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"In order to protect human souls, and keep the promise I made with those who lost their lives, I’ve stayed here and fought."
—Ashido in a conversation with Rukia Kuchiki.
Ashido Kanō
Yoshiro Kazuki 2
Name Ashido Kanō
Kanji 狩能 雅忘人
Romanji Kanō Ashido
Race Soul
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Six Directions
Occupation Shinigami
Team Six Directions, Ikki
Partner Shiju Shūdō
Base of Operations Reikai
Personal Status
Family Jinta Kanō (brother, deceased)
Status Active
Shikai Hakyūkōka
Bankai Sezokuteki Hakyūkōka
The definition of seriousness. - Kenji-Taichō

Ashido Kanō (狩能 雅忘人, Kanō Ashido) is a Shinigami of the Ryū Order, formerly of the Gotei 13, who had once been entrapped in Hueco Mundo. He led the Order's operations within Hueco Mundo and answered directly to Kusaka Kori, whilst employing Naibu Shizuka as his second-in-command. He later accepted a mission from Kenji Hiroshi to keep an eye on his son when the latter left Horiwari on a quest of self-discovery, where he eventually helped the young man rescue Akiye from the clutches of the Imawashī. Following the Collapse Ashido, once again partnering Naibu, became trapped in Hueco Mundo, and was thought to have perished when the backlash ripped through the realm. He survived, ironically, through the intervention of Averian, who kept the damage inflicted to his home to a minimum, though Naibu perished. He rejoined the survivors when he came upon Sanada Shirono and Shūhei Hisagi scouting Hueco Mundo and left with them. Since his escape he once more pledged his allegiance to Kentaro and has become the Second main instructor of the restored Shinō Academy where he taught advanced Yuengiri applications alongside Shiju Shūdō.

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Synopsis Edit

Main article -- Bleach (Kenji Hiroshi).

Part I Edit

Main article -- Bleach: War of the Worlds.

The Endgame Arc Edit

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The Hidden Shadows Arc Edit

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Main article -- Bleach: Cataclysm.

Braving the Waves arc Edit

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Powers and Abilities Edit

Zanpakutō Edit

Hakyūkōka (波及効果, Ripple Effect).

Shikai Special Ability:
Ashido's Bankai by Rtenzo

Sezokuteki Hakyūkōka.

  • Bankai: Sezokuteki Hakyūkōka (世俗的波及効果, Worldly Ripple Effect).

Behind the Scenes Edit

Ashido's Bankai

Ashido's Bankai by Arrancarfighter.

He was originally set to appear in the manga during the Hueco Mundo Arc, but had to be cut by series creator Tite Kubo due to time issues.

The pictures of Ashido's Shikai and Bankai were drawn by Arrancarfighter on Deviantart. All credit for the pictures goes to him, along with my thanks for allowing me to use them. The new picture of his Bankai, however, was drawn by Rtenzo on deviantart, who lot me use. Thanks go to both artists.

The color of his reiatsu, though, was put together with help from N's Fanon reiatsu blog.

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