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Kanji 王印
English King's Seal
Item Statistics
Use Dimension Control
Created By Unknown Kidō Master
Used By Mysterious Man

The Ōin (王印, Japanese for King's Seal) is an artifact that previously belonged to Soul Society's Royal Family, which has now been lost following a successful capture during its relocation. Its current holder is the Mysterious Man, though many criminals, as well as the Royal Family, are still seeking it out regardless. Garian Shinjo has revealed that it is actually one of the seven legendary Kyūtai, and that its true form is actually that of a golden orb.

It's most recent appearance was during the crisis involving Oda Kōhai's second rise to power. After arriving in Heisekai to rescue Tomoko Saitou, Rosuto Shiba, who was in actuality Tomoko's father, encountered a resurfaced Akira Nakamura who had used the Ōin to essentially fake his death.

Powers Edit

Mysterious man oin

The Mysterious Man activating the Ōin.

Dimension Control: If a person has full control over the Ōin, then the person has absolute control over the dimension as they see fit, including the manipulation of time, energy, space, and matter. By controlling the time around the user in such a manner that time no longer touches them, they can essentially become immortal.

Teleportation: Given that the seal can manipulate space, it can give the user the ability to teleport any amount of distance relatively easily.

Healing: Given that the seal can manipulate time, if the user is hurt, they can transfer their body back to the way it was any time before. This also allows the user to remain eternally young.

Shape Manipulation: The seven Kyūtai all share the ability to freely change their shape, whether it be a ring, belt or sheath covering.

Requirements: For a person to fully control the King's Seal, they need to have the power of a Bankai. If they haven't achieved this, the seal's power will expand at a dangerous rate and cause mass destruction.

Behind the Scenes Edit

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