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Aoi Inazuma
Race Zanpakutō
Professional Status
Partner Kenji Hiroshi, Kyoaku
Shikai Aoi Inazuma
Bankai Aoi Inazuma Kasō

Aoi Inazuma (青い稲妻, Blue Lightning), true name Raijin (雷神, God of Lightning), was the Zanpakutō used by Kenji Hiroshi prior to the First Spiritual War. Aoi Inazuma was a false name provided by Raijin. This was due to Kenji's reliance on Kyoaku as a source of power; Raijin thus did not view Kenji as a worthy master and thus did not allow him to wield his true power. Aoi Inazuma's Bankai was known as Aoi Inazuma Kasō (青い稲妻火葬, Blue Lightning Cremation).

Appearance Edit

Aoi Inazuma was a female spirit with long green-coloured hair and crimson eyes. She wears a flowing kimono-like garment seemingly made of electricity. As Aoi Inazuma Kasō she possesses a body composed of electricity and doesn't move in the traditional sense; she phases from one place to another seemingly through teleportation. The only trait shared between both incarnations of the spirit is her flowing green-coloured hair.

Personality Edit

Aoi Inazuma was described as motherly. She was ever a supporting influence upon Kenji and encouraged his desire to gain strength to protect not only himself but those he held dear, and even pushed him to put his trust in Kyoaku as one means of gaining power.

Synopsis Edit

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Part I Edit

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Trickster arc Edit

Powers Edit

Lightning and Electricity Generation: Aoi Inazuma is capable of generating and manipulating lightning and electricity for a number of offensive, defensive and supplementary uses.

Behind the scenes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Aoi Inazuma, according to Raijin, was given form by Kenji's own deeply buried desires. This was why the spirit appeared to be both female and motherly: Aoi Inazuma was merely a mirror reflecting Kenji's desires, in this case a mother-figure.
  • Raijin thought of Kenji as unworthy to wield his true power and thus provided the name Aoi Inazuma instead. Ironically Aoi Inazuma would encourage Kenji to rely more on Kyoaku as a means of gaining power. It is unknown how she regarded Kenji's Inner Hollow.

References & notes Edit

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