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Kanji 赤平
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Akabira City is a population center of unknown size in the northern island of Hokkaido, Japan. Recently, Akabira has become a hive of Hollow and other paranormal activity; with Shinigami from the Soul Society patrolling the streets in order to protect the residents, while a large population of the residents have varying degrees of spiritual awareness, as well as powers.

Overview Edit

Akabira High School Edit

Main Article - Akabira High.

Akabira High (赤平高速, Akabira Kōsoku) is the largest high-school within Akabira City, as well as a large venue for multiple sporting activities at the weekend, including, but not limited to boxing, football and many others.

Residents Edit

Current Edit

Former Edit

Behind the Scenes Edit

Akabira is an actual location in the real world.

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