vene is also incapable of blocking "wave" based attacks, such as Ikkotsu or Sōkotsu, which could both completely destroy an opponent in one blow.
  • Blut Arterie (動血装 (ブルート・アルテリエ), Burūto Aruterie; German for "Blood Artery", Japanese for "Moving Blood Guise"): The offensive Blut form, Blut Arterie grants Asumu inhuman levels of attack strength; however this only applies to physical techniques. With this power running through his veins, Asumu is capable of causing immense damage to even Bankai wielding Shinigami foes.

Spirit Weapon

The Light of God

Asumu draws Gram

Gram (グラム, Guramu): By gathering his own Spiritual Energy and fusing it with the Reishi of the environment surrounding him, Asumu can create a rather hollow blade initially that is made out of his own, dark blue spiritual power. From herein, he places his hand on the blade, running down it and causing his own Spiritual Energy to become more prominent in the fusion, thus causing the blade to take on the appearance of a greatsword with a golden handguard and a dark blue handle. With an incredibly sharp blade and long reach, this sword is what gave Asumu the reputation of "unmatched with a greatsword".
  • Heilig Pfeil (神聖滅矢 (ハイリッヒ・ブファイル), Hairihhi Bufairu; German for "Holy Arrow", Japanese for "Destroying Arrow of Sanctity"): The primary and signature ability of all Quincy, Asumu can generate his Heilig Pfeil arrows by aiming his Spirit Weapon at his target and generating two "arms" from it's blade, making it resemble a crossbow of sorts. These arrows are fast and powerful, with one of them capable of destroying a single building within Hueco Mundo.
  • Heiliges Feuer (神聖滅火の手 (ホーリーファイア), Hairihhi Faia; German for "Holy Fire", Japanese for "Sacred Destruction Flames"): An ability that is only usable by Pure Quincy. Asumu condenses his Spiritual Energy into his blade and can then generate azure flames as a result. These flames can be used to inflict major burns on his enemies, and they're also used as a surprise attack as well. During the Wandenreich's first invasion of the Soul Society, the Sternritter used these flames to initialize their attack against the Shinigami. Asumu can also use this technique as a landmine of sorts, simply by slicing the ground near him and imbuing it with the condensed flames, and then letting the foe walk on top of it, which then causes the flames to shoot upwards in a massive pillar, engulfing and destroying the target utterly.

Quincy: Vollständig

Wolf Vollstandig

Auriel, Asumu's Vollständig

Auriel (イルミナシーオン オーフ ゴド (アウリエル), Hebrew for "God is my Light"; Japanese for "Illumination of God"): Asumu can only activate Quincy: Vollständig when he is in his full-powered werewolf state during the night of a full moon (this can be overcome by his ability "The Lunar - Harbinger"). When this requirement has been filled, Asumu lets out a loud howl and is engulfed in a column of Reishi that forms itself into a large cross, similar to other Quincy transformations. It then shatters like glass, revealing Asumu's new form: He remains in a werewolf state, but is slightly more muscular. He is now adorned in his usual Reishi armor, but the color scheme has changed from dark blue with gold trims to black with blue trims. Two wings of pure Reishi extend out from his upper back, connected by an arch, and he has a crescent moon shaped halo hovering over his head. In this state, Asumu's mouth is always radiating light blue smoke or fire.

  • Flight: Using his wings, Asumu is capable of flying in the air at high speeds.
  • Gram (Spear Form): Due to his great increase in size, Asumu's Reishi greatsword, Gram, is changed into a long, cross shaped spear with a glowing blue blade. He now has much longer reach than before, and a well placed strike from this spear is capable of breaking through the Sekkiseki wall around Soul Society.
  • Grey Iron (グリー アイロン, Gurii Airon): Asumu's ultimate attack. Svalin's glowing outer ring forms into the arms of a long bow with a thick Reishi string shaped like a chain. Asumu then takes the spear-like Gram and hooks it to the string like a typical arrow. A great amount of Reishi is gathered into the spear's tip before Asumu releases it and sends it hurtling straight towards his intended target. Upon making contact with said target, all of the gathered Reishi expands rapidly, resulting in a massive globe-like explosion. It is nigh impossible to survive this attack, as a massive portion of Asumu's own power is used to fuel both the spear's strength and it's trajectory.


Appearances in other Media

Besides his appearance here, Asumu's most prominant appearance is on the Ultimate Crossover Wiki. There, he plays the role of a genetically engineered Saiyan who masquerades as a human businessman, and serves as a Deuteragonist for the storyline of Dragon Ball Ultima.


  • If this character were in the anime Asumu would be voiced by Daisuke Ono, who also voices Erwin Smith in Shingeki no Kyojin. His English voice actor is Benedict Cumberbatch .


  • All of his picture work belongs to Zanpakuto Leader.


  • (To a Shinigami): "What makes you think that you could protect the Soul Society from His Majesty's forces, if you can't even protect it from yourselves?"

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