Myst was sitting at her favorite spot in the human world, Burger King. She missed the salty food and it also helped settle her stoumach after drinking blood a few hours prior. Sure, it did get old after a while, but being what she was, it really didn't matter much. As she finished her fries, she noticed a strong power growing fainter with distance. Wasting no time, she made a mad dash towards the source.

Shiawase was walking down the high street carrying a load of bags along her arms from prada and next. Suddenly she felt the strong energies of someone she had never met before rushing towards her. Dropping the bags she ran across the corner and continued down the street.

Myst was dumbstruck. Someone thought they could run from her? Using her Reikon Kyuuban-enhanced speed to keep up was a very easy task. I'm getting close, but for Heaven's sake, she's quick. Might run out of blood before I even get there. she thought to herself before quickly casting away the thought.

Feeling the presence catch up to her Shiawase tried another tack. She knew she couldn't escape and so she began to Shunpo off the main street away from the pedestrians. As she ran she used her whip to pull down branches making hurdles to gain her time.

Myst was annoyed by the obstructions, but felt her prey deserved a fun game. Rather than speed through and risk injury, she used her Zanpakto to carve a pathway through the branches.. "I know your here, I have super-shap senses, and I can hear your heart. Well, actually, no, I can't. How about you face me directly in leiu of hiding? I promise you won't be harmed if you quietly do as I ask, I just want to talk for a moment."

Shiawase then stopped, her opponent closer than she thought and turned to face her. "What do you want? Nothing bad I hope?" Shiawase twidled with her hair and waited for a reply.

"I promise nothing bad, unless I get hungry. I wanted to talk. I haven't been to the human world in some time, other than to feed. Oh, how foolish of me. I'm Myst. I'm kinda the most powerful of a race of I guess Bount/Shinigami hybrids. We're called Reikon Kyuuban. Who might you be?"

"I am a shinigami. My name is Shiawase Shirushi and I am the lieuteant of the eigth squad in the Gotei 13. Nice to meet you, but I am just a poor and defensless girl you know." Shiawase winked as she drew out her whip.

Myst smiled. "Heh. I think you lied to me. If your the lieutenant, you can't be defenseless. I can see that much, but so far, I still think pleasantries are in order. I'm not hungry at the moment, so you are safe for now. I'm sorry I scared you when I appeared. That wasn't my intent."

"Oh good." Shiawase grinned as she sat down and yawned. "So what would you be hungry for? You sound like a vampire or something" Shiawase laughed at her own joke.

"Correct actually. I perfer to only kill criminals, but when I just need a snack, anyone will do, because I rarely kill unless Kite-san forgot to bring me something, or someone. It's very rare for a Shinigami to die because of me. In fact, I end up turning most of them. Trust me, it's like the books. All I gotta do is mix our blood and you'll be my next hybrid child." Myst was truely impressed by Shiawase's correct guess, but concealed it well.

Shiawase immediately blanched and went pale. She hurridely stood up saying she had to go and rushed off away, leaving Myst alone.

"What? Did I say somethin' wrong? If I did, I'm sorry." Myst said, now lost in thought. The thirst was begining again, her last meal was rather weak. Darn it! I told Kite to get me someone strong last time he went hunting for food. In her then hungry state, she instinctively followed Shiawase's trail, her vampire speed kicking into high gear.

Shiawase saw she was being chased again and turned around stopping again raising her arms. "Stay away. I HATE VAMPIRES! HELP ME!" Shiawase started screaming as Myst approached again.

Myst fought for control against herself and won for the time being. "I'm not just a vampire. I'm a natural Kyuuban. I didn't ask for it. How could I when I thought people like me were mere myths that fools on Earth made? I never though of Vampires as real things until about 14 years ago, around the time my brother was sent to Hell. I'm sorry if I scared you, but as you can see, I'm mostly in conrol."

"MOSTLY!" Shiawase truly lost it, she began to run away again but she was too tired. As she saw Myst approach again she began to feel dizzy. Her legs began to buckle and she fell to the floor. It appeared she had fainted.

"Darn it. Just when you think I can't get any needier, you pass out on me?" She asked the empty air, hoping for an answer. Rather than going away she stayed to protect the shinigami in case something less kind decides it wants food. A small rabbit just happened to hop into her line of sight and with one swift move, Myst grabbed and bit into it, draining it's blood and very soul, making herself stronger for the time being.

While Myst was looking away Shiawase's eye flew open and immediately shut as she saw the scene. "Myst was a cold hearted killer, no matter how soft here words were. Slowly under her breath she began to recite "With the guidance of the eighty eight. Crush my enemies now." Shiawase fell back again waiting for the moment to strike.

"I know you just saw that. Would you want that to be you instead of a rabbit? I can partally read your mind and hear even the release command you wispered. I did tell you my senses were a bit sharp right?"

Shiwase's eyes snapped open as she flipped back up. "I don't want that to be me." Shiawase released the spell at Myst before drawing her whip again. She was still in a slight state of shock coping with Myst and wasn't thinking too straight.

Myst countered the spell with a low level Kyūketsuki Ga Satsuei. "You like that? If you keep overreacting and increasing your pulse, I'm gonna go nuts. Calm down. I don't want to hurt you."

Shiawase took a few deep breaths and steadied herself. "Oh ok. Sorry." She smiled sheepishly "I just have a fear for vampires. thats all" She laughed it off before looking at Myst. "Sorry about that, anyway, why are you here."

"Because, I lost touch with human kind other than for blood. I haven't been out of my house for quite a while, other than a hunt. I wanted to have fun here for once and someone like you with decent spiritual energy could stop me if I lost control for some reason. Mind helping me out?" Myst asked with a smile.

"Uhhh.. Sure I'll try." Shiawase gluped. "So what do you want to do?" Shiawase grinned while holding out her hand in friendship.

Myst lauged. "I dunno. I haven't had fun as a human in almost 15 years now." She grabbed Shiawase's hand in thanks. "What fun things has mankind invented in my two decade departure? Anything good?"

Shiawase grinned from ear to ear. "Shopping." She marched off hapily to the nearest Debenhams with Myst in tow. When they got there Shiawase was forcing on clothes for Myst and collecting ones she was going to buy. s she went to hand her the final dress she pricked herself on the finger. A drop of blood came out as Shiawase began to suck at her finger. She looked at the offending nail in rage.

"You ok?" Myst asked, although the bloodlust was clear in her eyes. "You kinda jumped a bit there. Thought I blacked out and used a kinda illigal trick we Kyuuban use to suck blood. I didn't do that did I?"

"Uhh no. I'm fine thanks." Shiawase began to drow uncomfortable again but paced her breathing. Takng her finger out of her mouth she suggested that they go to Mysts house after paying. The total bill came to over £275. "You'll look great." Shiawase reamianed positive.

"Really? You think so? First time anyone but Kite said something nice to me." Myst sighed. "There's a rule about goding to my house though. Only those who've lost something dear to them can gain access. The only other way is to become one of us. I'm sure I can pull you into the vortex with me, but I've never tried a normal person before." She started her incantation "Fires above and below, I am a lost child in need of safety. Allow me access." Once she finished, a black and red portal opened up just ahead of them. "If you want to back away, I wouldn't blame you. The only other living being in the house is my Kyuuban boyfriend."

"Ummm. Ok, maybe not. I am happy the way I am, how about we just go to the park?" Shiawase played the line in her head but what actually came out was "Sure, what is the worst that could happen?" She grinned as she grabbed for Myst's hand.

"Hold tight, and for the love of all Gods don't let go." Myst advised before plunging into the dark abyss. Amazingly, both of them survived. A few feet ahead was a large mansion. "Well, that was fun. Welcome to the Mansion of Blood and Gore. Kidding. It's actually quite normal."

Shiawase began to return to her natural colour after her ordeal. She hadn't thought of how to get back but still continued on with Myst. "It is very big, you say there are only two of you. You must have a lot of space." Shiawase commented in awe at the structure of the building.

"Impressed? Thought you would be. We could fit quite a lot of people inside at once. The most we had at one time for more than an hour was four people. Me and Kite along with my youngest brother and his girlfriend. Odd, Kite should be running out scaring me or something."

Shiawase looked at Myst as if to ask that everything was ok. "That isn't too major is it?" Shiawase asked tentatively, drawing her whip for good measure.

"He's probably not aware I returned yet. Stay close or the guy'll think your lunch. No God will be able to stop him then." Myst said opening the door. Much to her surprise, Kite's spiritual pressure wasn't even in the area. "He's hunting, again. You'll be safe, don't worry."

Shiawase had gone pale again and was trying to form a question. "Is-is-is he in control?" She stammered out, then taking control of herself. "Well we'll just have to hope he doesn't come back"

"Ha. I'm the one who controls him. I'm the Queen Vampire after all. My blood has spawned many over the near two decades I thrived. Although he isn't mine in a sense, I still have a slight advantage. you need not worry. As a friend, I can promise you that."

"Yeah as a friend. So, I'm hungry. Have you got anything to eat?" Shiawase started toward the house. "I sure am hungry right about now."

"We have normal food around here. Somewhere." Myst said sheepishly "I think we got bread and meat around here for a sandwhich."

"Thankyou Myst. Thats kind of you. Don't you need to eat normal food as well?" Shiawase helped Myst search for the food conversing all the time. "So you're a Queen are you?" Shiawase asked her new friend.

"Yes I can eat normal food, but blood is the nessassary component to my life. Oh and I'm not really a Queen by the way, I just fancy the title is all. I'm only the strongest Natural in existance, or so I know." Myst smiled. "Sorry you got dragged into this mess because of me. If the Seireitei knew you were with me, both of us would be taken in for questioning. For your own sake, promise me you won't say a word to them about me or this place."

"Oh ok." Shiawase located the bread and began to knaw away at it sating her apetite. "Thanks for not uhh, eating me." Shiawase grinned sheepishly before taking a serious tone "Thanks for being a nice friend Myst. I am glad I met you. Sorry to blast you with some kido" Shiwase laughed.

Myst smiled at the joke. "Sorry for scaring the crap outta ya in town. I really had fun that didn't involve, well you know, these." she pointed to her fangs.

"Yeah great to meet you. Even though you scared me." Shiawase laughed "Where to now?"

"Anywhere you want. Kite's hunts take hours, so I have time to kill. I don't mean kill as in..I mean..Gah I'm so confused." Myst said with a slight smile,

"I know what you mean." Shiawase ran away. "Lets play hide and seek!" She used Shunpo and dissapeared from sight.

Myst sighed. "I know you're still in the area, there's no way to leave, but this whole land mass is freakin huge! A whole island to hide on? This is bad ya know! Wait, I'm screaming into thin air. I've lost my mind. Sweet." Using her enhanced senses, she could feel the slight pulse of spiritual energy, but it was faint, very much so. "Ready or not, here I come."

Shiawase giggled as she uttered the words "Maniupulate, Sutoringa." Suddenly a youngish man with blond hair was standing in fron of her. "Light go hide. We are playing hide and seek ok. Make sure not to hurt anyone," He nodded a flew off. Shiawase giggled at her plan.

The Hell? Two? Oh she just made this funner. Wait, is that a word. Whatever, it is now! Myst thought as she ran to the closer one. She probably can multiply or something like that.

Shiawase felt Mysts presence grow weaker as she moved away and she relaxed. She had run in a straigh line trying to remember how to get back to the mansion. She took rest behind a tree and waited. Meanwhile Light was dashing away trying to escape Myst.

Myst caught up to the energy source but stayed a bit back to observe any odd patterns in movements or energy. Finding none, she assumed it was Shiawase. In a matter of seconds, her theory was turned incorrect. Upon noticing the being that was Light, she deduced the effect of the Zanpakto, Summoning, just like her nephew, Hayashi.

"Oh no, You caught me." the puppet sighed before releasing a blinding flash of light and returning to Shiawase who now started to run toward the mansion again. She was goin to hide inside.

Myst turned around and used her enhanced speed to sprit to the mansion. She understood the ploy perfectly at that moment, too late to stop it. If she hides in there, the game'll never end.

Shiawase was about to enter the mansion when she saw the speeding Myst. Diving behind a tree a concealing her spiritual presseure as well as she could, Shiawase peeked out at the Reikon Kyuban.

"Darn it. She made it here before me." Myst's breathing was heavy from all the running. "She's fast. Oly oly oxen, whatever the hell kids say to call everyone." she said, finding humor in the game.

"Ahh your no fun! I win." Shiawase came out from behind the tree and waved at Myst. She ran over, "Thanks for having me over." Shiawase hugged Myst. Stepping back Shiawase asked "Think we should get going?"

"No problem. Kite might not like this, but I'm gonna let you have a spell that will let you in any time you want. It's my way of saying thanks. Yours is, Twelve crystal tears guide me to Heaven, five ruby hearts spare me the flame, I desire entrance to the land of blood." Myst smiled brightly. "Remember those words. They just might save your life one day."

"Thankyou so much. Are you sure?" Shiawase asked taken aback by her new friends kindness. "Thankyou Myst. We have to meet up again, and I'll keep this quiet. So how do I leave?"

"Open the portal and walk on through. This time, you won't need me to pass, so don't worry about anything. I'll come back again to the human world and we can have more fun. I promise."

"I'll hold you to that." Shiawase smiled, "See you around. Twelve crystal tears guide me to Heaven, five ruby hearts spare me the flame, I desire entrance to the land of blood." The same ominous portal opened and Shiawase waved her final goodbyes before stepping through.

Myst walked up to her room and got into bed. She was exhausted beyond her norm. She quickly drifted off to sleep, a content smile on her face.

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